Whenever we post about hardware stuff on TouchArcade, it always seems to go over really well. Recently, we posted about some chargers, the response was very positive. So, we figured out a way to do way more of that while offering some well-curated deals, freebies, and pay-what-you-want stuff. Thanks to StackSocial, we've now got a storefront set up at deals.toucharcade.com. Friends of ours who run other web sites covering Apple stuff have done similar stuff, and have had nothing but good things to say about it all, so, hey, why not?


Here's how it works: StackSocial curates the deals.toucharcade.com storefront, we cherry pick stuff we think people will be the most interested in, and post about 'em a couple times a week. Anything you buy through our StackSocial site gets us a bit of a kickback, so it seems like a win/win all around. We'll get to post about more hardware stuff, post about things people might be interested in picking up while saving a few bucks, and supporting TouchArcade in the process.

The StackSocial guys have been real cool to work with so far too, and we're already in the process of reaching out to iOS gaming accessory manufacturers for our readers to be able to score killer deals on things like MFi controllers or other similar stuff. Additionally, if you're reading this and you're part of an organization that makes iOS gaming accessories and I haven't reached out yet, please get in touch with us!

Anyway, we're kicking all this off today, and it seemed like it made sense to post something explaining what the new "Deals" button at the top of the site was all about. We're excited to see what comes to this, particularly as it all evolves over time.

  • houseofg

    Will take a look right after I go top up on my new Anker charger! 😉

  • iAjent

    Sounds cool. I'll check it out, although I live in the UK and I guess most of the 'deals' be US only (understandably- I don't expect companies to offer deals internationally).

    Quick question. This may or may not be the right place to ask, but endeavours like this made me think of your Patreon. If I decide to become a TA Patron, can I increase my Patron donation or am I stuck at whatever I first pledge?

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      Yeah you can go up or down whenever you feel like it. Patreon bills at the beginning of the month, so whenever you're locked in at on the first is what you get charged for.

      • iAjent

        Cool. Thanks for the reply.

    • Tom

      Also, StackSocial are pretty good with international stuff. I'm also in the UK, and have bought various things on their deals. Just check the shipping terms to see on an item by item basis.

      • iAjent

        Ooooh... Interesting. I'll definitely be keeping an eye out then. I mostly use the TA app rather than the desktop website- is there going to be a way that the app updates/notifies when there's a deal?

      • Tom

        I'd say it's unlikely as the app seems to be on indefinite hold until an iOS update finally breaks it. Makes me sad, as I use the app on a daily basis. But I know the guys were half worried whether it would even get approved again if it were updated (all the gumf about competing marketplaces, curation of apps outside of the App Store control, etc). Plus I think at this point it would be a BIG job, basically starting again.

      • houseofg

        Yeah that's a scary notion because I access TA via app 99.9% of the time.

      • Tom

        Yeah I'm the same, and I miss some of the nuances of the more recent iOS's. Swipe to go back is something I do out of habit all the time... then realise it doesn't do anything.

      • Tizz986

        +1 for the app being how I access the site every day. I hope it survives.

      • Collin

        Ditto. Same with the Appshopper app. It's so annoying that Apple doesn't do a decent job of curating their own store's apps, but nobody else is allowed to either.

  • Tom

    Oh know... I'm a total sucker for a good deal! Still, at least I'll be helping out you guys 🙂

  • Patt

    Interesting! I'll definitely buy stuff (if the shipping to Canada doesn't cause me too much rage)!!!

    P.S. The Anker adapter that cost $20 on US Amazon (and won't ship to Canada) costs $60 on Canadian Amazon!!! I got one anyhow cause I needed it. But $$$$$$$!!!!

  • RomanReigns

    Available for UK?

    • Tom

      See iAjent above. Some things will ship internationally, but not everything. Best bet is just to check the shipping details and hope that if you see something you really want, that it's UK as well!

  • RossBoss


  • squirpe

    Good plan. Some $ for you chaps and hopefully some deals for us. I bought the 6 port Anker charger based on your recommendation (indeed it arrives today).

    • squirpe

      ... Also I hope Hawaii is counted in domestic shipping 🙂

  • TimTim92

    Where's the freebies? 😛

  • http://adamsimmersive.com Adams Immersive

    Got a nice discount on BackBlaze from them before.

  • Anotherkellydown


  • cadillackills

    Much appreciated. That's a win win for all. Thx

  • Jim Shorts

    Wish there was a rating system... or maybe there is... it's just too new?

  • loox

    Thanks for mentioning the kickback up front.

    I've always found TA very good at transparency. Only makes me trust you guys even more.

  • Boopero

    I've bought numerous things from StackSocial. They have some great deals. Just be careful of items like Lightning cables (make sure they are Apple certified, I've gotten some duds). Also, they run really great deals on VPN services. Be sure to Google specific ones to see how good they are. Some are great and reliable, some are garbage. Also, StackSocial is very Mac oriented. If you run Windows, make sure classes etc aren't Mac-only.