Interactive Fiction Creator ‘Wunderverse’ Gets Big Update with New Features and Content

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If you haven’t heard of Wunderverse ($3.99), now is as good a time as ever to check it out. It’s an interesting app that lets you create your own interactive fiction on an iPad. There are several different themes you can create your own story in, managing the different objects and story events that will happen through an interactive tale. What’s cool is that you not only get several sample stories to play through for yourself, but can edit them to experiment with your own creations and learn how the whole app works, and can use iCloud to share these stories with people you know who also have the app. It’s really deep and a cool way to create stuff.

Wunderverse 1.1

Wunderverse originally came out this past spring, but has just gotten a big update that adds in a new scrollable story map that makes it easier to track your stories. And you can now create stories in the Paranormal Planet theme. Plus, you can now add sounds and music to your stories. While there are other interactive fiction creators – Twine perhaps being the most famous – Wunderverse is a pretty cool way to create interactive fiction on an iPad. The big update with new content, and a $2.99 sale, is available now.

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