I know it's not quite "Out Now" time, but one of the more highly-anticipated titles of this year has just snuck out on the App Store early, and it feels worthy of a heads up. Dead Effect 2 [Free] is the sequel to Badfly Interactive's well-received 2013 sci-fi horror first-person shooter Dead Effect. Originally planned for release in the first half of September, Dead Effect 2 ended up needing a bit more time in the oven, but it looks like the extra wait was worth it. This game is freaking gorgeous. Check out the trailer.

Wow, is it just me or was there a lot of dismemberment in that trailer? Hey BadFly, it's "first-person shooter" not "first-person-leg-choppy-off-er" mmmmkay? Of course I'm just kidding, as I love the variety of ways you can take out those nasty space zombies in Dead Effect 2. I really, really enjoyed the original game, and this one looks like it'll top it in pretty much every way. Dead Effect 2 is free to download so give it a look, and look for more impressions to start rolling into the forum thread from our community.

  • iValerio1990

    There is a premium unlock?

    • err404

      I always check the IAP before downloading a "free" game. If the IAP includes currency, I don't bother. However, I don't mind content unlocks.

  • ScotDamn

    Is it really out now though? For the last hour its said temporarily unavailable on the App Store.

    • Samurix16

      I've had the same issue

      • Ragn4rok 74

        I was able to get it a while ago so maybe I got lucky. I'd say just keep trying.

    • boydstr

      I downloaded the game with out problems in The Netherlands,I hope you guys can download the game soon,maybe there are to many that wants to download and there is not to much bandwidth available.

  • Rip73

    Instaget. No question about it.

    And will be instabuying whatever iap options are there.
    They were extraordinarily fair to buyers of the previous game when they had no choice to switch it to f2p. Excessively generous even, so have zero doubt but this is equally as well balanced as they've demonstrated in the past so no doubt I will be getting something as a little piece of appreciation to them.

    Plus zombie mutilation and dismemberment? What could be better.
    20 hour campaign. 10 hour sidequests. Fantastic visuals and effects. And some form of multiplayer coming in an update.
    Damn, that hits the spot.

    Anyway, first game was genuinely awesome and if this improves that even a little bit (which it clearly does in every way substantially), well, it's a no brainer. Definitely get it.

    Plus, hey, the dev team are pretty cool and genuinely nice people so don't think, just get.:)

    • Lord Rubix

      You are absolutely right brother 🙂 I love when I see games like this on the mobile market, it gives me hope for mobile gaming. I can't wait to play this after i finish Radiation Island

  • HippoHumper

    1.82 Gigs!!!!! Whoa (as Keanu would say).

  • cruz30

    Is anybody else getting the "temporarily unavailable" I the AppStore? Getting frustrated now!!!

    • cds72

      App Store appears to be down can't do updates either!

      • ODMay

        What country are y'all in? In the U.S AppStore, Im not getting that unavailable message and I just updated 2 apps.

      • cds72

        I'm in the US App Store I just checked online a lot of people are getting temporarily unavailable message can't download or update anything.

      • chief78

        Yep, no issues in the U.S.

      • cds72

        I'm in the US along with others and we can't download.

      • cruz30

        Apparently there's a DNS error at Apple and most systems are down! They were using pen and paper in the Apple stores today!!!

      • ODMay

        Hard reset your device. Hold the home and power buttons till it turn off and back on. Then see if it works.

    • HippoHumper

      Had the same problem and turned my iPhone on/off then was able to download and update. Also in the U.S.

  • Alexythimia23

    Wow....just downloaded in the uk! Ok im off.....got some space zombies to slaughter ✌🏼️

  • jl802

    Hot damn

  • cruz30

    Finally downloading!!! Sweet! Just waiting for Lumino City now!!!!

    • cds72

      Lumino city is out!!!

  • Black Hive Media

    But I just got Halo 5! 😛 Looks awesome. Very nice work.

  • pokah

    These console quality games are great and all.. But staring into a tiny iPhone screen or medium sized iPad kills the immersion and gameplay to me. Don't get me wrong these games are definitely impressive but would much rather play them on a console or PC on a 50 inch tv.

    • Alex Bittencourt

      I love playing on my bed, before sleeping. All matter of personal taste.

      • Alexythimia23

        Right on alex, nothing like the immersion of being in bed, lights off, big pair of gaming headphones, and an air 2 in your hands. Thats my personal preference when it comes to my gaming habits also ✌🏼️

    • Lamar Taylor

      These games are great with wireless headphones when you are away from home. I travel and enjoy these games to waste time while waiting to board a flight. On the iPad Air 2 the graphics are amazing and the sound is great. Can't ask for much more with a free game.

    • pokah

      Oh I'll definitely play and enjoy, maybe they'll make enough Bux to get this a port or maybe even on Apple TV would be cool

    • An Tran

      Well you could always get a Shield Console and do just that. Apparently looks best on the Tegra X1 anyway.

  • CoreyFox

    Ipad Mini user here : this game has been added to my growing backlog list of non-compatible games.. Time for a new device..

  • Timmy2x

    MFI support?

  • Lochheart

    Internet connection required to play... Insta...skip.

    • Timmy2x

      You don't have wifi?

      • Lochheart

        I have a LTE connection.
        But in the metro, under the city I have nothing.

        Some games manage it pretty well like Real Racing, other don't work at all.

  • macatron

    Holy hell! This is what Doom 3 should've been like!! 😳 I can't believe this is a mobile game!

  • _mean.13

    Doesn't even require internet connection... Let's gooo

    • Psych0

      Actually it does need Internet, to prevent hackers.

  • https://www.behance.net/rgdesignhouse Ron

    Does one need to play the first game first?

    • Exact-Psience

      It helps give you the details, but the sequel does give you the rundown of what happened in the first, and how this sequel fits into the story of the first.

    • Lord Rubix

      What Exact-Psience said, but I say play the 1st one first it's not nearly as long as this one. You might get frustrated because there are no check points tho so like them on Facebook to get free credits

  • cds72

    Luminous city is out downloading now!!!!

  • cds72

    Stupid auto correct....lumina city go grab it!!

  • Paul

    Requires an internet connection to play. No. Just no.

    • Pivi

      Oh. That's unfortunate. Deleted from query.

  • Andre Fairchild

    please tell me this isn't one of those "must always be online" game