Win an iPad Air 2 via TouchArcade Deals

We mentioned on Friday that we’ve teamed up with StackSocial to provide all sorts of cool deals, and were going to be posting about them throughout the week. Well, to kick things off, how about a giveaway of an iPad Air 2? If you’ve got an old iPad, or no iPad at all, hit this link and enter the giveaway. Basically all you need to do is get signed up for our deals site so you can log in, then click to enter the contest.

It sort of goes without saying, but the iPad Air 2 is a hell of a device. It’s the first iOS device Apple shipped with 2GB of RAM, and it’s kind of crazy how big of a difference it makes. The amount of apps you can multitask to without having them quit and have to re-load from scratch is really crazy. I never used the four finger swipe gesture to switch apps on old iPads as you could really only switch between two or three things conveniently. Not so on the iPad Air 2. This really only makes me that much more stoked for the iPhone 6S, which is rumored to have just as much RAM.

Anyway, enough blathering from me, go sign up and claim your chance at a free iPad Air 2.