Soft launches are a funny thing. Just last night, I was going through my list of apps and saw Radical Rappelling installed on there. This Halfbrick game had been soft launched at some point last year, but apparently seemed either lost to history or doomed to not come out for a long time. After all, Bears vs. Art [Free] was in soft launch for over a year. I thought about deleting the game, but thought "ehh, I'll keep it around just in case it disappears." Well, consider my surprise when I find out that Radical Rappelling is not disappearing, and in fact is releasing worldwide this week. Halfbrick's spies are devious and everpresent!

This game has you rappelling down a mountain, trying to collect coins and dodge hazards all the way down, as you try to get as high a score as possible, while outrunning the lava falling from the sky. That seems like a real problem! You can unlock different gear for your rappeller, such as a rhino head, and different colors of rope, though with lava falling from the sky, your color of rope shouldn't matter!. I had a bunch of fun with it in soft launch, and am excited to see it go global at last. This one will be available as a free game worldwide starting on Thursday, June 4th.

  • _mean.13

    Go get the new game "Last Lie" NOW!!

    • _mean.13

      Wait nvm

    • SwEDISH GuY8G

      No its sucks!

  • lazrhog

    Damnit why didnt I think of that !? Awesome idea for a game

    • Davy Jones

      "Damnit why didnt I think of that" You couldn't have made the game, so it doesn't matter.

  • Tasslehoff Burrfoot

    I grabbed this when it went into soft launch a long time ago and absolutely enjoyed it. It's a great game and there's power-ups and costumes and warp gates and rhinos and all sorts of fun greatness!! I'd advise getting it to anyone and it's free so enjoy it.

    • bigrand1

      Yeah, it looks fast and exciting! I'll be sure to pick this one up!

  • DonnyDJ76

    Game Center integration?

  • Nitzan Wilnai

    The title makes it sound like a Vlambeer game.

  • Adsinjapan

    I hate this game entirely based on the atrocious alliteration.

  • vectorarchitekt

    Looks ok but I wish they would just update Colossatron and give you more control over it and make that game as awesome as it potentially could be.

  • EvilAbdy

    This definitely looks like classic half-brick fun

  • inthismoment07

    Really fun game. Spent many,many hours on the soft launch.Unlocked everything and deleted it. Have to check it out again. I'd recommend checking it out.