With YouTube, Snapchat, and Vine stars gradually becoming even more popular than movie stars, I shouldn't be surprised at all that Rhett and Link (Chester See, Rhett McLaughlin, and Lincoln Neal) have pulled together 64 online stars from various platforms to make a trivia app called (appropriately) Trivy [Free]. Trivy covers general knowledge topics such as science, entertainment events, and so on, but that's not where the game's strength lies. What Trivy brings to the table is the combined power of 64 recognizable online personalities who will be the ones crafting the questions. Trivy's creators hope that by including such popular faces in the game, all of whom have huge fan bases online, they'll be able to help the game stand out among other trivia games and help it hit the tops of the charts.


In order to make the game a success, Rhett and Link is working with Abdul Khan, who has been behind companies like Pandora and Ancestry.com. Together with Khan, they want to create an alternative way of engaging with fans. The list of creators is very long, but some of the notable ones are Ali Spagnola, Felicia Day, General Trivia, Grace Helbig, Hannah Hart, DeStorm Power, Shane Dawson, Stampy Cat, Annoying Orange, Anna Akana, VlogBrothers, and many more.

Before you say something along the lines of "Who?", google some of the names first. Most of them have at least one million subscribers, and many of them many times that. If you think about it, what Trivy is trying to do is what Activision has done with the acquisition of King Digital; getting a ready-made fanbase that will help a product get a great head start. The game is free, of course, and you can buy celebrity question packs as IAPs.

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    I love rhett and link.. my daughter will love this.

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    More like "Run to my account to delete it"...