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John Romero’s Classic Platformer ‘Dangerous Dave’ Coming Soon to iOS

Well before John Romero was known for his work at id Software designing DooM ($4.99), he made a game called Dangerous Dave, a platformer initially created for a magazine called UpTime, meant to show off GraBASIC and an article he wrote about it. It led to a whole series of Dangerous Dave games across multiple platforms, inspired Commander Keen, and ultimately laid the groundwork for id Software to create Wolfenstein 3D and DooM. In case you haven’t noticed, first-person shooters are still a pretty popular genre, and those games were probably the spearheads that made the genre a lasting force in the gaming world. But Romero hasn’t forgotten about Dangerous Dave. In fact, he’s porting the game to iOS, and it’s apparently coming out soon:

The Dangerous Dave port has been in the works for a while, but the game is just now nearing its conclusion, and iOS users will be able to play a piece of gaming history for themselves on their mobile devices, albeit in a touchscreen-friendly form with updated graphics. This one has been in the works since at least December 2014, and there’s the promise of more Romero retro games coming. Thanks to DeNappa on our forums for the tip!