I'm roughly 90 minutes into Final Fantasy VII so far, and I streamed my whole play session over on our Mobcrush channel. Here's part one and part two, a small WiFi SNAFU broke the stream about half way through. Anyway, I guess the supreme tl;dr of my first impressions of FF7 is this is the port you'd expect, and I mean that in both a good and bad way. It appears to be a port of the PC version of the game, which means the graphics are ever-so-slightly better than the original PlayStation version, and on my iPad Air 2 it runs flawlessly. As far as thoroughly stoking the coals of fiery nostalgia for this epic RPG, this port will definitely do the trick, and all the more janky aspects likely won't come as much of a surprise if you've played any of the iOS Final Fantasy ports released on the App Store so far.

IMG_0182 2

The game is played with a mess of on-screen virtual controls which work totally fine for the (typically) slow-paced gameplay of FF7, but feel far less than ideal. Character movement is handled either via a super-rigid on-screen D-pad or a much better virtual analog stick. Toggling between the two is easy, as for some incredibly crazy reason, the toggle for such thing constantly lives at the bottom of the screen. Said button reads "D" when you're in D-Pad mode and "A" when you're in analog mode. Seems weird, but this is just scratching the surface of the odd things about this port. All the other buttons of the original PlayStation controller are represented in the various corners of the screen. I'm not looking forward to this layout for faster-paced parts of the game, like chocobo racing, but I'm sure I'll figure it out.

Diving deeply into the game's menus reveal some additional control options, which allow for limited tweaking. The opacity of the controls can go all the way up to 100%, or down to 0%. The controls initially look pretty obnoxious, but considering you're just going to be using a virtual joystick and the select button a lot of the time, I feel like you could pretty easily rock 5-10% opacity and just squint a little harder when you need to hit any non-standard button. Also, there's four different layouts for the buttons, but there isn't much difference between them. They either squeeze the controls towards the middle of the screen, the top, or the bottom.


So, you probably expected some weird virtual controls, but from there, things get weirder. Next to the ever-present toggle of the virtual D-pad and virtual joystick is a button, which is always on the screen, for you to enable or disable random enemy encounters. I'm not sure if I'm a purist, a curmudgeon, or a little of both, but this is really annoying to me. It's like having a cheater button on the screen at all times just always taunting you. As far as I can tell, there's no way to disable it. So much of playing these games is dealing with random battles, coming up with an inventory strategy, and having the overall stamina to make it through different areas an ultimately fight a boss. Sure, random battles can get annoying, but just having a toggle to turn them off entirely always taunting you?

Stranger yet, this isn't the only cheater option the game has. Inside of the game's menu, on the same screen where you customize controls, the color of the text windows, and other things, you can max the stats of all your characters. Not even joking. One quick dive into the menu and all your dudes are level 99, with 9,999 hitpoints, and just for sh*ts, they also give you 999,999,999 gil. On the up-side, at least this just isn't always staring you in the face like toggling random battles on and off, but it's real weird that this is all just there tempting you. I'm not even sure what the logic behind this is, as if you decided to download the game, immediately level all your dudes to level 99 and turn off random battles, what would even be the point of playing?


I guess it's good they give you the option for this, but I feel like this kind of thing shouldn't be so front and center, right? I'm not being crazy about this, am I? Back in the days when FF7 was released, enabling this kind of thing in video games would require either beating the game first or using some kind of cheat code/device. Odd. Real odd. But, hey, I concede the fact that maybe there's people out there who just want to experience the ellipsis-filled plot of FF7 without futzing around with any of the battle stuff. It seems insane, but, there might be someone out there. At least games with "pay to win" elements have those "cheats" gated by paying money, instead of just always being there.

But, hey, it's not all bad. They included iCloud syncing, and didn't half ass this. It's the good kind of iCloud syncing where you totally manage when your saves get uploaded and downloaded. So, say you're playing a ton on your iPad. When you eventually reach the end of your session and save, you can get back out to the main menu and just upload that save to iCloud. Then, on your iPhone, you can similarly manually download it. This is my favorite type of iCloud syncing, as if there's one thing you can count on with automatic iCloud syncing, it's a total f#$& up. This gives you a real clear idea of what you're doing too, both showing relevant data about both your local save and your iCloud save, so if you mess it up... It's your fault, not Apple automagically nuking your save game.

The in-game menus have an "auto save" function as well, but I can't for the life of me figure out how it works. It's entirely possible I'm overlooking something obvious, but if it's automatically saving anything I'm not sure where it's saving to or how to then re-load that save. I've tried a bunch of different things to try to trigger auto-saving including getting in random battles, walking in between screens, and no matter what when I close the app (force close it, via double tapping and swiping up) I'm loading in back from my last save point. I'll concede the fact that I might just be an idiot, but I can't seem to get it to work... Which seems kind of troubling considering save points in FF7 were designed for console-style play and typically seem to be spaced around 20 minutes of play time apart. That's an eternity for a mobile play session.

But, hey, it's Final Fantasy VII on your iPhone. This is the kind of thing that would be a joke to even suggest as a possibility not more than a few years ago. If you told my late 90's bowl cut and ball chain wearing skater self that 18 years later I'd be playing it from the toilet on a cell phone, I'd probably ask you, "What's a cell phone?" (Although, in 1997, I probably knew what a cell phone was, but you get my drift). For people around for the original release of Final Fantasy VII, this kind of thing is just really cool, even with a layer of jank spread across it all like well buttered bread. Additionally, I suppose on the spectrum of things Squeenix could've done to screw up this port, some weirdly obvious cheater options and the not that great virtual controls you probably already expected, we could've done a lot worse.

Shaun is working on a "full" review for us, and if I know Shaun, he's probably going to wax intellectual about the plot of the game and all sorts of other things. I'll just leave you with this: Love it, hate it, or never played it, Final Fantasy VII is an iconic RPG. It's one you need to play, and one that's worth revisiting, even if you only play it long enough to get the inescapable twinge of nostalgia when Aeris's theme plays.

Update: It also has full MFi controller support.

International App Store Link: Final Fantasy VII

  • HippoHumper

    As someone who never got to play any of the final fantasy games I'm tempted to buy and try this version first. I got final fantasy VI but haven't played it yet so I'm wondering if I should start with this one first. From what I've asked of my friends final fantasy VII is the best, or at least the most fun to play, in their eyes.

    • Martymcsmartie

      I don't like the FF games on the whole. But I did enjoy this the first time around, kind of sucked me in....worth a pop....

      • HippoHumper

        For some reason your name makes me think you know what your talking about, so Im almost compelled to take your advice (that and I have pretty much the same thoughts on the FF series that you've alluded to which makes me think our taste in games are at least similar)...Thanks!

    • https://plus.google.com/+MichaelBond codemonkey85

      Everyone has opinion about this, but I still like VI better. Still, you could do a whole lot worse than either of these games.

      • YaoYao

        6 had a better story, some real character customization, far deeper combat mechanics, tons more characters, and more interesting characters. 7 had 3d graphics.

      • Corey Jason Cochran

        LOL 7's story is much better. Not to mention you don't have to find all the good characters a second time (or just level up the crappy ones you're stuck with) when the world is ruined.

      • This Guy

        I love both FFVI and FFVII, but if you believe all FF7 was is 3D graphics, then I feel sorry for you. FF7 revolutionized and created a standard in the PSX era that even JRPG's today have a hard time accomplishing. It broke the barrier as RPG's being a niche genre and made it more popular. I even know people who hate RPG's but give FF7 the grand exception. Has interesting and memorable characters, dark but simple story to follow.

        You can say you didn't like it, but saying it was just 3D is far from wrong.

      • Mywhychromosome

        I always wondered why it was that, while enjoying 6, I didn't get sucked in the same way as 7, but that was always the debate amongst people. I finally realized, since they're so different, it really comes down to the SETTING of each game, and which you prefer. A more traditional (although brilliantly conceived) fantasy-realm, Castles, dragons, etc, or the modern-day scifi/horror/Blade-Runner tribute of FF7? Other than that, I'd say the games are pretty =

      • Jedidiah Pakula

        Haha these haters hate your comment! 7 only had one thing greater than 6 and that was materia. However the materia was a ripoff of all of 6's special attacks. Cyans limit breaks were added to all characters. Tifa had setzers slots. Etc. Etc. Etc. 7 just basically borrowed everything from 6 and made it materia. Nothing really special about any characters when it came to fighting. 6 had much better characters, greater party customization, the best villain of the series, better secrets, it was longer, the music was better, whereas 7 had 3d graphics, the first main character to die, the first fmv's, the first neo modern world instead of the common Knights and mage type classical fantasy world. I enjoyed both, I loved both, I laughed and cried in both, I maxed out my characters in both and as someone who started playing final Fantasy from the beginning of the series when ff1 was brand new for nes, I can give you my agreement that 6 was better, but its only my opinion. 7 was probably the most popular because a lot of the nes and snes generation didn't play ff1 2 and 3. Ff7 was psx and had a lot of commercial hype that had awesome cutscenes that enticed the masses to check it out. 7 was for sure more played and more popular, but 6 was still better.

      • Travis Horne

        Pretty sure Galuf died permanently in 5. Lots of death in 4, but a lot of it not permanent.

  • hincy89

    No impressed with the controls there the same as a ps1 emulator on a jailbroken iPad

    • curtneedsaride

      Yeah, that's the biggest disappointment for me. I'm surprised they weren't able to map out those buttons to single/double taps and swipes. And just have the floating pad like the other games.

    • Exact-Psience

      Basically, Square Enix gave us a legit way to emulate the classic nothing more. And that's all id ask for this game. Im really enjoying it yet again.

    • This Guy

      It is a very rushed and get out of the door port, but it works perfectly fine with it's set up. I was just disappointed they did not rework the UI any. I guess it may be harder to accomplish with a PSX game as opposed to a NES/SNES one.

  • AppleFlop

    The encounters toggle and stats changing might be ok as an alternate 'cheats enabled new game' or maybe as a 'new game+' of sorts, but otherwise I agree. I definitely don't want to see that stuff as an option anywhere in a regular game

  • iPhallex

    This game is so epic that I don't care if it's slightly janky. The fact that I can play the game anytime I want without the pain of using an emulator makes it worth up to $15 for me. Instabuy!

    • AvatorJr

      Your awesome

  • RelientKSoCal

    I never played the PC version, but I heard the music was way different than the original PS1 version. Since this is a port of the PC version, can anyone confirm or deny this?

    • jamesgecko

      Inferior low-quality music was included with the Steam version when it launched, but was updated with the original soundtrack when everyone complained.

      • Jedidiah Pakula

        Get Tifa mod, get the HD sound and HD fmv, get the HD character and world models, say goodbye to stock garbage Ff7 and hello to the reason to play on a pc....the mods.

  • Seth Henson

    I've always loved the 'old school' challenge of older games. When you beat it, it gave you a great sense of accomplishment.

    Now, society has got so soft that kids are rewarded with trophies for just showing up. Guess this port feels the same way, how sad!

    • DCBizzle

      You're not forced to enable those features, but as someone who has dumped hundreds of hours into ff7 over the years I completely agree.


    As a counter point to your complaint about the "random encounters" button: the 3DS game Bravely Default had this same option (and it was VERY handy), but it was hidden deep in the menu's. I used it often, usually when traveling back to a town to rest up and didn't want to get killed on the way, but found it rather annoying to navigate all the menu's to activate or deactivate it. So although I understand the "cheating" aspect, I can definitely appreciate having the convenience of it for those of us who appreciate the option!

    • Seth Henson

      Convenience.. Or entitlement

      • jamesgecko

        Counterpoint: the second half of Bravely Default.

      • This Guy

        Apparently you didn't play the 2nd half of Bravely Default. Being lv.99 already from grinding and the amount of back track you have to do, having random encounters off was yes very 'convenient'.

      • JammyJams

        Can't say how many collective hours I'm sure I've wasted by being forced to fight multiple low lvl "Bandersnatch".

        A fast fwd button for battle would have been fantastic as well, especially for that summon... You know. THAT summon.

    • ScotDamn

      It is handy. If I remember correctly it also allows you to control whether you gain experience or not.

    • ceszar

      Man, disable random enconter is a noob tool, in BD or FF, whatever.

      • Exact-Psience

        If your a real hardcore player, back in the original psx version, there are common forum challenges which includes avoiding as much encounters as possible. I remember quite a few other challenges in gamefaqs/gamespot back in the day.

        The no encounter option here could open up new possibilities for playthrough challanges.


    Do other Final Fantasy games have MFi support? I'd imagine this would as well if the others do. I'd love to play with my Mad Catz C.T.R.Li!

    • Tom

      Not all of them, but I believe 3, 5 and 6 do from memory...

  • Bloodangel

    I played original on my ps1... I got to the end boss, and my data corrupted on my mem card!!! πŸ™
    I never went back to it, until this day in 2015 πŸ™‚

    • Derrythe

      My friend tried numerous times to play through and get the yuppie date. Every time his data was corrupted.

  • curtneedsaride

    I really hope the autosave feature works because even emulators would let you save the state of the game at any point. And I would hope that they could make an actual port better than the emulated version. At any rate, I'm updating to 8.4 and rejailbreaking to set my phone back up the way I like it, then I'll buy this tonight and find out!

    • Milotorou

      Im hesitating doing that as well, my gripe with it is that FF2 is still not working ln iOS8 ... Id love to be able to play all FFs and DQs on the same OS version ^^;

      • Syrik_Zero

        iOS 9 is right around the corner. Hopefully the new OS will provide some more stability between all the games.

      • curtneedsaride

        But I've already heard that version will break MHFU. I guess we can't have it all!

    • visualplayer

      Autosave doesn't seem functional.

  • http://www.willtung.com Will Tung

    Do the other versions (FFVI and FFIV) have the 'cheat' options of no random encounters or stat boosts? I'd love to play these games all over again, without the hassle and time of having to do battles. I had a lot of time in my childhood, not so much anymore. But would love to play through the plot and mini games again.

    • RelientKSoCal

      No, the iOS versions of FF IV and FF VI don't have these "cheat" options.

      • Tom

        Neither does 3 or 5.

    • This Guy

      Only reason this game has it is because it was a feature in the PC version.

      • http://www.willtung.com Will Tung

        Wow, didn't know that, good to know!

  • DJCubs

    According to the forum it DOES have MFi support thank the lord

    • Exact-Psience

      I can confirm this. actually I was the one who first confirmed FULL MFi controller support. πŸ˜‰

  • ErikSPdx

    Actually, the existence of the cheater buttons tips the balance for me: definite buy. I loved all the early ff games, but nearly every one reached some point where I was blocked by impossible battles: due to making suboptimal (but unpredictable) char-building choices much earlier, or simply lacking the patience for the expected grinding. Sounds like I'll finally be able to experience an ff ending instead of reading the final plot secondhand!

    • HarryWarden

      Agree. I love the inclusion of the "cheat" options. Never finished the game on PlayStation and the options available here have made it a buy for me vs probably passing.

    • Agkelos

      I don't mind the cheats either. I have a few good friends who like FF games for the story more than the battle system. These cheats are made for them.

    • Mywhychromosome

      I am totally fine with the cheat OPTIONS, since that's just what they are, optional, but I agree with the writer of the article that they shouldn't be so blatantly displayed...simply putting them in the menu (not even in a particularly buried fashion, but at least you'd have to purposefully seek it out) would do the trick for me and strike the right balance.

  • echoman83

    I was hoping it would have a similar virtual control like dragon quest 4. Can't remember what the layout was like when I played it on the ps1 back in the day, but simple turn base menu driven battles don't need much.

    • unlimitedfury

      It uses more than 6 buttons, DQ 4 needs 2. 😐

  • Quazonk

    So, prepare for a 3.5 star review, and an epic comment section blow-up to follow lol

  • gaberaph

    I like the cheat option for health and stats! My reason for this is purely because robe completed the game several times, and playing on my phone would only be for kick ass nostalgia driven battles ;p

  • C. Stubb

    "Update: It also has full MFi controller support."

    …and there was much rejoicing.

    • tinkie277

      Couple the MFi with a AV adaptor, it's a true console experience at home!

  • Earth Vs. Me

    That random battle toggle key is gonna make playing really stressful. It reminds me of the first person mode in the Gamecube remake of MGS making combat way too easy. People would constantly say "Well if you you don't like it, just don't use it." But just the fact that it was THERE, constantly tempting me to use it was a problem in itself.

    • Anova

      Eh, one of the reasons I stopped playing RPGs like this is sometime the random battles just ground me down while I was backtracking for some obscure thing I missed. Welcome addition in my mind, even if just to use when you're on e hunt.

  • Hokken

    Random encounters were ok back in time but many younger or veteran gamers like me might be put off by that feature (I played most of the FF up to 10). If you don't like that feature well just ignore it and...resist the temptation πŸ™‚

    • spedav

      Agree. I've been a gamer for over 25 years and I've had my fill of random encounter games. It had its purpose back in the day, mostly to make a game seem longer than it actually was, but today, random encounters can be a real drag. Especially for those of us that don't have as much time as we used to to play in-depth JRPGs that we beat multiple times the "right" way.

      There's a reason most games have moved away from them...

      • Chris Imirie

        The main reason for random encounters in old RPGs had more to do with memory usage than any gamer preferences or styles. Can you imagine how a SNES or even PSX would have melted down if they tried to track and plot let alone DISPLAY hundreds of characters on the same map at the same time?

        Processing power is the biggest driver why most games don't utilize them today. Although truth be told, in an RPG, I would MUCH rather have random encounters. More frustrating, sure, but to me, its what separates a true RPG apart.

      • ldksparda

        There was an RPG that was able to show enemies on screen and gave you the option of fight or avoid them, and its called Chrono Trigger: Squaresoft's true masterpiece. Still, FFVII is the milestone that proved that video games can successfully apply cinematographic designs, that giving more attention to presentation than to gameplay is a profitable choice, and that 3D and optical storage were the future of videogames. In small words: that nintendo's vision in that time was wrong. Big milestone that left a deep impresion in a generation governed by nintendo, that's for sure.

  • nkx

    I'm surprised this port did not add a quick save feature for when you shut down apps

  • Montanx HS

    LOL 99999 option just right there? Why even play. The onscreen controls are identical to an emulator I used to play thin on my ipad a year ago.

  • http://ScottSoapbox.com/ Scott Soapbox

    So I can kinda see the point of a random encounters toggle - be it for newbs or whatever - but not on the main screen. There are already 17 other buttons. Why not put the d-pad and random battle toggles under options?

    The super mega cheat seems so bizarre. Sure I've played God mode on Quake (google it youngsters), but that was a mindless FPS were killing lots of things was the point. The point of RPGs is the slow gradual increase to ultimate power!

    This is like: Start game. Toggle max everything. High five self. Take #winner selfies. Start next game.

    • nini

      You react like it's a permanent option you can't ever turn off. Just don't use it and stop being downright offended it's there, you don't need to use it but I guess it's the idea someone could use it which gets you right? No shortcuts for you, no shortcuts for anyone!

      • ldksparda

        The problem of that options is not that I'm never going to use it but that I never going to use it and still is USING precious space on the screen. Leave the option but don't steal us precious screen space!

  • Levanax

    Everyone is upset about the ability to turn random encounters off but, wasn't there an equipable item you can collect that allows you to do the same thing? Admittedly, I may be thinking of a different final fantasy but it was definitely in one of them.

    • Kugiro

      Moogle Charm! FF3 (or 6 for you new gen peeps). Kupo!

    • riChchestMat

      There was. The trade off is that you don't get EXP without fighting and therefore can't level up for the boss fights.

  • nkx

    Guys honestly a similar feature in on ice wind dale to make your guys invincible I never used it. Plus after playing old dragon quest games. I like having the ability to sometimes turn off the random encounter wen I quickly just want to backtrack without fighting every five seconds for every step. They have the same feature in chaos rings games and people don't abuse it

  • nkx

    Guys if there is anything anyone should be a bit annoyed at is the ugly virtual buttons!!!!! It looks so stuffy!!! Square could have easily made just updated this game with better touch screen accessibility and I would have been so happy! They took the easy road by adding stupid button simulating a controller!

    • nini

      It's a really simple port though. if they meant to do it right then you'd see a lot of other things overhauled at the same time. This is just a "see, we can do it" statement, they'll probably get to that remaster they've been knocking about for a while.

  • walz81

    Are the load times between screens the same as on the play station?

    • Nauwiesbande

      Much faster

  • Bernizzle

    This is the first RPG game that got me into RPGs.....I will never forget looking at, ponder wtf type of game is this, 3 disc?, and OMG it's my favorite game lol. So glad it's finally in my pocket

  • http://www.kisai.ca Kisai

    If this is like other Square-Enix ports (eg FF4/5/6) the game should support a MFi controller (iPhone/iPad.) But if you just want to play FF7 get the PC version off Steam. It's incredibly frustrating to play "console" style games on a touch screen.

  • And_75

    So this is not full screen on iPhone 6???

    • Randomguy

      This is what is happening on mine as well and its driving me nuts. Everyones screenshots are full screen. Is it full screen on ipad but not iphone?

      • tinkie277

        It is not full screen on mine either... Might get it in an update though.

  • tpianca

    I'm kind of expecting Shaun's review more that to play the game itself - played it on PS1 and I don't really have the time to replay that long thing for the next months. And Shaun always adds so much backstory to his articles that it's very informative.
    About the cheats, hey, at least it's not IAP!

  • Onikage725

    Part of me is like, I can stick this on my iPod and play with my moga!
    Part of me is like, I have this on psn, I can just download it on my Vita or PSP. $15 back in my pocket.
    It was one of the first games in my collection that I ripped, so it's not even like the phone novelty is new for me (this was one of the poster games for psx4ios back in the day, and it runs great on androids fpse).
    Still, if you've somehow missed this, totally grab it. I prefer 6, personally, but this is in the same league and a classic.

  • Syrik_Zero

    It's on sale in the U.S. App Store!

  • Onikage725

    It's worth noting that the max character thing is a feature of this version as of its re-release a few years ago. Has nothing to do with mobile audiences or anything. I think you have to enable it on a web account for the pc-played version, though.

  • Benjamin Rodriguez

    Compared to an emulation on the iPhone how does this compare?

    • Onikage725

      Well it's the pc version for one. Emulating obviously is of the psx version.

  • Reckall

    I beat this game back in 1997. It is really epic and I can't wait to live the experience again!

    However, ever then the random encounters were a pain - and I was/am an "hardcore" gamer. Sometimes it was late in the evening, I had to go to sleep, and I still had to spend one hour to reach a save point due to the flurry of pointless RE (not to mention that they break pacing and atmosphere).

    Maybe a better solution would have been to implement three settings: classic game, less random encounters and no random encounters.

    I'll turn them off, since what matters to me is the whole experience (like watching again a beloved movie on TV without ads). If you play FF VII for the first time, then the better solution, IMHO, is to try both options, and see which you do like better.

  • http://jessejarvis.com/ Jesse Jarvis

    Most likely the logic behind the random encounters and uber stats are so that player that already spent hours and hours and even more hours can replay the game for the story without having to spend all that time in battles again. Kind of get a refresher about what ffvii is.

    • http://entrepreneurialblog.com Niclas Johansson

      +1. Maybe if those options were just locked behind a quiz or sth so us old geezers could prove our worth before being able to take the easy way out. My replay will be for reexperiencing the story, I welcome the "cheats" being there.

  • Themostunclean

    Bravely Default (which is a FF game in everything but name) had tons of integrated options to tweak difficulty and modify enemy encounters. I really appreciated them for the times I just wanted to explore an area without the hassle of being forced into combat every 20 seconds. Though having a button for it constantly staring you in the face does seem annoying.

  • jvm156

    if i was at all interested in replaying an RPG from my youth i'd be applauding all the cheat options... cus honestly who as an adult has the time to sit and grind out all those monotonous rpg battles allover again. I'd just want to advance the plot and do the fun stuff

  • fukui

    IT SUCK ON I6 PLUS there is a blue bar in both side !

  • Brandon Smith

    To be perfectly honest, I'll be surprised if more games don't start having "no-gameplay" modes to combat "let's plays". You're essentially "let's playing" with yourself.

    This kind of thing become really problematic for older Final Fantasy games because the characters combat elements and strategies were actually PART of the story of the game. Take Kain in FF2, for example. He was a troubled character who drifted in and out of your party over the course of the game. It's not a coincidence, then, that his special command was "jump", which took him out of the battle for a few turns off-screen. This meant that whenever the player was coming up with strategies, you usually had a separate one for Kain and for the rest of the party because they were on separate cycles in the turn-based combat.

    By rendering combat irrelevant, you are actually stripping out a chunk of what caused people to bond with the characters to begin with.

    • nini

      Cheats aren't the same as no gameplay.

  • Devok

    It's about time it's out, even jail breakers couldn't get this on.

    Why didn't they optimise it with touch screen tap controls which really makes more sense than these lazy implemented d pads? Looks ugly and interferes with game play, But that's my opinion, Not sure for the rest of you.

    • Onikage725

      It irks me how all over the place they are with mobile design. Some games have fully redesigned ui, some have a few features, this one is on level with the old Sega "slap it in an emulator," approach. Some have controller support, some dont. Some have manual iCloud saving, some dont. It's impossible to predict.

  • Rubius

    A PS1 RPG like FF7 should have been released on the original iphone back in like 2007. Seriously, I was playing Final Fantasy 10 HD on my old jailbroken 4S in 2011. My point? Why did Square-Enix wait this long to release FF7 on iOS? The original 2007 iphone could have easily handled it, so why did they wait until late 2015 to release it? Supposedly the Galaxy S6 can theoretically run games like Batman: Arkham Knight and Witcher 3. I find it strange that FF7 is only now coming to smartphones.

  • Robert Ly

    I'm stuck in Aeris house, the part when you need to sneak out by walking. But because of the turbo/ speed feature I'm not able to get out of the house. I try everything! Please help has anyone pass this part of the game yet, if so please tell me how. Thanks!

    • http://ben.kree.gr/ Ben Kreeger

      I'm stuck here, too β€” I'm holding down walk, but once I cross over a little to the right there, Cloud immediately starts running. Every single time.

    • http://ben.kree.gr/ Ben Kreeger

      @disqus_P1SVgwbZQb:disqus The weird part here is that holding down the **A** button, not the **B** button, got me through it.

      • L. Cook

        OMG, you saved my life with the ****A*** button...I was about to throw my phone in the toilet from frustration....the "B" button for walk doesn't work....hold "A"

      • Lucas Jordan

        yes!!! thank you guys! they need to fix this

  • Randomguy

    Why is this not full screen on my iphone 6?! I have two blue bars down the side! Someone please address this it is driving me crazy!!!!

  • 61050

    i dont really get the inclusion of the max stats option, but the no encounters toggle is a welcome addition due to the mobile nature of this version. i suppose i would have preferred a 'quick save' option, but this will help as twice now i have been in a spot where i needed to stop playing and i was not near a save spot.

  • http://cloverink.com Aran Cloverink Chananar

    i can't walk out from Aeris 's House. My Cloud, he doesn't walk ...

    • 61050

      i had the same issue. i just kept trying and after the 40th time or so, it just worked. *shrug*

      • http://cloverink.com Aran Cloverink Chananar

        oh man I still try to walk help me ;(

      • Shaun James Musgrave

        Don't hold anything and just run out. It should work.

        The reason it's doing that is in the original version, Cloud walked by default and ran by holding a button. This version has him running by default and walking by holding a button. Someone at SE must have missed this part, and the game's code is just looking for "if holding 'movement speed change' button, then fail. else, pass." Definitely a goof on their part, but it's easy enough to pass once you know how.

      • http://cloverink.com Aran Cloverink Chananar

        passed !! :'D Thank you so much.

  • Aidan James Klobuchar

    How is no encounters even cheating? If you had it on 100% of the time, wouldn't this actually make the game a really hard low level challenge?

  • briangreenhow

    Won't waste my time or money, it has all the annoying features I feared it would. I'll just go get my PSP and play the real actual PS One version of it without all the wussey mobile cheat options and with controls that don't drive me bonkers.

    • nini

      Wussy mobile cheat options were in the Steam PC version too, bet you were the type who fumed at the concept of the Konami code too but whatever, some gamers are just masochists and assume everyone should play like they do.

      • briangreenhow

        No, I think the game should be played as it was intended to be played. Final Fantasy VII was hardly a difficult game. Max stats from the the beginning isn't going to be a very fulfilling experience, it's more likely to ruin the game for newcomers, but whatever, it's their product to do with as they wish and their brand to destroy.

        Get it on PSN cheaper, and without the game breaking cheats.

  • pinkertonpunk

    I was also only able to get out of Aeris' house by holding the A button...even though Cloud continued to run. Strange.

    • tinkie277

      I managed to do it after about 25 attempts... I did send an email to square enix though. I just ran along the side of the banister (didn't walk) and it seemed to work.

  • Cloud

    Does this game require any internet connection to play apart from when you want to upload your save to iCloud? Can the game be played offline please?

    • tinkie277

      You can play this offline.

  • http://www.djhoski.com Dan

    Anyone figured out if the Auto Save feature works? And if so, how it works?

  • Nick

    The autosave function only works on the overworld map, as it is the only time in the game you can save at will. It saves going out of buildings onto the world map, or out of battles onto the world map. Kinda strange. I wish they'd realize a mobile platform means you should be able to save anywhere at any time.

  • Luvstoki

    Im using the max stats, and was tempted to turn off encounters, but the materia doesn't max out, so you still have to level those up...I think the auto save is when you simply press the home button, b/c i stopped playing and it was in the same spot the next day so, i think that is the Auto Save. I hate that it wont go full screen on my 6. Oh Well! My whole goal in buying the app was to use the cheat and beat the emerald weapon...lol Who cares about the game! haha $16 to beat a dumb mini boss!

  • tokm

    I'm trying to do Tifa's Piano, wtf are the playstation to ios control mappings?

    What is X,^,[], O in IOS? The buttons are X,Y,B,A

    • tokm

      GOT IT


  • ldksparda

    I'm ok with the no random battle options, after all the current generation is more "lazy" and least tolerable to failure to say the least. Random battles, like challenging AAA games, are a thing of the past. Still what bothers me is that the button is stealing precious space on the screen (at least on the iPhone 6). Even Chrono Trigger's IOS screen looks bigger because of this issue.

  • The Doctor

    On the 6 plus, this is total junk. There are huge and ugly blue bars on the right and left hand side of the screen that take up vast amounts of screen real estate. The UI is super clunky and, compared to other FF iOS ports, this feels like a large steaming P.O.S.

  • leonffs

    So wait, the menus aren't touch enabled ljke every other fucking square enix port on iOS? This on screen virtual controller is ridiculous. You're basically playing epsxe.