By now, you've all probably played more than a few matches of Hearthstone's [Free] new mode, Tavern Brawl. For those who aren't aware of the new mode, from today until Sunday you get to play in the Tavern either as Ragnaros or Nefarian using preconstructed decks. You get one free classic pack for your first victory, but you need to have at least one Level-20 hero to enter the Brawl. I've played quite a few matches in the new mode, and overall it's been a lot of fun, very reminiscent of the Class Challenges in Blackrock Mountain Adventure and Naxxramas. Many have been complaining that Nefarian is much stronger than Ragnaros, but I'm not so sure that's true; one is definitely stronger in the early game while Ragnaros becomes much stronger towards the late game, but overall the two decks require different strategies.

Speaking of the decks, Hearthpwn has figured out the two premade decklists, so (unless you'd rather be surprised), read on.

Hearthstone 8Ragnaros

1x Baron Geddon
1x Coren Direbrew
1x Garr
1x Golemagg
1x High Justice Grimstone
1x Lucifron
1x Moira Bronzebeard
2x Molten Giant
2x Flame Imp
2x Fire Elemental
2x Living Lava
3x Son of the Flame
2x Whirling Ash
2x Lava Burst
2x Flamestrike
2x Core Hound Puppies
2x Flameheart
2x Living Bomb




1x Arcanotron
1x Atramedes
1x Chromaggus
1x Electron
1x Magmatron
1x Onyxia
1x Razorgore
1x Rend Blackhand
1x Toxitron
1x Vaelastrasz
2x Dragon Consort
2x Blackwing Corruptor
3x Blackwing Technician
3x Chromatic Drake
2x Dragonkin Hatcher
2x Drakonid Slayer
2x Bite
2x Shadowflame
2x Open the Gates

Now, I think that this is a very good start for Hearthstone's new mode. The match-up is fun, the cards (as you can see above) are fantastic, and the overall experience is very positive, especially for F2P players who'll probably never get their hands on the fancy, expensive cards. However, I did see (and hear about) a few issues with Tavern Brawl. One is the lack of incentive to play the mode a lot. While I played for the fun of the crazy match-up, apparently many don't share my playing habits and have been conceding like crazy if they don't get the deck they prefer. Perhaps the mode needs a reward for 20, or 30 wins, something along those lines to give players an incentive, even if it's a small one.


Also, I would've liked to be able to pick a deck because the first 6 or 7 times I played the Brawl, I got Nefarian. Although I know that such an option might create issues with matchmaking (if most want Nefarian for example, it might make wait times for Nefarian players much longer), I think it would be worth pursuing. Also, maybe having Nefarian Vs Nefarian and Ragnaros Vs Ragnaros would give even more variety to the mode. What do you think about Tavern Brawl so far? Is it what you expected, is it more, or is it less? How would you want it to be different? Leave your comments below, I'm very interested to see what our site visitors think about this new mode.

  • aconfusedkender

    Yeah I like the mode and what will become of it in the future. I will say my only complaint is that there is no incentive to play it as it sits now. I played it got my free pack and moved on after a few games. I'll play it when someone asks me to buy other than that, not much purpose.

    I'd like to see what they do with the wins column. They have it there for a reason so I see it implemented for a reason. We shall see

    • dezign999

      The incentive is a faster way to currently grind gold.

    • Vestid

      The incentive is fun? Game=fun.

      • Disappointment Bigass

        Yeah, it always amuses me when people need some extrinsic incentive to play other than fun, even when that "incentive" is clearly something entirely symbolic or packs, which enable....more fun.

        Gotta have a meaningless hoop to jump through for that dopamine burst!

  • Ulfghuld

    I have really enjoyed it, but agree, a reward tier for wins would be a great addition!

  • shdwstar2417

    I agree on the whole incentive part especially if it's a whole you pay with gold thing many think will happen

  • terrence92

    Team brawl with friends is fun. Also, will this new mode stay free in the future?

  • Horslips

    I played it, got my pack first go and then haven't bothered playing it again. It just seems like the class challenges we already know -to be honest i was let down - i was actually quite excited about a 'whole new mode'. Also i bought the new heros and i think you should have got a new deck slot with each one, plus they should have changed the cards to fit each character where they are relevant, for example my ork that says "for hellscream!" when you attack the enemy hero doesn't seem to fit anymore now im a Dwarf Warrior. These are little things that would have made all the difference i think...

    • Bliquid

      And that is why you don't go and buy a 10 bucks .gif.
      Seriously, if you didn't see all of it before pouring money into it, you have NO right to complain.
      They made it crystal clear what you get when you buy the new heroes, and yet you went and gave them money.

      • Horslips

        Point taken. Sorry didn't mean to sound so whiny, was just giving some feedback on my experience

  • William A. Brace

    The one thing about this mode which is really nice is that it counts for the 3 wins for 10 gold. It makes a difference, a huge difference if you play it a lot.

  • loox

    Thanks for the info. As for me, I was expecting a reward for X amount of wins. I don't see the point of playing it after the newness wore off. Even if it was simple, like 50 dust for every 10 wins. Something like that. In fact I am shocked it wasn't included in the first place.

  • bajaresident

    It's just a weekly quest to keep people logging in. There's nothing groundbreaking to see here folks.

  • Scape211

    this was a smart marketing move by Blizzard. Peeps who didnt buy the adventures are sure to play this, see different heroes and cards (mostly high end legendaries) and want to buy the adventures to see more. Why else would they make a free new play mode? I've had fun with it so far and as others said, decent way to grind gold

  • timothyalvin

    I think the first week's brawl is a fine introduction to the format; I think in the long run, with 52 brawls in a year, some will be better than others; I hope that most of them are better than this.

  • RobinDRogers

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