It looks like we're getting a mobile port of the second Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic [$9.99] game. Aspyr Media got an ESRB rating for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords, which mentions Linux, Macintosh, and mobile. Aspyr published the first KOTOR for mobile and Mac, now it looks like they're bringing the sequel to mobile as well – or at least are prepared to do so. KOTOR 2 never came out for Mac, and since KOTOR 1 has seemingly done well enough on iOS, it's not a surprise to see KOTOR 2 coming to iOS.

KOTOR 2 wasn't made by BioWare as the original was, instead it was made by Obsidian Entertainment. There's not as high a reputation due to the game being rushed into completion, which hurt its reviews as there was a lot of cut content and plenty of bugs, but the latter could certainly be fixed with cleaned-up ports to new platforms. And at worst, more KOTOR is not a bad thing. Plus, even at a $9.99 price point like the first KOTOR was, the cost-per-hour with this game is absurd. The original holds up really well, so get excited for this.


  • Alexythimia23

    Omg wtf am i really seeing this!?!?!? F###€€$¥ yeeeeesssssss!!
    Please be soon please be soon please be soon......

  • TheMerc

    Yessss!!! This is amazing news!

  • Kenan2000

    But I'll miss misadventures of sassy Bastilla,annoying Carth and mysterious Revan 🙁

    • Bruno Coutinho

      You will get Kreia instead. Not a bad trade,

  • marcanthony0313


  • Press2Play

    May the force be with y'all .

  • Kagarn

    Holy cow! If they can clean up the bugs, this should be phenomenal!

  • Wizard of Odyssey

    Ho Ho! Yay! Great news! I wonder if they'll use the restored content mod? If so, that would be the first time this game was "officially" finished. Maybe they'll call this a deluxe edition or something similar.

    I had it on Xbox and hadn't gotten around to replaying it on PC, because mobile is so much more convenient. The game is darker than the original, but is still a treat.

    • jgeirge

      I hope the improve upon the restored content mod, but that's asking for a bit too much!

      • Wizard of Odyssey

        Maybe they will, I assume they've been working on this for a while. They upped the resolution and added widescreen and touch, so it's not like they can't mess with it.

        The ESRB listing that originally kicked off this discussion has been taken down, so I hope that doesn't mean anything.

  • HippoHumper

    I literally gasped in excitement when I read the title. I woke up the guy napping in the cubicle next to me (he's always slacking off)

  • brantov

    Blizzard, please, make the same thing for Diablo series!

    • hil

      Also Warcraft 3, please!

  • Mess

    That is all

  • Bliquid

    Actually i booted up Kotor a week or so ago and an ad of Kotor 2 popped up. When i clicked it it opened the store to another Aspyr's game. It happened just once so I figured it was a "leaked ad".
    So i was just waiting for the official release.
    Hope soon.

    • Donutwizard

      This same thing happened to me, so I contacted Aspyr and asked them if it was real or if I was imagining it, and they responded with one sentence:

      • marcanthony0313


      • Donutwizard

        I attached a photo, but if you can't see it, it says "It wasn't your imagination".

      • marcanthony0313

        Lol thanks I'm on the mobile app, we need more support lol

      • Bliquid

        This made laugh really loud.

  • ETC37

    Please fix the StarBucks's causing my screen to jump up and down.

  • Daft Punk


  • Psac42

    Aside from the bugs, how does this compare to Kotor 1? Almost as good? Not quite? Better? (Doesn't sound like the latter.)

    • marcanthony0313

      In terms of an overall game, the completed version is better than KOTOR 1. In terms of TYPICAL Star Wars service, you'll enjoy KOTOR 1 more probably.

    • Onikage725

      This has more depth to its themes. The first was like a good Star Wars film, and the second is like a good Star Wars novel. So, it depends on what you're looking for. I did enjoy some gameplay tweaks too. More persuasion options, can influence a number of party members to your alignment, can apprentice said members as Jedi or's good stuff.

    • Brendan Charles

      Well aside from the fact that it doesn't have an ending KOTOR II for the most part is improved in almost every way except for the fact that I liked the story of the first one better. Aside from that there is much more depth in the second, both in gameplay and hours you can put in. There's slight visual improvements too. You're able to effect the world and your companions a lot more in the second one.

    • Bruno Coutinho

      It is a trade off. Worst story and worst main character, but you have Kreia. Kreia is a fantastic character... like top 5 best characters in a game.

      Also it is goes deeper on the complexity of the main character and the crew.

  • mycoolroy

    This is good news for me because Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic is one of my top 10 favorite games however I never finished the sequel because it was developed by a different team but now this gives me a chance to try it out. Thanks for the info.

  • dabbed

    I thought about this on the 4th. I preferred this kotor's overall aesthetic as a kid so it's a buy for sure.

  • Wizard of Odyssey

    I was just looking up the first KOTOR on AppShopper to get a clue about when that game first launched. Star Wars titles tend to observe anniversaries.

    KOTOR first dropped on iPad May 30, 2013 VERY shortly after being leaked. I'd put money on KOTOR 2 coming out on or before May 30, 2015. That's really soon!

  • curtisrshideler

    I love Aspyr. KOTOR, Fahrenheit, and now this. I'll be putting it on every device and computer I own.

    • Alexythimia23

      I wish Fahrenheit had more review on the app store then it has its an epic port which deserves a lot more attention and downloads, if anyone has not played, you are mad to not purchase or put on your wish list ✌️

      • Wizard of Odyssey

        I don't even know what it is but will check it out now. Thanks for the recommendation.

      • Alexythimia23

        Omfg!! Wizard you will thank me, trust me its money really well spent with a lor of replay value, for me in my top ten games on ios period....

      • Wizard of Odyssey

        It does look very good. Do you play on phone or tablet?

      • marcanthony0313

        I played on tablet, pretty fun, challenging.

  • Bool Zero

    ...add to watch list...

  • Lonely Salad

    I've been playing KOTOR on my iPad 2 since around May the 4th, and I'm loving it. Was thinking "will they ever port KOTOR 2?" and now that question has been answered. THANKS ASPYR!!!!!!!!

  • Brendan Charles

    Are you serious!? That's freaking insane!! While the story is MUCH better in the first KOTOR, the gameplay and scope of the second is pretty awesome. Too bad about that ending though...

    • Bruno Coutinho

      And Kreia.

  • JoeyDee

    I wouldn't get too excited. The origional KOTOR2, although still good, was rushed and heavily cut. If this port is based on that, it wouldn't be worth $10 to me.

    If they enabled the cut content just like how they did it in The Sith Lords Restored Content Mod... then I'll buy it in a heartbeat.

    So if it doesn't have the cut content... I hope someone is able to inject the new content, which should be possible since you were able to move savegames between the android and PC version

  • boydstr

    Anyone knows how gameplay is in realtime like for example shooting or is it by preset commandos.i hope it's in realtime.

  • stolenlogic

    I can't wait for them to do -The Force Unleashed. It will be a great day when I can play that on any phone.

    • Bruno Coutinho

      plz don't ask for the The Force Unleashed. in a post about KOTOR :P. Just kidding but they are very different games.(and kotor is better :P)

  • xcovick

    OOOhhh***** that's great, I was just like blow away after a short read of this amazing news. Got to be ready anytime though!

  • Shyning

    My dreams come true! I love KOTOR!!! Gogogo!

  • Wil Hudson

    I've been wanting to get this game forever. Since I don't have a gaming or original Xbox the only thing I could play it on is on mobile. So now I'll finally be able to play this game!!!!!!!!!


      I am in the exact same situation.i cant wait!!!!!

  • Rolando Julius-Bam Bam Vazquez

    There is also a mod that has half of the cut content; maybe there's a way they could put that in the coding

  • Bruno Coutinho

    "due to the game being rushed into completion, which hurt its reviews"

    not sure about this. This game got really good reviews nevertheless... 8.7 in ign (the original got 9)

    I'm not sure why KOTOR2 is much less known that KOTOR. The beginning is slightly slower (the KOTOR beginning is something amazing). The story is less Epic, maybe that's it.

    In the positive side, there KREIA in kotor2. It is one of my favorite characters all time.

    • Rolando Julius-Bam Bam Vazquez

      No it's not known really because it was never finished. While this game goes in depth of everything else there wasn't any ending and a lot of cut content. It started to pick up more when the TSLCRM came out. Which makes it 30 times better and complete.

      • Bruno Coutinho

        Maybe I only played the TSLCRM. I remember fighting Kreia in the end... and killing her.

      • Rolando Julius-Bam Bam Vazquez

        That's the end. Before she wouldn't die, you would just like leave. Now there is more to it. But, now I wish it was an actual ending like kotor

  • Bruno Coutinho

    This trailer is bs. The game is much better deep and complicated than the trailer implies.

  • UncleVenom 04

    The mobile version should be soon because they have already released the Mac version.

  • Rob92

    Do they have a date yet?

  • Lihn Mahr

    Yes been playing kotor on my iPhone for weeks now...(all different ways) and def want 2. I do remember when I played it in my 20s being dissapointed since 1 was so good. 2 didn't seem as many hours to play as 1. But anyway still am excited!

  • AJ Landpirate

    Oh I hope this really happens. I just finished the first one on my Android tablet and am so ready to start the second one. I loved it on my tablet, ran awesome, loved the controls, can't say enough good things about it. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE port 2 to Android!!! May the force be with you. 👾👽