lindenDo you remember Second Life? Let me refresh your memory: in 2006, everyone was talking about this article from Bloomberg Business about Ailin Graef, the first resident of the virtual world Second Life who managed to have in-game land assets valued at over one million dollars. Of course, that article created a veritable gold rush of many people joining Linden Lab' virtual playground in hopes of making it big, and some people did make quite a bit of money in Second Life. Now, many years after Second Life's heyday, Linden Lab is taking another shot at creating a digital world, but this time around the company is building its new platform, codenamed Project Sansar, around VR but will also be accessible via mobile devices upon launch. Users will be able to explore and socialize in this new virtual world through "advanced expressive avatars."

project sansar

Project Sansar will enable players to create all kinds of experiences, and having experienced Second Life back in the day, I expect to see a billion different RPGs. Linden Lab specifically hopes to expand the value of VR to gaming and entertainment. The company definitely has the experience and expertise to bring virtual worlds to life, but it remains to be seen if the digital world of 2015 is similarly hungry for a virtual world as the digital world of the mid-2000s. I wonder how the virtual experience will blend with the mobile one and whether Linden Lab expects mobile-specific VR devices to be more popular once Project Sansar takes off in 2016. What are you hoping to see from Project Sansar? Does this idea of a virtual world on your mobile device excite you, or are you over that phase?


  • 김지 킫밸

    This is how I see it. The VR experience will be the big deaal in it all and the mobile experience will tie in curency and mini games and things of the such. Clothes buying and maintaining. Can u imagine trying to make a VR world around you customizable? I can't. So MAYBE the mobile platform will help them tie it all together. But what do I know

  • Adams Immersive

    Sure, why not? There's something there. Someone will make it work. It wasn't Second Life. Maybe it will be Facebook/Carmack. Maybe it will be Sansar!

    Plus, mobile and VR can go together nicely, thanks to Google Cardboard.

  • DU5T-B1N

    I used to play on Second Life between 2007-9. A friend called me a troll and I was like, "What's that mean?". I did used to annoy the shit out of people with my Aussie girl gang and myself enforcing the theory that there are no girls on the Internet 😉

    I'd definitely get this so I can troll folk in a virtual world via my phone.

  • Gamer_Kev

    When I think of VR, I always get a picture of thousands of ophthalmologists gleefully anticipating the riches that the future holds for them. I do remember Second Life though. I never played it as I am not a social gamer, but I don't see how anyone who was a gamer in the last decade couldn't have heard of it.

    • Cyndi

      Second Life is not a game, it's a virtual world. There are games, but not everyone is playing them.

  • Cyndi

    Do I remember Second Life? HA. I live in it every day.