Sales Round-Up: Titles From EA, Amazon Game Studios, And Many, Many More

giphyFriends, Wednesdays are tough. The joy of the previous weekend is a distant memory, Friday seems like a million miles away, it’s all very hard to cope with. When you’ve got something tough to cope with, buying a bunch of stuff is probably the second-best way to get your mind off of things. But then the credit card bill comes, and you’ve got something even bigger to cope with. What if I told you there was a magical shop where you could get hours and hours of glorious escape, all without breaking the bank? Today, that magical shop is the App Store. There are a ton of great games on sale, and while I’m pretty sure there’s no unifying occasion tying all of these sales together, the point is that a lot of cool stuff is on for great prices. I’ve put together a list of the notable ones I’ve found, and since I haven’t got a hot clue when most of these sales end, you’d best buy whatever has caught your eye.


11-bit Studios

Amazon Game Studios

Atypical Games


EA Games






Uppercut Games




I mean, look at that list! You could print out those names, cut them into little tabs using safety scissors, affix each one to a difference spot on the office dartboard, and go to town buying random awesome stuff. I’m not saying you have to or anything, but you could. Lots of highlights on that list, but I particularly want to highlight the Amazon Game Studios games, which are going on sale for the very first time. Turn that Wednesday frown upside-down and load up your iOS hardware of choice with some good stuff to get you through the rest of the week.