The huge franchise, Five Nights at Freddy's [$2.99], is once again on everyone's mind with the recent release of FNAF 4. Equally interesting, though, is the new information we just got about the upcoming FNAF movie, which we've talked about in the past. The director of the movie, Gil Kenan, went on Twitter these last few days to give some info and hints about the upcoming movie. If you don't know who Kenan is, he's best known for developing and directing the recent Poltergeist remake as well as Monster House. Kenan said that he's very interested in the lore just like the fans, and he plans to keep the focus on all the animatronics, not just Freddy, but will probably stay away from the infamous Purple Guy. When asked about the movie's rating, he responded that he's still too early in the process of writing the movie to talk about ratings, but he wants the movie to be fun for everyone who likes the game, not just the young fans.

Interestingly, he has stated that he wants to have real, full-size animatronics in the movie rather than CGI ones (he jokingly (?) said that they'll become his butlers once the movie is done). The movie will take place in multiple locations (since it wouldn't be that interesting to watch a whole movie take place in a tiny office), and he implied that with such a deep lore, sequels might be a possibility. Finally, he said that FNAF's mythology, place, and theme make it perfect for adaptation to film, and he hopes the result will reverse the trend of video games translating into bad movies. What's very interesting, but unsurprising, is the amount of expectation for this film as seen by the intense fan interest on Kenan's Twitter feed. We all know that FNAF's fans are extremely devoted, and it was to be expected that they will want the film to deliver. It remains to be seen whether Kenan will achieve to do so.

  • Game Furnace

    If the movie were to use real animatronics then I am not sure if it will be to realistic but I am still looking forward to the movie being released.

    • Stormourner of the Nature

      it's better to be realistic because we don't want computer graphics

  • french fry

    Ah yeah use something fake "looks so good" use something real "looks so fake" REALLY!!!!

  • Āragorn

    I'm exited for this movie!

  • Jill Sandwich

    Real props with realistic movement aided by CG? I'll take that over pure CG any day.

    As long as this movie's scriptwiter & director focuse more on actual game characters than Michael Bay would, whom basically made both the Ninja Turtles & Transformers secondary supporting characters in their own movies so he could focus on his OCs, then we can all be satisfied in that.