1Button has developed a reputation for making some solid puzzlers with minimalist art styles, and their next game is looking like it's gonna be well in that vein, but with a new physics puzzler twist. Super Sharp will have you making cuts in objects to hopefully cause gravity and the other laws of physics to make your newly cut pieces hit the squares in the level, in order to successfully complete it. The GIFs of the game are looking super-smooth:

View post on imgur.com

View post on imgur.com

It's looking rather slick, and their previous game Quetzalcoatl [$1.99] was a fun puzzler that a lot of folks loved, so there's plenty of reason to keep an eye out for Super Sharp. There will be 120 levels in the game, and various elements like ropes, and tricks like inverted gravity, will come into play. Super Sharp will release on October 8th for $1.99, but keep an eye on the forum thread, you may just be able to win early codes for the game.

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  • Mind the Cubes

    Looks seriously fun and challenging! Can't wait to check it out. Great job guys, congratis!