This has been a day of long-rumored products coming to life. Apple has just the new Apple TV with an App Store. Siri integration is in, with a new remote with a toucpad and microphone, along with a new interface for the interface. Oh, and games are definitely a part of the experience, with Apple showing off Asphalt 8 playable with the new remote. Rayman Adventures' logo has been prominently featured among the App Store presentations, too.

Apple TV New Remote

The new OS is officially called tvOS, as rumored. Apple confirmed that Disney Infinity 3.0, and Guitar Hero Live will be coming to Apple TV as console-quality games. Andy Sum of Hipster Whale showed up on stage, showing off Crossy Road with the swipe-based TV remote. The Apple TV version of the game will feature a new multiplayer mode, too, where you can cooperate with each other or smack each other in the face.

Crossy Road Multiplayer

Harmonix is demoing Beat Sports, a rhythmic sports game where you hit balls to the beat, using the gyroscopic feature of the remote to move and swing.

Beat Sports

Game controllers weren't explicitly demoed, but Transistor was displayed with "Game controller optional:"

The App Store will be the same between devices, with universal apps that work on the TV. An A8 chip will power the device, and the device will come with the remote, which uses Bluetooth.

The 32 GB model will cost $149, with the 64 GB costing $199. The new Apple TV will release in late October.

  • Modjular

    The new remote is interesting. I have to wonder if all the buttons are hard wired, or if developers will be able to reprogram some in their apps.

  • clocknova

    Yes but what I have to repurchase games I already own on iPad or will all versions come with one purchase? Because I have to tell you if you want me to purchase them all again you can stuff it.

    • Graham Ranson

      Too early to tell now but this might be up to the developers, maybe we will be able to release a TV specific app or a Universal one that covers it.

      But I see no problem with having to repurchase ( or paid upgrade ) to allow for these features knowing full well how much work it will be to get some games working nicely on a completely different device.

    • clocknova

      And there you go, question answered, thanks.

      • Graham Ranson

        Well, answered as best as I can as this is all just conjecture currently.

    • AnGsDad

      You will have to re-buy all of your content. Apple only creates products for you to buy that facilitate the purchase of other things.

      • Kizmatti

        Your wrong. I've had both iPad and iPhone since 2010. 95% of the games I own currently can be played on both. Most developers are realizing that universal apps get downloaded and played more than ones that don't. Fact even iCloud saving within the game has become mainstream in the last year or so because most games you buy are universal play. The new Apple TV will be no different.

      • AnGsDad

        Thanks for weighing in, fanboy!

      • dancj

        Great comeback to someone pointing out that what you said was completely wrong.

    • dudeguypal

      It's up to the developers. Apple said during the keynote that a developer can make an app/game universal between iPad/iPhone and Apple TV.

  • ineptidude

    Ooo my SO likes watching me play Rayman Adventures on the iPhone. This'll be much easier.

  • DJCubs

    It's got Bluetooth... surely it's gonna have MFi compatability... rite?

    • DJCubs

      Ok so it seems almost certain, ace. So this is basically a new console that's gonna have a load of sweet games I don't need to re-buy... sold!!!

    • bilboad

      If you go to the Apple page about Apple TV, it has a picture of the remote sitting next to a game controller. Though it says it's a Steelseries Nimbus, which is a model I haven't heard of. Hopefully that's just a new SteelSeries MFi controller and doesn't indicate that different controllers are required to work with Apple TVs.

      • bilboad

        Here's a quote from Apple's website:

        Third-party controllers.

        For serious gamers, the new Apple TV supports MFi-based controllers that let you run, jump, shoot, kick, throw, punch, or just about any other verb you can imagine.

      • Tim Cant

        Now all we need is Nintendo making games for tvOS and we'll be back in the glorious 80s!!!!!

      • boydstr

        Hi I want to buy a controller for my 6+ but i am totally new at this,I have a Xbox and before PS and they have great joypads but I want to know what is the best choice for a controller for the iPhone6+ I hope you can shine some light on this subject.
        Greetzz from The Netherlands
        p.s I don't want to jailbreak for playing with Xbox or PS pads.

      • Spudboy

        I have a Mad Catz controller that I like very much. It doesn't have vibration, which I will be looking for when I get another controller.

      • bilboad

        Vibration isn't part of the MFi standard, so no iOS compatible controllers will have that.

      • bilboad

        I have the Mad Catz CTRLi controller and like it a lot. It feels almost identical to an Xbox controller. I haven't tried any of the other options so I can't say whether it's the best.

      • boydstr

        Thanks for your fast reply.

  • clocknova

    Was that a new Galaxy on Fire game I saw in the background there?

    • Jayboy720

      Instabuy if so.

  • clocknova

    I'm surprised they didn't spend any time talking about the possibility of adding various controllers. They didn't even talk about using the standard remote as a controller or what its capabilities are in regards to gaming. I guess it shouldn't be too much of a surprise that Apple kind of glossed over gaming. I'm surprised they spend as much time on it as they did quite frankly.

    • bob sabiston

      Yeah I am really curious what the options are regarding controllers. I guess we'll find out soon, they said it is available to devs today...

      That regular remote looks like no fun to use as a game controller. Crossy Road looked painful -- I hate swipe-to-move.

    • Adams Immersive

      Set expectations low! Smart way to start, probably. The media will be waiting to jump all over this vs. Xbox and PlayStation if Apple invites that comparison too strongly.

  • spawn12345

    Take my credit card!

  • Cheuk Seto

    This Apple TV is the most exciting product announced today. The price seems fair (by Apple's standard). I really like that the App Store FINALLY gets on the platform and it even allows using iPhones as a controller in addition to the Siri Remote. I wonder if it will support my MFi controllers, as this will be insane. The current Apple TV I own had been collecting dust for months. The mirroring and AirPlay were so under-delivered due to its aged hardware were quite disappointing. I think tvOS and this new-gen will finally make me a happy Apple TV owner.

    • Bob Thulfram

      I'm really curious if you can play games with the Siri Remote the same way you can play games with the Wii Remote. Can I really wave it around and select things? But the touch interface is interesting.

      Can't wait until I pick it up and it starts playing something I didn't want because my finger brushed the touch interface.

      Either way, this is really, really exciting!

      • Cheuk Seto

        You can! Harmonix demoed that Beat Sports game that's kinda similar to Wii Sports, but with rhythm built in to each ball pitched to the player. All the player needs to do is to hit on the beat by swinging the remote.

      • Niclas Johansson

        Doesn't look like you can point at the screen, no. It lacks the optical sensor-thingy that the wiimote needed to do that.

    • unlimitedfury

      GameController was on the list of supported APIs and everywhere I read already said this was happening.

  • keziekat

    I think if you check the website you will see MFi is supported.

  • DudeMan

    Has anybody seen the "Galaxy on Fire 3 : Mercury" app in the Apple TV store at the end? They showed also screens from it during the presentation...looked pretty neat, ramped up even compared to GoF 2

  • Xexist

    Hmm my birthday is in October. Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not. (Depends what kinda reviews this gets lol)

    • Jayboy720

      Not a coincidence, completely planned!

  • Adams Immersive

    Looks good! I still predict that its very existence will drive traditional console enthusiasts insane. But it's just not the same thing. It has overlap, but it will have its own space in gaming.

    • YaoYao

      I'm skeptical that the Apple TV will have any significant impact in gaming. I know 0-people who ever owned the last one, vs dozens of people with iPhones. I don't think it's likely they'll get purchased and used for gaming in enough quantities to be a factor.

      • boydstr

        It's all about strong gaming 3th party support.

  • Sevallis

    How disappointing, they removed the Toslink optical audio out port. 😣

  • icekat

    I'm hoping for mfi controller support, especially for ones already made, it was interesting though that in crossy road they said that you could use an iphone or ipod touch as a controller. That could make for some interesting gaming where everyone brings their own controllers (phones)

  • unlimitedfury

    MFI controllers will be supported and more importantly all iPhone and iPad apps will now be universal with Apple TV. Oh glorious day!!! 😊😊😊

  • piraterob

    No 4k output, though? Not surprising for games maybe but means the Netflix app built into my TV is actually better.

  • iamninja

    Will the new Apple TV still have air play mirroring? The reason I'm asking is I play most of my games by mirroring from my iPhone to the current gen Apple TV. I imagine not all developers will redo their games to support the new Apple TV so that's where mirroring would still come in handy. I just want to be able to have that option. Thoughts?

    • Kizmatti

      Highly doubt they would get rid of mirroring on the new model because it now plays games on its own. Lots of people use mirroring for other things besides games. My wife uses it to show other people pics on her phone rather than having it passed around for everyone to look individually we mirror to the tv and everyone sees at same time. Kinda like a slide show.

  • phizban

    Apple blew up television with this. This is a backdoor "build it and they will come" product that will eventually allow for a la carte Cable and more easily facilitate cord cutting. My cable channels became Apps on my iPad and that is my medium to watch shows. Comcast is only an authorization key to me. Once Apps move to TV, Comcast is just a payment service. I think it is too flimsy of a position for them. I predict that there will be a lot of copying of this AppleTV structure just like the iPhone so that quickly just like smartphones, App TV systems will become adopted There are many opportunities for content creators to offer independent App channels. But Cable cord cutting could bring down things from Channels to even sports leagues. The status quo will need to come to terms with Apple and finalize the rumored Cable Bundle before they lose their place as more than an Internet Service Provider. The Cable verses Internet content dilemma has been at a stalemate for years. I think this is a huge huge day that signals a great shift that we will look back on. The App Store and Apple ecosystem will be the impetus that changed the day.

  • KanataSD

    This is the Apple TV I've been holding off for....

    bout freaking time.

  • Spudboy