giphyFriends, Wednesdays are tough. The joy of the previous weekend is a distant memory, Friday seems like a million miles away, it's all very hard to cope with. When you've got something tough to cope with, buying a bunch of stuff is probably the second-best way to get your mind off of things. But then the credit card bill comes, and you've got something even bigger to cope with. What if I told you there was a magical shop where you could get hours and hours of glorious escape, all without breaking the bank? Today, that magical shop is the App Store. There are a ton of great games on sale, and while I'm pretty sure there's no unifying occasion tying all of these sales together, the point is that a lot of cool stuff is on for great prices. I've put together a list of the notable ones I've found, and since I haven't got a hot clue when most of these sales end, you'd best buy whatever has caught your eye.


11-bit Studios

Amazon Game Studios

  • Lost Within [$3.99]
  • Til Morning's Light [$3.99]
  • Tales From Deep Space [$3.99]

Atypical Games

  • Radiation Island [$2.99]
  • Battle Supremacy [$4.99]
  • Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders [$4.99]
  • Sky Gamblers: Cold War [$4.99]


EA Games




  • Asdivine Hearts [$0.99]
  • End Of Aspiration [$6.99]
  • Chronus Arc [$3.99]
  • Shelterra The Skyworld [$3.99]



Uppercut Games




I mean, look at that list! You could print out those names, cut them into little tabs using safety scissors, affix each one to a difference spot on the office dartboard, and go to town buying random awesome stuff. I'm not saying you have to or anything, but you could. Lots of highlights on that list, but I particularly want to highlight the Amazon Game Studios games, which are going on sale for the very first time. Turn that Wednesday frown upside-down and load up your iOS hardware of choice with some good stuff to get you through the rest of the week.

  • ODMay

    Thinking about giving Goat Simulator a try.

    • Anonomation

      I was about to say the same thing.

    • noteatino


    • Milotorou

      Go ahead, i had fun with it for maybe 2 hours, those 2 hours i laughed hysterically, for 1$ id say its worth it

      • Anonomation

        Eh. Tried it free from a friend's account and I'm not gonna be playing it much more. It's one if those novelty games.

    • Adams Immersive

      I skipped iOS because I have it on Mac (more extensive version), but it's great! Every day in our modern lives we see goats, run from goats, chase goats, hire them, fire them, buy from them, sell to them, sit down to dinner with them... Now we can see life from the OTHER side. Walking a mile in the shoes of a goat is a real eye-opener.

  • VirtualBoyFreak

    This War of Mine, from 11-bit Studios for iPad, is also on sale. It was released today, but in the game description it states 33% off this first week.

  • The Son of Anarchy

    As a heads up- all the Panzer Corp expansions look like they're at least 50% off also.

  • forsakenxe

    Any solid recommendations? 🙂 also how good is the anomaly series?

    • scottsoapbox

      I'm a fan. Good spin (at the time) on TD.

    • dancj

      Anomaly is popular, but I found it way too slow.

      I'd recommend:
      Radiation Island
      Deep Space
      Mass Effect Infiltrator
      NFS: Most Wanted
      Duet Game
      EPOCH 1 or 2 (probably not both)
      Shadow Blade
      Rahman Jungle Run

      • Jayboy720

        Curious, for EPOCH, why not both?

      • dancj

        I loved the first, but they're just a bit too similar IMO. The second is probably better.

      • Tallgeese

        For only a dollar each both aren't bad. If you're just getting one though, I dolphinately recommend Epoch 2. It's like Swipe Mega Man...

  • HarryWarden

    Every Amazon game is on sale for sure to celebrate the shopping holiday they created for July 15

  • Keyboard_Superstar

    I would recommend Deemo. Great music game with cute art and poignant storyline. Note that you may need to buy additional song packs via in-app purchase, but they are worth it for me.

  • spedav

    Omg!!! Hat GIF is totally me!

    I do have a problem.

    My 128gig 6+ has been full from day one....

  • spedav

    Also bean dream is an amazing platformer for anyone that hasn't tried it. 99 cents is a steal for that game, and a lot of others on this list.

  • dancj

    Not a game, but I picked up the much hyped Pixelmator this morning for 79p.

    • Collin

      Thank you for the heads up.

  • spader623

    Isn't the longest journey normally $5?

    • Shaun Musgrave

      Usually $6.99, I think.

      • Tallgeese

        Correct, 6.99 is also the launch price... (saw this earlier but had to get back to work)... It's supposed to be good, I already got Syberia earlier... Too many classics to play with such little time... tsk tsk...

    • Emerdanalan

      It's a great game but be warned that this port is a little shotty especially put side to side with grim fandango or journey down. Pixel hunting is greater chore on iOS than the pic version. I also had to a few crashes with this and the save system is purely manual. It's worth 5 tho if you keep those problems in mind because the actual game is very good and lengthy

  • retrogiant

    I've never played game dev story. I know it's a bit dated in terms of iOS games but does it still hold up well? Did they optimize them for newer phone screens? For .99 I figured it would be good to try it out. Are the other games by that developer worth checking out?

    • TimTim92

      Mega mall story if it's ever on sale. Game dev is only for iPhone and if you have an iPad it's 2x size. It's a great game and more fun when you make up a whole bunch of silly names for games. Its worth $99 and the company hasn't gone any lower than that on their premium games.

      • dancj

        It's really not worth $99!

  • Jake7905

    You guys listed RBI Baseball 14, but forgot to list RBI Baseball 15, which is also on sale for $2. I picked it up last night and so far seems like a big improvement over last year's edition.

  • DeNappa

    No special recommendation for the spidey game?! Aunt May would be disappointed ;p

  • cloudmd

    Would anyone recommend which Kemco game to get? Want a decent classic turn based rpg to play

    • Tallgeese

      I've seen a lot of these Kemco sales come and go and this is usually a question asked of Shaun. I would actually recommend you don't get a Kemco game unless you want a middling experience that could be spent (time and money-wise) better elsewhere... Cardinal Quest 2 is free and fun, so is Must Not Commute... These aren't quite the genre you're looking for tho... Hmmm...

      • Tallgeese

        Sorry *Does Not Commute
        And it looks like Kemco's prices have reverted. Kingdom of Loathing is supposed to be good and that's free but through a browser (you'd have to Google it). There was another good browser thing I heard of recently but I can't remember.

      • Tallgeese

        Found it! Sage Fusion is closest to classic turn-based rpg and the first one is free (and it seemed not too shabby when I played it way back when), there's also Shattered Planet which is also free but more like Cardinal Quest 2 (it's also a Roguelike)...

      • Tallgeese

        *Found not the browser game I was thinking of but a good decent rpg, the browser game will probably come to me tomorrow at an inopportune time...

    • Shaun Musgrave

      Asdivine Hearts is really, genuinely good. Chronus Arc is alright. The other two games in the sale are two of Kemco's worst. Shelterra might actually be *the* worst.

  • Tallgeese

    Great Gollum .giffery by the by, Gandalf...