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Activision’s New Card Battler ‘Skylanders Battlecast’ Soft-Launches in New Zealand

Back in August of last year, Activision announced Skylanders Battlecast, a card battling version of their sickeningly popular and profitable physical toy/digital game hybrid series Skylanders. Today Skylanders Battlecast has soft-launched in the New Zealand App Store, and possibly other territories as well. Skylanders Battlecast takes the many popular characters from the series and allows you to compete in both single player and online multiplayer arenas. Here’s the trailer that was released in August which demonstrates everything quite well.

What’s neat about Skylanders Battlecast is, much like the physical toys in other games, you can scan the physical Battlecast cards and beam characters into the digital game augmented reality style. Activision actually released a free app called Skylanders Battlecast Cards to Life (Free) last September that demonstrates this ability, so if you’re interested in how it works and have some Battlecast cards you should check it out. If you’re interested in the full Skylanders Battlecast experience on iOS and have access to a New Zealand App Store account, grab it with the link below and of course drop by the forums for discussion from our community. Otherwise we’ll bring you news of its worldwide launch once Activision announces a date.

New Zealand App Store Link: Skylanders Battlecast, Free (Universal)