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‘Hop Shot’ is the Next Game from the ‘Swap Heroes’ Developer

Chris Savory, the developer of the Swap games, including Swap Heroes ($0.99), Swap Heroes 2 ($1.99), and Swap Cops (Free), is launching a new game in February, and it’s not about swapping at all. What? Hop Shot (at least he still likes the -ahp sound) is a co-production between him and a friend as Fish Logic, and will have you launching cute characters from lilypad to lilypad. You tap behind them to set the angle of their hop and hold down to move the aiming X to where you need to land, with the goal being to not land in the water. The occasional matching bonus game will appear, which will give you one of the game’s 30 characters.

I’m interested to see what Savory and Fish Logic have with this one, as the Swap games are all really good, and their take on a different genre could prove to be fun. You’ll be able to check this out for free on February 3rd.