StasisA couple of years ago, a game called STASIS caught my eye; this horror adventure game set aboard an abandoned spaceship had a lovely (if you can use that word to describe a horror game) art direction and a brooding, threatening atmosphere. I was one of the relatively few who actually got to play the Alpha demo of STASIS back in the day, and that small taste left some great promises. The main developer of the game, Christopher Bischoff of The Brotherhood, counts classics like Alien and Event Horizon among his inspirations, and if you play the game even for a few scenes, you'll definitely see evidence of those influences in the claustrophobic environments and constant feeling of unease.


In STASIS you play as John Maracheck, a poor soul who wakes up in an abandoned spaceship, unaware of all but the destruction and carnage that surrounds him. The short time I spent with the game was an unsettling experience (in a good way) not because of jump scares but because of the overall moodiness, strong writing, and fantastic music. The game will release for PC at the end of August, and when I talked to Bischoff, he told me that an iPad version is quite likely. Most games of this genre translate well to the touchscreen, and, as Bischoff pointed out to me, all it would require is some tweaking of the control scheme. He has already played an alpha version of the game on an iPad 2, so porting the game is definitely doable. Hopefully, the PC version of the game will do well enough to help convince Bischoff to bring his vision of space horror to our tablets. Until then, enjoy the trailer.

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  • Luciano1084

    Sweet 😁😁

  • anakinejo

    I'm an enemy with horror games so I'm not watching the trailer

    • Stormourner of the Nature

      hehe I'm an ally with horror games and I'm watching the trailer

      • anakinejo

        Good for you

  • Woodrith

    iOS gaming has changed so much within its lifespan, continuing the trend where great games are no longer just console or PC!

    • Shadowlord

      Agreed, and IOS aren't just for playing Candy Crush and Angry Birds.

  • gaymerX

    Needs more blood!

  • projectmoonlightcafe

    Is his name Issac? Needs more stasis packs

    • Stormourner of the Nature

      make us whole

  • InTheAir

    Again, I hate horror so I didn't watch the trailer, but how can you make a top-down horror game? Besides a lot of gore I don't sound impressed, but again it's too bad I have to judge by first looks.

    • Earth Vs. Me

      Yeah, the panoramic view will kill any suspense. That was the main problem with Silent Hill: Book of Memories.

      The developer of this game cites Alien as an influence, but all the scares in that movie came from the Xenomorph being right behind the characters where they couldn't see.

  • moominzo

    I also usually don't like horror but I played the demo of this and loved it - it felt more sci-fi than horror to me, and I'm a big p&c fan

  • hil

    FINALLY something I can really look forward to! This looks like I'm going to be in love with it.

  • Shadowlord

    I stopped playing adventure games on IOS because most are trying to mimic the master Monkey Island games. Few exceptions like Gemini Rue exist but none that entice me enough (RPGs and Squad games appeal to me more), but this and Monolith are two games I would buy and play in an instant.

  • Press2Play

    Dead space + space marshal = Stasis.

  • Kedens

    Awesome news. I'd keep my fingers crossed but I not superstitious. 👌

  • Magellan

    The atmosphere in this game looks amazing, can't wait to play it! I actually backed this one on Kickstarter, and Christopher seems like a cool guy as well.

  • one21gigawatts

    Played this on PC when it launched. Great atmosphere, although the game itself can be a little obtuse at times.