Quebec City developers Maxime Beaudoin and Julie Lortie-Pelletie are releasing their first game as Gingear Studio, called Open Bar. As the name implies, it's a "cocktail-flavored game," with a fizzy, liquid-y theme to the background and game. The puzzles will have you trying to manipulate pieces to form color bars not dissimilar to Strata [$2.99]. However, there's a time element where you have to complete levels quickly, and the tiled gameplay should differentiate it as well.

You would think a game called Open Bar would be free-to-play, but no! Open Bar will be $1.99, and release on January 28th. Beaudoin is an ex-Ubisoft developer, and decided to share his story of why he went indie. Seems kind of crazy in a tough mobile market, but life satisfaction is a weird thing. I mean, there's a reason I'm writing about this game instead of doing actuarial stuff right now.

  • XperimentalZ Games

    Oh! Fellow devs from our province. I've made the same leap of faith almost 6 years ago. The game looks quite nice and polished, I hope things work out well for them!

    • Maxime Beaudoin

      Thanks! We sure hope too. 🙂