DuelystStrategy games have been on my favorite genre ever since the days of Battle Isle. And as you may well know if you've been following and of the stories I write, I like card games too because of the way they distill tactical warfare into a neat package. So, when Duelyst was announced about a year ago, I was intrigued by its attempt to blend a game like Hearthstone with the mechanics of Hero Academy. This kind of blend has been attempted quite a few times but hasn't always worked out. Duelyst, though, seems to have a recipe that works well. The game has hundreds of spells and units that let you build your team as you please. Add to that a tactical board where positioning matters greatly, and you can see why strategy fans like Duelyst.

The developers have made the game quite a competitive affair with a Ranked ladder mode, a Draft Mode (the Gauntlet), and, of course, a casual mode. They also intend to add Tournament Modes along with a Spectator mode and Replay function. In other words, it sounds like its going the esports way (even if it doesn't end up being an esport). The games only last 5-10 minutes, which is perfect for this type of game. Add to that a very unique and colorful art style, and I think we might have a winner. The game is currently in Beta on the PC, but mobile is on the team's roadmap, so let's hope all goes as planned and we get another strong strategy game on our devices.

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  • Mike Walko

    I love Magic the card game, but for some reason I can't get into digital versions of them. I've been in the beta for this for a while and never felt like it grabbed me.

  • Arkais

    I was very interested in this game when I saw the video month ago, I had no idea that it hit open beta, I will be checking it out after work for sure!

    There looks like a lot of time and quality has been put into the art for this game, I hope it carries over to the gameplay.

    For anyone that has followed this game more than me, or has played the beta, is there any potential for asynchronous play? The mention of Hero Academy made me think of it - I loved that game, but there isn't much of a community there anymore.

    • Shuvo Saha

      I dont get what you mean but I played the game and it is fantastic. Its like Banner Saga and Hearthstone combined. Do try it out since it is free now.

    • Scape211

      I know this is a late answer to this question, but this game does not have async play. I'm not sure if the devs are planning to put it in, but if they are i think its lower on their list as they have tons of stuff on the road map (creating lore and story mode, balancing current factions and bugs, going mobile; just to name a few). I'm a big fan of async and that may happen once they are mobile, but it doesn't make a ton of sense for them at the beta stage (desktop only). Would love to see it too though!

  • Milotorou

    NOW thats my type of game, it looks AMAZING !

    I want it !

  • Benson

    12 second mark in the video is stolen artwork from no mans sky

    • Rikstah

      No it isn't

      • Benson

        Well a simple google search would prove you wrong.

  • rayray307

    Played the beta for about 2 hours, only the tutorial portion and completed several challenges. This game has vey advanced tactics its preferred that you have some knowledge of card games and how turn based tactical jrpgs work. I love both these genres and the art style is sooo good, but for some reason I was unable to proceed and complete the challenges due to how hard they are and how long it takes to figure out, became a puzzle at that point, and I fucking hate puzzles.

    • TokyoDan

      I tried running it on my iMac and it caused a restart every time.

  • 김지 킫밸

    Ok, color me intrigued. Whether it's EGames worthy or not, it's a buy at whatever price. Plus, the sprites are gorgeous and all it needs is a techno track to complement it

  • Brian E

    I was a Kickstarter backer of this game originally. While I'm not super happy that it turned the way of F2P/P2W, it's still a lot of fun in its current design.

    • Stormourner of the Nature

      the game might change into premium, at least they're not like Peter Molyneux which caused alot controversy over his Kickstarter project

    • Scape211

      I don't know if I'd call it F2P/P2W. I mean, you can pay more for more cards, but that doesn't guarantee great cards; just more.

      Besides all card based strategy games follow this model so it came as no surprise to me it would go this way. They have very similar models to Hearthstone and are actually more generous with their gold hand outs so its a very fair model IMO. Playing daily quests and doing a few battles nets at least one pack a day if not more.

      • FelineFox

        I aggree, been playing for a week now, noticed that the gold handout is generous and the drop rate for cards above common tier is generous as well (a personal anecdote so take with a grain of salt)

  • Ninja_Blade_Diego

    Wow! I'm excited for this.