Sci-Fi Horror First-Person Shooter ‘Dead Effect 2’ is Now Available

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I know it’s not quite “Out Now" time, but one of the more highly-anticipated titles of this year has just snuck out on the App Store early, and it feels worthy of a heads up. Dead Effect 2 (Free) is the sequel to Badfly Interactive’s well-received 2013 sci-fi horror first-person shooter Dead Effect. Originally planned for release in the first half of September, Dead Effect 2 ended up needing a bit more time in the oven, but it looks like the extra wait was worth it. This game is freaking gorgeous. Check out the trailer.

Wow, is it just me or was there a lot of dismemberment in that trailer? Hey BadFly, it’s “first-person shooter" not “first-person-leg-choppy-off-er" mmmmkay? Of course I’m just kidding, as I love the variety of ways you can take out those nasty space zombies in Dead Effect 2. I really, really enjoyed the original game, and this one looks like it’ll top it in pretty much every way. Dead Effect 2 is free to download so give it a look, and look for more impressions to start rolling into the forum thread from our community.

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