Just a couple of days ago we wrote about how Square Enix has decided to follow the money-paved road and turn its efforts from the console market to mobile endeavors. Before the shockwave around the gaming world even had a chance to dissipate, here comes another big one. Konami, the publisher of beloved classics such as Castlevania, Metal Gear Solid, and Silent Hill, has decided to drop console gaming as if it was hot and, instead, pursue mobile games aggressively because (and take the wording with a pinch of salt because of possible translation issues) "mobile is where the future of gaming lies." Konami President, Hideki Hayakawa, wasn't just saying that the company will divert more resources into mobile game development; he said that Konami's "main platform will be mobiles." He went on to say that the company will be employing a pay-as-you-play model and move from selling things like "items" to selling things like "features," although the boundaries between those two terms are often quite fuzzy.


Could this shift to mobile be the reason behind the recent turbulent days at Konami's headquarters? First there was the friction with Hideo Kojima, of Metal Gear Solid fame, and the uncertainty about his role in the development of Metal Gear Solid V. Then, Konami delisted itself from the New York Stock Exchange, canceled the upcoming Silent Hill game, and finally removed P.T., the playable teaser demo promoting the Silent Hill game, from the PSN store. Perhaps these moves were all connected with Konami's decision to dump consoles for mobile. One thing's for sure: the gaming world is undergoing major changes at the moment, and one has to wonder how it'll look like once the dust settles.

  • torosama

    No, I don't remember the last time I bought a Konami game and that is the problem more than if consoles are dying. The announcement of square is about the same. I grew up playing Final Fabtasy on NES, FF3 on SNES and all the other old school goodies. After FF7 their RPGs really started to change and not in a way I liked and I haven't bought any of the newer FF games. I do play FFRK because nostalgia.... But they haven't made anything in a long time console wise I wanted, and they lost that once revered love I had for them. Oh well things have changed, I have changed, player bases change and evolved. Consoles are far from dead though.

    • ToraSama

      I understand where your perspective is coming from, but it is much more complex than if you don't remember when you last purchased one of their games. By going to mobile, large overhead for game release is eliminated. As a huge fan of Konami, since being exposed to Contra in the 80's, I applaud their games, not only for their depth, stories, or cinematics, but for how the company has evolved with the capabilities of the hardware. Being able to release on Steam surely opened the eyes of companies like Square and Konami when people which were unable to play their games due to system limitations were finally able to snatch them up, in their definitive forms. Cloud based delivery is where the true future of gaming lies. Concentrating on Mobile is the method of perfecting that system.

      • Onikage725

        The point is that Konami has not been competitive enough, for whatever reason, in that space. This switch makes sense within their business realities at present. It doesn't reflect on the console industry as a whole.

      • http://www.googlepants.com/ Wizard of Odyssey

        Agreed. Also, Betteridge's Law for headlines. Touch Arcade can do better than crap like this.

        Konami has not been relevant for years IMHO. Consoles didn't shut down when other studios closed or changed focus.

      • ToraSama

        My point was that companies being tied to consoles is becoming less relevant as cloud distribution increases. The consoles will remain large players, since they also have the infrastructure to deliver the games to the consumer in home, but companies are becoming much less dependent upon being tethered to them. For example, since Square's ambition is already proving taxing to the latest gen hardware (FFXV demo) the competition for "which console do I buy?" will eventually lead to "How much do I need to upgrade my computer?" instead.

    • oscar123967

      Yeah i agree with you 100%. I dont think consoles are near dead. At all. Especially with these new record breaking consoles. But konami's console market is definitely dying. Cant remember the last time I bought a konami game either

  • OldSchoolHeel

    These headlines would seem more credible if console gaming wasn't growing. 2 out of touch developers going after the easier money doesn't mean anything negative for console gaming.

    • Mekklesack

      Yeah, but it's not two companies, it's a lot, including, Namco, Sega, SquareEnix, and more game companies from the pacific born on the mobile platform like Gree, our new friends DeNA and Gamevil who have been finding a lively and exciting market there. That and mobile gaming was big in Japan long before the iPhone came to stores. The 3D Resident Evil 4 game that we got for iOS was actually a slightly tweaked port that already existed on Japanese flip phones (which are still popular there) skipping even the Nintendo DS even though the graphics were comparable to that gaming device's graphical capabilities. Also mobile gaming, social gaming and monetization means something entirely different in Japan where "odd to the West" things like street pass for 3DS thrive. I was offended by what appeared to me to be an extremely aggressive monetization model found in Marvel Future Fight until I realized the origin of the company that made it, then I understood the approach, convoluted as it is. Success for mobile in Asia is not second to the West, it came "long" before it, the gold rush to mobile from large gaming companies has more to with the West finally catching up. The likes of Sega and Konami have been making large sums of money in ways that never involved video games for over a decade and if you've ever visited a Japanese gaming sight in the past ten years particularly one like Capcom's you'd have noticed a large portion of that site being dedicated to mobile games. Consoles are very much in trouble. Besides, can you name some new franchises you're excited for being developed for Consoles on the horizon? I'm certain that number is painfully small.

      • Mekklesack

        I know that the company that made Future Fight is not from Japan but I forgot to say "region"

  • Alexythimia23

    Im not a console gamer anymore, ive loved ipad gaming from its birth.... But make no mistake about it, consoles are not going ANYWHERE! It seems like that because of things like this, but all thats happening is the same old same old, which is companies following the paper trail. Everything will come full circle again, always has and always will, and there will always be a big place for the premium full rich console experiences, even though im not a console gamer, you would be a fool to think mobile will make it obsolete. Sure mobile will become more successful in terms of revenue, but consoles are not going anywhere.

    • worldcitizen1919

      I'm not an iPad gamer anymore. Mobile games are really going NOWHERE as far as gaming is concerned except with IAP. ReaL QUALITY and sustained gaming still remains to be on the console. If you want to play games on 50" screens with their FULL content uncut and for long periods of time then CONSOLE gaming is the REAL DEAL. Mobile gaming caters more to the whales, kiddies and ladies but not to the real gamer who wants to play top games like Bloodborne and Far Cry 4.
      Mobile gaming will NEVER replace console gaming. Mobile gaming was never alive it just attracted a different sort or gamer but gamers who want to play the top games with a full experience always go to console. They are more expensive but you get what you pay for. There is no game on mobile where the game is better than in a console.

      • http://twitter.com/JaredTA Jared Nelson

        Lol "real gamers" I guess women and children aren't real gamers then? If you're not an iPad gamer anymore, then why are you here?

      • Bouldergore

        Yes a real gamer...as in someone who plays games as a hobby and not just 15 minutes a day on candy crush.

      • DuckingGold

        Oh, you mean virgins.

      • yomachaser

        There is no such thing as a "real" gamer either you play games or don't so an ipad gamer is just as valid as whatever way you like to approach the hobby.

      • easytheretiger

        No offence mate, but I don't read books or watch movies specifically aimed at women or children unless I'm viewing them with the target audience. Why would games be any different?
        Oh and believe me I'm considering not being "here".

      • DuckingGold

        You're a fool of immeasurable proportions. Always were.

      • Poo

        Eventually the hardware will be small enough and strong enough iPads will run full console games no problem. Just because you're to narrow minded to see it doesn't mean it will "never" happen.

      • AdamBoy64

        And I think it'll be sooner than we think. The rate at which mobiles and tablets are advancing is phenomenal.

  • Based Xatu

    These articles about consoles dying are hilarious. Are you trying to meet a quota or something? Konami leaving consoles and moving to mobile makes sense- they've been on a sinking ship for years; the only titles they have had that meant something we're MGS and SH. Now that Kojima is gone, those are pretty much dead(maybe not SH)

    • yomachaser

      Sinking ship? That's funny man but in reality they make assloads of money and have simply lost interest in chasing the narrow profit margin of console type gaming.

      • Serenityinaz12

        Dude what rock are you living under? Konami has been sinking slowly for the last few years and the losing of Kojima and now the canceling of Silent Hills too they are looking in bad shape. Plus all the negative press they are getting for other BS business practices lately. You can keep yelling they are fine all you want but that doesn't change the fact that what you're really doing is just talking out your ass with a bunch of opinions NOT backed up by any facts

      • yomachaser

        I'm not talking out of my ass at all, by painting it as a sinking ship you're suggesting they are failing at gaming and pulling away when in reality (not my opinion BTW) they have been shrinking and defunding their tiny (15 percent of the company) gaming division because they don't care much about it anymore.

        They've dissolved all the teams into one unified mobile gaming division and we'll see if they let them make anything above the shitty cash grab level (I doubt it for now at least) but we will see I guess.

        Konami is a hospitality and gambling company with a little game division chunk they no longer feel like babying. I think you read too much into the echo chamber of gaming press and think somehow any of the negative press they've gotten is like getting "real" negative press which it isn't for them.

        In the business sectors where they make the vast majority of their money no one knows or cares what a Silent Hill even is. Now please explain to me why you think they are in bad shape.

  • http://www.onebagtravel.com/ OneBagTravel

    Could it be Konami is just poorly managed? Look at console sales.

  • KageTakeo187

    Console and PC will never die. No matter how many casual gamers there are there will always be hardcore gamers that want deep and complete gaming experiences. So yah...

  • vic_viper_001

    Smartphones, where good games go to die. Bye bye Konami. *waves*

  • Quazonk

    Console sales are absolutely surging right now. The console market is flourishing bigtime, and honestly to suggest otherwise is kinda silly, since the numbers speak (scream) for themselves. It makes sense for these devs who are sadly disconnected from the console crowd to want to follow the money-making practices they're observing in mobile developers to stay afloat and relevant. But man, consoles are not dying. They're not even kinda-sorta close to dying.

    • http://twitter.com/JaredTA Jared Nelson

      So, what are the numbers?

      • OldSchoolHeel

        http://www .statista.com/statistics/278181/video-games-revenue-worldwide-from-2012-to-2015-by-source/

      • http://twitter.com/JaredTA Jared Nelson

        I need a premium account to look at that I guess? Anyway, it appears to be data from 2012 with a *forecast* through 2015. I don't really understand how that's relevant.

      • OldSchoolHeel

        I guess you do. I went to it once and was able to scroll down and click the second link, which didn't get accepted, but now it hits a paywall.

      • http://twitter.com/JaredTA Jared Nelson

        That's ok! See my response to Quazonk as it pretty much applies here too.

      • Quazonk

        As of the end of March of this year (haven't seen statistical information through April), the Playstation 4 had sold 20.3 million units, compared to Xbox One's 14.2 million units, and Wii U's 9.6 million units worldwide.

        Using the PS4 vs. PS3 as an example, in the year and a half since the PS4 has launched it has sold, as I said, 20.3 million units+ (as of the end of March, that number will obviously be greater now), compared to the PS3, which in it's first year and 7 months (sales figures ending June 2008), sold 14.41 million units. This shows that sales in the console market are showing a pattern of acceleration from the last generation of consoles to this one.

        Had to dig a little for those stats (on vgsales, gathered from Sony's official quarterly financial reports), but my point is that the console market is showing no signs of slowing down, rather it is showing signs of growth.

      • Shaun Musgrave

        I really (really really) don't want to step into this mess, but you realize you're comparing this gen's first place console with last gen's (at the time) last place console, right?

        I don't think it's time to fit console gaming for a pine box yet, but I can almost guarantee the hardware sales this gen will be significantly lower in the end than last gen's. Meanwhile, the software is more expensive to produce and is selling worse than at a similar point last gen. Hence the litany of "Remasters" and cross-gen games.

        The whole "everything is better than ever!" mentality is really off-base with reality and kinda weird.

      • Quazonk

        I'm simply comparing Playstation to Playstation, not 1st-place-to-last-place or anything like that. I guess I could've made a statistical gong show of it and compared every last-gen console's sales with their current-gen counterparts, but I won't be doing that unless someone from TA is cutting me a cheque 😉 I do suppose the number of variables (comparing competing hardware's release window time differences, the odd-but-runaway success of the original Wii as Jared mentioned etc) is too great to get a crystal-clear picture of the current state of console gaming, but I don't know how you would find it weird or out of touch with reality to say that everything in the console world is doing great, because frankly it is doing great. Everyone I know and probably everyone you know has at least one console (mostly latest-gen, speaking on my own behalf) or more sitting on the TV stand in their living room. Some new game PRE-ORDER sales are reaching 7-figures. That's not a sign of a sinking ship if you ask me. Of course with any advancing technology, and video games in particular, new software is going to take both more money and more time to produce. This is nothing new, just with each generation the strain of production time and cost becomes inherently greater. It doesn't mean that it's hit a "wall" yet just because we're seeing some HD remakes etc, I simply see that as an easy double-dip from developers striking while the iron's hot during the time period in which there are two generations of unit-moving hardware being sold simultaneously by the same company. I know I bought both copies of The Last of Us and GTAV, and their devs saw double-indemnities as a result. If that money is going to fund their next huge projects, I'm ok with that. I certainly don't see Rockstar (in this example) saying "well, we can't go bigger and better, let's just sell this again, take the money and run". They're going to put the money from those sales into resources to continue making blockbusters with monster sales figures. Time will tell how this generation of consoles' software sales will stack up to the previous gen's, and we can continue the discussion at that time, but I really don't think we're going to see them slip. Not during this generation of consoles, anyways.

      • Shaun Musgrave

        Right, but don't you see how comparing PlayStation to PlayStation without taking the context into account makes for a weak case of growth? As Jared points out, if you add up all three, this gen is far behind last gen. Sony is the only one doing better, and they're not doing better enough to compensate for the drop from the other two. As for the rest, you've got lots of anecdotes, but they don't match the reality of the sales data. Now, you're correct in that we're only a couple of years into the generation and things could change, but so far, the software sales picture isn't good. The top ten sellers on the charts are putting in lower numbers (even accounting for the shift towards digital) than at the equivalent point last gen, and they most certainly cost more to produce. This has been something the industry has seen coming for a while, and it's something (my turn for anecdotes) I used to talk about a lot with devs when I used to cover the console beat. The tipping point was inevitable, and we're finally scraping up against it. That's why you're seeing more F2P experiments, more Remasters and cross-gens, fewer new IPs, more annualized sequels, and $35 season passes. Everyone is doing what they can to bail the boat out, to use Tasos's metaphor, but it remains to be seen if it will be effective.

        In the last six years, we've seen Midway and THQ go out of business, Eidos sell out to another company, Infogrames/Atari pull back to almost nothing, SEGA largely abandoning the console market, Konami apparently following, Square Enix refocusing on other interests, Nintendo starting to develop for mobile, and Capcom teetering at the brink. You can chalk all of those up to poor management and I won't disagree with you. What I will point out is that the console industry used to make enough money to suffer that poor management. That it doesn't anymore speaks volumes, I think.

      • http://twitter.com/JaredTA Jared Nelson

        The PS4 is definitely killing it. But I still disagree with your last statement, that the console market is growing, and with your previous statement that the numbers "scream" for themselves. Microsoft is a bit cheeky with their reporting, the 14million number is units "shipped" not sold, but for the sake of argument let's use that whole number. So combined with PS4 and Wii U sales, total consoles sold a year and a half into launch is 44 million (rounded). The numbers for the previous generation after the same amount of time (taking into account the 360 launched a year ahead of the others, so only including numbers through June 2007) the total number of consoles sold was 52 million (rounded). So while the PS4 is doing extremely well, total console sales are actually down. HOWEVER, it's tricky because the original Wii was such a crazy anomaly. If you cut out Nintendo's console from both situations and just count the PS and XB then yeah, numbers are definitely up thanks to the success of PS4. Anyhoo, personally, I don't think consoles are ever going to "die." If anything I think we'll hit a point of convergence, where consoles and portable devices are simply media players that also play games and do a million other things. I also think comparing smartphones and tablets (and desktop computers for that matter) directly with dedicated game consoles doesn't make any sense. One you buy specifically for playing games, the others you may buy for a myriad of reasons, and while playing games on mobile is by far the most popular pastime it also might just be a circumstance of those people owning the device anyway for other reasons. They just don't seem comparable to me. I do however find it really interesting when these big companies, who have produced some of the biggest console games of the past few decades, are focusing all their efforts into mobile. I don't know if it says anything one way or the other about the state of consoles, but I think it's an interesting discussion to have. (Sorry for the long ass reply.)

    • AdamBoy64

      Yeah, they're selling pretty well in the US, which is good for western developers. For companies like Konami it's not much comfort though.

    • BaronKrause

      Thats main home system consoles though, mobiles main competition that its killing is the portable consoles like Vita/3DS.

      • Quazonk

        That would be true if mobile sales could be fairly compared to 3DS/Vita sales, but as Jared said, people don't only buy mobiles for games. My mother has one for crying out loud, and the last video game she played was Pong on a tabletop arcade game at the laundromat around 1980 or so. So to compare mobiles to the 3DS or Vita is a little bit of an apples-to-oranges comparison. And for the record I was not comparing mobile gaming to console gaming either, simply stating that console gaming is alive and well, and I certainly stand by that statement.

  • Twitchfactor

    I wouldn't take the word of a company that has killed and tried to erase one of the best things to come out in years! (PT demo)

    • ptdshiznit818

      They didn't just try, they succeeded in killing Silent Hills. Without Fox Engine there can never be a Silent Hills game :/.

      • ptdshiznit818

        So yea I totally agree with you, not taking their word for anything!

  • speedyph


    • Rennerd

      Play on PC...

    • http://www.googlepants.com/ Wizard of Odyssey

      caps lock

  • derkoi

    They'll soon regret their decision when they realise how fragmented mobile platforms are.

  • klink

    Not sure mobile is a greener pasture since it's over saturated. I'm afraid it's going to be a slow prolonged death not unlike Sega.

  • http://adamsimmersive.com Adams Immersive

    sHRinking, not sinking, I think. And that's in the long term. Consoles in some form have a very long life ahead of them, but they'll be just one piece of the gaming picture. Disclosure: I don't game on consoles. (I have no objection, but Mac FPS games and iOS for strategy and casual seem to fill the bill for me.)

    I do envision Oculus Rift (or the like) becoming a self-contained game machine—which I'd buy in a heartbeat! (I don't want to stick my phone in an awkward frame that only works with a couple models and lacks the necessary GPU power, and I don't want a cable--nor laggy wireless--tethering my head to a Mac or PlayStation.) But I don't know if we'll call that a "console" even if it essentially will be.

  • eventide

    Konami and Squeenix haven't been relevant to consoles since the 90s...maybe early 2000s

  • muttso1o

    Just like PC gaming is dead...
    They have been saying this since the turn of the century, meanwhile every major title that has not been a platform exclusive has been released. And the indie scène is flourishing. So while the konami's of this would might seem to matter, they only matter in asia. Japanese dev and publishers have been struggling for years to get their games released in the west. So no wonder they are focussing on mobile, that market is a bit bagger atm.

  • http://twitter.com/JaredTA Jared Nelson

    Interesting how so many comments here are shouting "Consoles aren't dying!" but nowhere in the article did anyone ever say anything about that.

    • Rennerd

      No, only the title. ;P

    • OldSchoolHeel

      "Are Consoles Slowly Sinking?" That's the title for this article. Couple this with this quote "mobile is where the future of gaming lies." and it's easy to see why the comments are the way they are.

      • http://twitter.com/JaredTA Jared Nelson

        Posing a question is not the same as making a statement. The author did not say "consoles are dying" and the quote you reference was made by the head of Konami.

      • apolloa

        The author implied that was the topic of this article with cleverly twisted word suggestions... don't try to say otherwise.

      • http://twitter.com/JaredTA Jared Nelson

        I don't have to try to do anything. The words are all right there. If you're for whatever reason reading something between the lines that isn't there, then that is on you.

      • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

        Maybe it's a test to see who read the article and who raced to the comments to get mad because of the headline. 😉

      • OldSchoolHeel

        Typically, posing a question in a headline is a way to get the reader to think in those terms. It immediately gives the article the connotation of the question. It's a prompt to think in a certain way.

        I am aware that the quote is from Hideki Hayakawa. The quote seems to be the reason that the question is in the headline. That, and the article written about Square Enix, recently.

      • iAjent

        Unless it's rhetorical. In which case it is a statement. Coupled with the picture of the 'rats abandoning a sinking ship' (which the author definitely did put in the article themselves, and which cannot be blamed on Konami) it is pretty clear what the tone of the article implies. Also, again, coupled with the previous articles that seem to insinuate the whole flawed 'console death' theory.

  • InTheAir

    Once console gamers finally see the news, I guess all I'm to look at is the thousands of comments.

    • AdamBoy64

      Oh man, the reactions on the web are priceless.
      If you go digging, make sure you've got popcorn at the ready.

      I went to one site, here's an overview of the comments:

      - People calling the interview fake
      - @#*$@ hate cell phone games
      - Konami can eat $#*$
      - F&*! this, F&*! that
      - Hope you burn, Konami.
      - People who think this will happen are morons.
      - ... they'll make plenty of money off 'idiot casuals'
      - Konami are dead to us.
      - They don't care about us anymore.
      - Bunch of corporate pricks.
      - Mobile is the place for failing publishers.
      - This guy (as in, the CEO) doesn't know what he's talking about.
      - Konami doesn't have a clue what they're doing / these guys are terrible at business.

      Some of it's pretty hilarious.

  • baldeagle86

    I think konami is just sinking

    • yomachaser

      Into piles of cash?

  • Anonomation

    No, console gaming isn't going down for a LOOOOOONG time. The reason mobile gaming revenue is so high is because people are not only budging in all the Nintendo stuff (which is considered mobile gaming) like Pokemon and the 3DS with the millions of dollars being spent on crap like Candy Crush and freemuim city builders that people REFUSE to see the pointlessness and drag in like Clash of Clans.

    It's Konami that is the problem. As many know they have recently cancelled SILENT HILLS, which I'm pretty sure caused some drops in sales according to the outburst in anger. Let me ask you this- When was the last time you bought a Konami game and when have you ever heard any one REALLY talking about it? We all know the answer to this.

  • McBlink

    GTFO with that title. You know consoles aren't sinking.

  • Nergal

    Why make quality games when you make major bank with a "pay to play" ( insert popular title here) POS? Hurrah for Konami

    • Quazonk

      Hell yeah Behemoth *black metal scream*

  • Zeillusion

    No they are not. It's insane how much they've grown and are selling.

  • AdamBoy64

    IGN states a few more quotes from the interview,

    "Gaming has spread to a number of platforms, but at the end of the day, the platform that is always closest to us, is mobile."

    Looking at sales figures of consoles and console games in Japan over the past couple of years, it doesn't come as too much of a surprise.

    I still think we'll see a few more console titles from them yet, although they also state they're actively looking to push those to mobile.

  • stelluhreyesthis

    Notice these are Japanese developers. Not all of the console devs are doing this. As a fan of Japanese and western games I can tell you Japanese devs have been fighting to remain relevant in a world where the western audience is now being catered to by people who are from the west and Japanese audiences shift to mobile. With console sales better than THEY HAVE EVER BEEN, I doubt this means the end of consoles, what this is a sign of is how difficult it has become for Japanese devs to tap into a western audience like they used to before we had so many western rpg makers/devs/publishers. I don't know if the headline is to rouse up discussion or if people still can't see that these two platforms can and will coexist as a new generation adapts to loving both.

  • PoloBaquerizoH

    Konami is sinking fast not consoles Pc consoles are the real future.

  • anada

    Toucharcade with the click bait titles again, and look how well it worked

  • gblogic

    Consoles won't totally die out because there will always be hardcore gamers who'd rather play on a device specifically built just for games rather than a mobile device that can play games.

  • Praymettin

    Consoles are not going down, the greed of individual companies drag them down. Games shouldn't be made by people who loves money more than games. They constantly talk about revenues, profit, business model... Which all mean that their only aim is just to earn more money which is understandable, but that is the very reason we are getting soulless sequels, copied ideas and this fraudmium trash. They will lose money and go down eventually with a mindset like this one. When huge, gnarly old trees are cut, forest floor will get some light and burst new sprouts... It is like history, repeats itself. Remember Atari...

    • http://twitter.com/JaredTA Jared Nelson

      I don't understand why so many people confuse "greed" for "wanting to stay in business." Game development costs have risen exponentially with every generation, and are only going to keep rising. Yet gamers refuse to pay more for games, and scoff at the idea of paid DLC or expansions. The bottom is going to drop out eventually, its unsustainable.

      • worldcitizen1919

        To me greed is consumables. I am all for paying for extra chapters, content, sequels etc but against consumables & timers.

      • iAjent

        It's been said numerous times. It's the £79.99 consumables that are indicative of greed. How does such a high cost IAP represent true value? Even when value is subjective, it is surely hard to argue how a game like Candy Crush/ Clash of Clans represents true universal value when you spend multiple IAP amounts when compared to a premium console title with a one of £39.99 cost.

        Paywalls and gameplay barriers only further enhance this sense of greed. I know it isn't fair to tar all F2P games with the same brush, but this is certainly true of the majority.

  • DuckingGold

    OOoooh, another buzzfeed type headline for a pretty worthless article.

  • Grummie

    Lol mobile gaming will never dominate simply put, I am someone who plays of form of games and I don't see a mobile as a go-to platform of my choice. If I have my ps4 available at home I prefer that

  • worldcitizen1919

    Im willing to pay good money for good games free of crap such as timers but I can only find these sorts of games on consoles. One of Gameloft's games to get all the cars would cost close to $3,000 but on consoles you get full games for way less. Gameloft's games are not worth more than $20 yet there's $3,000 possible purchases why?????? GREED!! No game us worth that much yet devs like this filled with lust for money want an endless bottomless pocket. It is these companies which ruin gaming no they are not on struggle street either just plain greedy.

  • Nightxx

    If everyone had access to a computer back in the days console games shouldn't even exist in the first place. The only reason consoles grew popular cause they were fairly cheap compared to buying a computer.

    And I quite agree mobile is the future of gaming like it or not.

  • Mekklesack

    Consoles are dead. Denial by some is dangerous, denial is not just a river in Egypt. and do you know what else is dead? Arcades. Also gaming has teetered on the brink of death before remember Atari? Nintendo is great but they're no longer blowing up the spot in an over priced console market. Console games are a money vortex, companies were forced to merge or close doors which has been happening weekly in the past decade. And can you tell me what hot new ground breaking franchises you're excited for on console platforms? I'm sure that number is painfully small. Also, Steam is a thing...

    • Mekklesack

      Jus' sayin'

    • Mekklesack

      Oh that and Indy-games were born on PC and mobile long before iPhone became a thing. Neglected by large console developers these Mavericks are taking up shelf space not just on mobile shops but in GameStop on big budget consoles. Pixelated box art on XBox one and PS4 shelves mocking your expensive purchase. They pollinate the scene with their presence and personal visions, although I'll puke if I see another huge pixelated blow-job to the Legend of Zelda but these guys are alright.

      • Mekklesack

        And a majority if not the whole Indy scene neglects minorities (no longer women though)... If you pay attention you should know what happens when you neglect people...

  • Mekklesack

    ... Oh and anyone who makes the Angry Birds analogy about the success of mobile games, they do have a movie in production you know, with Jason Sedakis, and Peter Dinklage etc... Mobile games do just fine, until the next technological revolution to play games on. Arcades are done, consoles are done.. It's over guys... Sheesh, what about Game of War and their celebrity on lock down? Money is not an issue for these guys making money on consoles sure is though, just ask the companies forced to merge or close up shop week to week over the past decade. Wake up!!!

  • Mekklesack

    Mobile Master Race! We did something even PC couldn't do (legally) we got... Nintendo..... Well actually... We both have Nintendo, now... BUT IT WAS US THAT DROVE THEM TO IT!!! Bwaaaa ha ha haaaaa!!!

    • Mekklesack

      *Dons black turtle neck*

  • William Perdomo

    Most developers want thier games on console instead of pc and it will be aways like that. For example rock star

  • fenderbendr

    I don't want to play console games on a small iPhone screen. Most iphone games Just can't interest me for more than a minute.

  • Serenityinaz12

    two companies now considered pretty big jokes in the gaming world now. They can be my guest going to mobile completely - and boy it sure gives me confidence knowing Square Enix is going to make mobile their main home! They are doing such a great job at maintaining their already existing mobile games! LOL!

    • AdamBoy64

      I see that they're considered jokes by some gaming websites in the West.. I don't think it bothers them though.

      Shareholders are probably more worried about financial returns.