So this is the way the game ends, not with a bang but with dragons. Or at least that's my guess (hope) because everything is better with dragons, isn't it? Telltale has announced today that its epic Game of Thrones [Free] series will come to an end tomorrow with the release of Episode 6. This is the first Telltale series to consist of 6 episodes, which I guess speaks to the ambition of the developers and also to the vastness of the source material. The season finale sees another Telltale first: the last episode arrives for download on all platforms on the same day, and that includes the disc version as well. Telltale has definitely grown as a company because a few years ago there's no way it could one, pull off something like this and two, actually have the audience to make such a move even worth it.

Now, as you might have heard around the web, not everyone has been pleased with the Game of Thrones series with reviews of the various episodes not hitting the heights of The Walking Dead. Some players weren't happy with the way the game jumps between characters and places so much because it made it hard to really identify and connect with the characters. At the same time, though, that's the beauty of the source material since when you read the books, you constantly jump from character to character. So, in that way, the game is faithful to its source material. I've enjoyed the series so far (although I'm not all caught up), and I want to see how it will end. In a curious move, Telltale released a season finale trailer that's full of spoilers since it recaps some of the decisions players have made throughout the episodes. So, if you do decide to watch it, proceed with extreme caution.

  • InTheAir

    Hopefully this means that all other games release on the same day, because I'm pretty sure the main audience of Minecraft: Story Mode is playing on mobile, so they get pretty irritated when their favorite Let's Players get the game before them. However, most of the people I know also didn't know that you have to pay for a multi-pack too, so I question if it still is plausible for Telltale to push people to play on consoles.