My list of highly anticipated space RPG's has room for another entry, as it seems developers just love teasing these awesome looking games in development. On the PC we've got Star Citizen, Drifter hopefully eventually will get released on mobile, and now Crescent Moon Games' Stellar Wanderer has thrown its hat into the ring. Details are scant so far, with the game being described as a "space fighter / mining RPG". Here's some screenshots:




According to Crescent Moon's post in our forums, "It has full voice over, you can choose from various classes. Enough stats to choke a camel.
Take on various missions, or freely explore the galaxy." More details are coming soon, and as usual when it comes to Crescent Moon stuff, the best place to get more details is going to be the thread on our forums.

  • Slimwiggins

    Sweet. I'll add this to my watch list!

  • dalglir

    Arrrrgh. Depending on which comes out first, this may be a reasonable gap filler until Drifter comes out. Maybe. I wasn't over-enamoured with Strike Wing...

  • err404

    Please add an option for a first person/cockpit view. While I get that seeing your ship looks cool, I find it disorientating.

    • Josh Presseisen

      We have that in already!

      • Ragn4rok 74

        Sweet I love the first person view. Grew up on Wing Commander on PC.

      • darkcrayon

        THANK you! I don't like the 3rd person view at all except for just occasional viewing of your ship. But I feel like I can't fly otherwise. Doesn't even matter if every ship has almost the same cockpit, I'd still prefer it (GoF devs claimed it would be too much to design different cockpits for every ship).

  • n00b

    I'm gonna wait for Galaxy on Fire 3

  • Martymcsmartie

    Think I'll wait for the review, as the chap above says, I didn't really enjoy strike wing either.

    But GoF3.......we will see

  • Mike T4

    It looks like GoF with less vfx. The persistent notion of RPG throws me off a little

  • lezrock

    Color me excited.

  • curtneedsaride

    Beautiful. Can't wait to check it out!

  • Cpt Garlock

    This comment section needs more instabuy cats.

  • StumbleSojourn

    Having been disappointed by their last two efforts, I will hope that the reviews are good. Crescent Moon is off of my "blind buy" list for now.

    • Kwadius

      They lost me with Exiles. Horrible game...

      • JoshCM

        Completely different developer. Only thing in common was the publisher which is me.

  • skylined87

    Looks amazing, can't wait to give it a go!

  • Michael Gevins

    I wonder if iPad 3 will work? Might need to upgrade soon...

    • Cosmin Sulea

      It should work ok on ipad3 🙂 (and ipad2 as well).

  • Airpegy

    Wow watch list

  • Roleki

    Exploration and mining - my two favourite things to do in space sims!

  • Gurney Halleck

    This looks promising! Crescent Moon releases have been hit or miss for me the last several titles, but they have still released some of my favorite games on the platform and don't seem to mind taking a little risk in bringing new game concepts to the App Store. I am hoping this may live up to the high expectations of its competition with GoF3 and Drifter also on the horizon. I love that the presence of space sims on the App Store are still being developed and expanded upon. Crossed fingers!!

  • Obviously FakeAlias

    Welp. This is awkward. I'm already making a game called Stellar Wanderer.

    Someone's getting sued.

  • Paul

    Please be Premium. Or have a premium option.