A couple days ago we posted about some upcoming changes to the in-game economy of Clash of Clans [Free] following the enormous Town Hall 11 update. Cliffsnotes basically amounted to players felt like they were losing too many resources when being raided, so as a consolation prize of sorts, Supercell proposed the upcoming loot cart which rewards the defending player a percentage of the resources that were stolen from them.

Since then, the Clash of Clans-iverse has been on fire with players wondering just where these resources were going to come from. The prevailing thought was that the raiding party was actually leaving that loot behind, which made sense, as that loot had to come from somewhere right? Well, a few hours ago Supercell clarified that nothing is taken away from the attacker, at all, on any level. Instead, this bonus swag wagon is exactly that, a small bonus for the defending player.

So, again, attacking troops don't drop anything. The loot cart is just a bonus.

  • Desertking24

    Has anyone noticed the drop in attacks on this game? I'm not getting attacked as much.

    • DeuxApex

      Yes. Almost a full 2 days without a shield. Then finally attacked.
      I just dropped 80,000 dark on Golem lvl 4 (a 14 day wait) so I thought it might be because I had no dark left. But I guess a few people have quit, or are waiting on a fix.

    • Lel Lawliet


    • rewind

      I feel like I'm finding less bases that have hardly any loot. It seems far easier to find bases that have a healthy 200k gold/elixir. Idk if that's just a coincidence or some kind of change.

  • DeuxApex

    Just a follow up. It could also be Clash Royale.

    • mindseyes

      That's where I been lol

      • Lenzoj


  • iTester

    I am also playing clash royale

  • Bet

    This shit better help me get more loot because level 10 wall's are hell

  • AceDeus

    This game is pathetic. lol

    • Tonton Ramos

      I love you πŸ™‚ upvote...

  • veryggyy

    Good news!i think the "happy farmer's "players will be back the game !πŸ˜„πŸ‘

  • rewind

    I sometimes get this weird feeling that they've created too many problems for themselves and are now struggling to comfort people and fix these complaints/issues. I still don't understand getting rid of shields for just having your TH destroyed. That bugs me most. I like the new Th11 stuff, but I think the other little minor changes were unnecessary.