Who doesn't love Tron lightcycles? It's one of those things that could perhaps be described as a classic 'game', but it's something that's been adapted so much from the original arcade Tron that many people likely know lightcycles' mechanics without having played that original game. And many games have taken inspiration from it, too. Retroburn's Positron is one of those games, and they're bringing this lightcycle-inspired game to mobile as well as Steam, hopefully soon. Confirmed in a recent tweet over the weekend, Positron will deliver maze-centric lightcycle action. Check out some of the game in action here:

You'll be exploring a maze, trying to make it to the goal while also reacting to oncoming walls, finding the right paths, and avoiding the hazard of your own light trail left behind you. There's a year-old PC demo version if you're curious to see what you might have here. The game has existed as an Xbox Live Indie Game in a past life, but Steam and mobile will be getting an improved version. This seems intriguing enough to keep an eye on, and hopefully it's out soon!

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  • jgeirge

    Looks cool enough. I've always enjoyed light bikes, but never found a quality experience.

    • swarmster

      BeamWars for the old Mac OS is still the best, IMO. Hard Lines is a vague approximation on iOS.

      • V for Viennetta

        Just had a look at the video on TA for Hard Lines - it looks fun, but, isn't available from the UK AppStore. Why was I born English, not American?

  • grammatonfeather

    I'm really starting to detest these twitch games that depend on fast reactions and nothing else. This is technically a nice looking game but that's where it ends. There's no imagination. No attempt at introducing gameplay and reward elements.

    One crash and the game ends. There is never any reward, never any relief from that one breakneck speed. No incentive to continue.

  • V for Viennetta

    The best light bike game I've found on the AppStore so far is LightBike 2. It's a game I keep going back to even though it's been around for quite a while.

  • LordShad0wz

    I'm getting agitated just watching the video. I guess it's not for me lol. The original light cycle game had you beating opponents. This game is just go fast, crash, reset. Go fast, crash, reset. It's just trial and error. Nothing else?