FDG Entertainment is no stranger to Zelda-inspired adventures for iOS, as a couple of years back they partnered up with Cornfox & Bros. to release the excellent Oceanhorn [$7.99]. Now they're back and in the midst of Gamescom this week they've released a new trailer for their new Zelda-inspired adventure called Blossom Tales, which is being published by FDG and developed by Castle Pixel of Rex Rocket [$1.99 (HD)] fame. All you really need to know about Blossom Tales is that FDG describes it as "A delightful mix of "Zelda" and "Princess Bride." Sold!

Blossom Tales has been in the works for a while, getting Greenlit on Steam last fall but then failing to hit their Kickstarter goal to secure the additional funding needed to complete the project. That's when FDG stepped in to ensure that Blossom Tales will get completed and see the light of day on both desktop and mobile. I think it looks fan-freaking-tastic, and FDG says they expect to release Blossom Tales sometime this winter. Check out the forum thread for more.

  • Maglor

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       \( 'ㅅ' ) This is !N$TABU¥
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       レ ノ   ヽ_つ
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  • HelperMonkey

    Except for the name, which makes me think of Mayim Bialik, I am loving everything about this.

    • iammane


    • brent.mcclain

      Mayim might be frosting on this for me!

  • SoraXSky

    Outfit looks terrible. Hope they add more to unlock or use immediately.

  • iAjent

    This looks awesome. I pray for MFi controls.

  • dbagga84

    Hopefully it's not tablet only like Rex rocket :-/

  • Komodovaran

    Gameplay looks cool. Shame about the uninspiring 8 bit graphics though.