PocketMortys1I just got my hands on Adult Swim's new Rick and Morty game, Pocket Mortys. In our previous announcement our own Carter "The Crater, 3.5 full-width-image" Dotson says it's a Pokemon like game and while that's true, you won't be missing any of that humor that mixes fart jokes with quantum paradoxes. I jumped at the chance to play and so far I have not been disappointed or surprised to see that just like most of their offerings, Adult Swim has infused this app with the trappings and atmosphere that translate so well from the source material.


So like any respectable pokemon clone, you go out and collect monsters, except not monsters, Mortys. There are many Ricks and many Mortys, all from different universes and as the ONE TRUE RICK(probably not but that's what protagonist Rick thinks anyway) your goal is to capture and train the strongest and best Mortys. Rather than use an entire chart of elements, it looks like most Mortys will be one of the old tried and true Rock, Paper, Scissors categories. While this may disturb the monster capture game purists out there, this game seems to be set up primarily as fan service to the Rick and Morty show. The show doesn't really have a ton of lukewarm viewers, either you love or hate it and that's probably going to heavily inform your initial opinion of this game too. So from here on out, I'll just assume you love the show as much as I do(really, if you haven't seen it you owe it to yourself).


At the moment, I don't see any in app purchases. You can do opt-in video ad viewing for the in game currency, Schmeckles. You can expect to see a Fallout Shelter[Free] -like pay structure emerge from the game at some point, but just the fact that I don't even have the option unlocked yet to view their IAP should be a testament to their decision to keep it understated and pretty discreet.


For the uninitiated, Let me take just a moment to give a brief plot synopsis of the show. Rick is Mortys mad scientist grandfather who is wildly irresponsible and not a horrible person mainly because things happen to work out for him. Morty is the straight man of this comedic duo, providing a voice of reason and generally getting dragged into horrible situations. Actually, I just stumbled across an image that encapsulates the over-arcing plot of R&M pretty well:


The game seems to be working off of some plot devices introduced in the second season of R&M so chances are decent we may see some original plot development further into the game. Now that I have given you fans out there a few tidbits to drool over, I need to get back and train my Mortys to be the best Mortys there ever were. Watch out for our review coming soon after the release of Pocket Mortys next week!


  • Leydz Boomshaka-Irwin

    Hmm Adult swim and Pokemonlike...could be good!

    • Bulldog Hero

      Could be? COULD BE? That's like saying there COULD BE water in the ocean!

      Have faith that Justin's hand was guiding this to perfection or as close as he could get

  • Andrew Fretz

    Just as a heads up, I found the IAP, you can buy more Mortys for about $1 a pop from a gacha style machine, you also get a few inventory items too.

    • KillerSpecialK

      Do you write for the site? How'd you get an early copy?

      • interzone

        he wrote the article

      • KillerSpecialK

        My bad, thought it was Eli.

    • rfelgaming

      Are they exclusively available via in-app purchases, or can they be acquired through other means?

      • Andrew Fretz

        Oh, no the main method to getting them is capturing in game. Instead of poke balls, you use mind control chips =)

  • David1886

    I need good Pokemon-like game on my iPhone. Maybe It's time!

    • fastlanedrivr

      You should look into getting an emulator, depending on your phone and or iOS firmware it's really easy to get them.

      • Tanild

        Lol advertising emulators on Toucharcade...the most reputable iOS gaming source...way to lower the quality reading, feel like I'm reading comments for an android article...lets go download movies and music from a torrent site while we're at it...stay classy San Diego

      • littlejob

        ^douche. Relax... With your silly out dated anchorman references

      • nini

        I suppose you're new, right?

      • lbirkett

        Oh please, there's nothing classy about using an iphone. Only people with more money than sense buy apple products. What's so wrong with emulation. Android beats apple, and lmao using the downwards spiral, they don't even correlate.

      • Tanild

        Apple products are more reliable and last longer than the their competitors. Android users brag that they can customize and root their devices...no one cares...you know what Apple users brag about? Their products from '05 still work just fine...btw emulators and roms, unless physically owned as well, are wrong just like napster was wrong and how torrents nowadays are wrong, to debate this fact is selfish...

      • SkyrimMaster

        Actually, emulators are perfectly legal and are even used by gaming companies. How do you think Nintendos' virtual console works? Emulators. The recent addition of Xbox 360 games to the Xbox One? Also emulation. In fact, the ROM isn't even illegal, it's the distributing and downloading of other people's ROM's that is illegal. So, if you have the ROM dumping stuff yourself, and you own the game, you could easily dump the ROM's yourself and play them on your completely LEGAL and not wrong to have emulator. Now, if memory serves, the equipment needed to dump the ROM's is also illegal, but that's beside the point.

      • SkyrimMaster

        Also, downloading the ROM from a website is still wrong and ILLEGAL even if you own the physical game. Unless you dump your own ROM, from your OWN PHYSICAL CARTRIDGE, it's illegal.

      • Tanild

        Oh I was led to believe through other forums and whatnot that if you owned the physical game, downloading the rom for said game was legal...so it has to be your own ROM dump but to perform that activity it requires illegal hardware...so emulators are legal but everything about ROMs are illegal...so basically what I said still holds true but my verbiage needs to be altered

      • SkyrimMaster

        Pretty much, yeah. Now, I'm not entirely sure about the rom dumping stuff being illegal however, as I'm not too educated on that side of things and I don't really care to be, so for all I know that could be perfectly legal.

      • SkyrimMaster

        And yeah, people just say that you can download the rom if you own the physical copy just so they can feel better about doing it. The problem is, is that's still stealing and what not because of reasons I've already stated previously.

      • Ian Gillis

        Apple lasts longer? An entire industry of "charging stations" at bars came to life because of apples battery life...and your iphone lasts as long as the new one when they force you to install software that cripples your phone that was "the best" a year ago

      • tony

        yet ios updates slow your phone down on purpose like you need new hardware or need a new phone to use x feature

      • Fraz

        Yeah, ok there

        When your battery loses the ability to charge I'll just go ahead and take the back off mine and pop in a new one.

        Can you do that with your Apple product?

      • Rogerio Freitas Martins

        lol, what a hipster douche.

  • Retro_ge3k_

    I hope this has MFI support, would love to use my steel series nimbus controller.

  • schail

    Loving it. R&M is my favourite us tv show for quite some margin. Cant wait for the release!

  • KillerSpecialK

    I need this in my life so bad!

  • phonecats

    Jerry's Game will never be beat...

  • Erez Avital

    if you hate Rick and Morty, there is something wrong with you. best show in a LONG time.

  • Reidel Bibbs

    what are the different ricks you can have