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‘Sky Chasers’ Has Promising Gameplay and a Rocket-Powered Cardboard Box

Lucky Kat Studios has just announced their latest game, Sky Chasers, and after getting to play an early build of it, it’s a pretty cool game to keep an eye on. You start off flying a ship that’s pretty much just a cardboard box, and the engineering involved to get that thing airborne is pretty impressive as it is. You tap on either side of the screen to fly upward in that direction, so you have to balance out the two thrusters to fly straight upward, for example. All the while, you’re trying to keep your battery from dying, as you collect coins to increase your battery, and lose battery by getting hit by enemies. Oh, and when you get hit by enemies, you lose some coins, Sonic-style, so y’know, that speaks to me on a deep level.

The plan for Sky Chasers is for it to release as a free-to-play game in January 2016, with the game monetized in a similar way as Nono Islands (Free) is, where you unlock checkpoints through various methods. In this case, you can use gems, a hard-to-obtain currency, to unlock checkpoints, watch a video ad, or just pay once to unlock all checkpoints forever. Additionally, coins you earn will go toward buying new ships that are better than a cardboard box with rocket boosters on it.

Sky Chasers is already pretty fun a couple months from release, as the game feels great to play. The controls work very smoothly, and the game runs like butter; it’s very responsive to navigate hazards. You have two simple controls, but many ways that you have to attack the scenarios you’re in. This certainly promises to get really, really difficult over time, but isn’t that half of the fun? Plus, the game looks gorgeous with that pixel art, but I’m a sucker for pixel art no matter what, though this game is really slick. If you’re anticipating this game, check out the forum thread for more on this one.