RiotI wish this game wasn't so appropriate for the times we live in, but unfortunately it is. RIOT: Civil Unrest, an upcoming strategy game, takes place in a world where the world's economic crisis is deepening (check), and inequality tears the fabric of society (check). In response to those huge social issues, the people's discontent manifests itself in violent public disturbances and civil disorder (again, check). In this real-time strategy game, you play either as the rioters or the police officers in the heart of some of the world's most infamous riots ranging from the Arab Spring to European ones. The game tries to emulate the feelings that such events create to both sides of the riot shield divide. As the game claims, there are no winners in this game, and all you can do is draw your own conclusions.

If you play as the police, you get to employ numerous crowd-control tactics, both passive and aggressive, command various assault, tactical, ballistic, arrest and plain-clothes squads, call in various police vehicles to assist you, and choose what kind of ammunition to use to disperse the crowds. As the rioters, you can control leaders, agitators, rioters (both armed and passive) and journalists, incite rage and cause the crows to respond aggressively, or try to de-escalate with tactical crowd reformation and retreats. And, of course, you can attack with Molotov cocktails, fireworks, rocks, and even the power of the media.

As you can tell, the developer doesn't seem to pull any punches, which I feel is necessary when tackling such politicized and controversial actions during such politicized times. RIOT offers 20 levels split over four campaigns (based on four real locations), and the PC version includes an online mode that hopefully will be included in the mobile version. The developer has been working towards a closed Beta, so the game shouldn't be too far off. The website states that there will be a tablet beta version too, so hopefully that means the game will end up on mobile as planned. Stay tuned for more info.

  • zeratulo

    This game has been in development for like three years, I thought it was vaporware.

    • Tommmy

      Yeah, these devs are extremely lazy.

      • zeratulo

        No, I thought it was a scam

      • GGiosGod

        An rts game takes about 40 people. Not only that but good games take a long time to develop.

  • iamninja

    This looks cool.

  • Poo

    St his looks awesome!!

  • djstout

    Oh I backed that game a long time ago on kick starter (or was it the other website). That was something like 3 years ago... Still looking forward to it

  • Zaraf

    Art style reminds me of Superbrothers Sword & Sorcery. Looks awesome

    • gmattergames

      Looks better. Use of light and shadow takes the style popularized by S&S to the next level.

  • JP Falcon

    I am just wondering if Apple will have a problem with this game...they can be so damn touchy...

    • iOSgamester1980

      "they can be so damn fascist..."

      Fixed that for you. 😉

      • nini

        Might be misusing the term fascist when it comes to controlling their app store, pretty sure they can do what they like with it.

  • H4nd0fg0d

    Can't wait to rage!

  • hil

    Finally. Tbh, didn't expect this to actually come out at some point. It's been in troubled development for years.

  • Noodleboy

    Daily mail will love this one.

  • speedyph


  • Solarclipse

    Great concept, I'm looking forward to this on that alone. Hope the gameplay pulls it together.

  • thestapler

    seeing the headline, i thought this might be a really tasteless and tone-deaf kind of thing. but it looks like they're really going for it head-on with the real issues of both sides in mind a la This War of Mine. Looks really gripping. Sign me up.

  • jayzilla87

    I really like the art style, if the gameplay is on point this is a game right up my alley. There are way too few riot games out there lol! I remember this old hooligan game on pc like 15 years back, but that was about it... Really eager to try it out! 🍴🍴🍴

  • jayzilla87

    Btw you just gotta love their main avatar, the man with the flower bouquet. It's inspired by Banksy which is one of the greatest street artists around 👌👌👌

  • Mr.Ace

    This definitely needs alot of recognition before the game comes out, i think this game is gonna be HUGE. props to the developers for taking a huge step especially with all the things going on in the world. It looks to be a great game!

  • TeddyNYC

    This one looks really interesting. I don't recall ever seeing a riot-themed iOS game.