‘Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf Complete’ Is On Sale For The First Time

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Episodic games can be hard to make a decision on. Do you buy each episode as it releases and risk getting invested in a game whose ultimate quality is yet to be realized? Or do you sit on your hands and wait until the whole thing is released, even though you really want to play it now? Well, if you were in the latter camp when it comes to the unusual Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf ($11.99), your patience has been rewarded. A couple of months ago, publisher Bulkypix released a complete version of the game that contained all of the episodes with no additional purchases required. Its initial price was $9.99, but it went up to its regular price of $12.99 a few days later. While the original episodic version of the game has seen a few sales in its time, up until now the standalone complete version hasn’t been on sale.

That’s finally changed as you can now grab the game for just $6.99. That’s a great deal for what is perhaps the most unique take you can find on the App Store of the whole gamebook concept. It’s interesting because of all of the well-respected gamebook series, Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf is probably the one that could have most easily gotten away with a straight conversion. Instead, developer Forge Reply created it as a hybrid gamebook/traditional console RPG. While it misses its share of marks along the way, the overall experience is something any fan of gamebooks or RPGs should at least check out. Of course, you can always check out my review if you’re interested in more details, such as seeing my roller coaster of emotions as each episode became available.

I can’t seem to find any indication of how long the sale will be going on for, so if you’ve been waiting for a nice price, you might want to grab this while you can. For Sommerlund and the Kai! And to save six dollars, which can subsequently be spent on party-sized bags of Skittles for the Kai!

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