Foursaken Media's got our forums – and some of us on staff here at TA – all in a tizzy with Heroes and Castles 2. The scope of the game is looking absolutely absurd, the visuals are looking impressive, but will it be a good game? Well, you're going to find out soon enough: May 14th is when Heroes and Castles 2 launches worldwide. This genre mashup of action-RPGs, strategy gameplay, and good ol' castle defense has had our forums going wild in anticipation, and soon they'll get to see if their anticipation is worth it.

There's going to be massive battles with countless soldiers to fight, massive enemies to take down, all with your own hero and castle to customize and upgrade. Oh, and there's going to be cooperative multiplayer, this isn't just a solo affair. Plus, there's high-resolution assets for the latest devices, and iCloud support for those of you with iPhones and iPads. Foursaken Media definitely knows how to make solid games with large scopes – Phantom Rift [$0.99] provides a ton of gameplay, and Puzzle to the Center of the Earth [Free] had a lot to do as well. May 14th can't come soon enough.

  • Kugiro


  • Maglor

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  • Samurix16

    To bad it does not work on iPod touch 5

    • Based Xatu

      Can you name any recent games that do?

      • Anonomation

        Flappy Bird Reloaded

    • Foursaken Media

      It is compatible with iPod Touch 5... it will not however, be compatible with iPhone 4 (it will run, but its performance will be too poor to officially support it). So, requirements are iPhone 4s+, iPod touch 5+, and iPad 2+

  • Amenbrother

    Witcher 3 comes out around then though....

    • redribbon

      may 19th, but i got my pre order earlier on may 15th. that will be my game of the year on console(if uncharted 4 does not come out this year). so, amen brother 😀

      • Amenbrother

        Don't forget Batman the month after too.

      • Catacul

        Phantom Pain > The Witcher 3 & Uncharted 4

      • redribbon

        everyone is entitled for their own opinion 🙂

  • rbates

    Loved the first one, can't wait!

    • Zero Ehxe


  • Luciano1084

    Cooperative multiplayer, that's pretty awesome

  • GreenAlex96

    That's nice, but I wish the release date was yesterday XD

  • Zeillusion

    Can't wait!

  • BrothaMann

    As a beta tester who put in maybe 50 hours.. I can assure you this game is something else. Its like Lord of the Rings grand battles in your pocket 🙂 It has several areas where they've improved on the first. Theyve increased available units, made a whole item system with armors, weapons, added a land conquering system etc. All that is public knowledge, but bears repeatIng.

    Can't wait to play again in a couple weeks and can't wait for others to play it... I feel it's one of the most unique gaming experiences I've had in 28 years of nerding out ha!

    Well I actually have to wait but don't want to 😀

    • GGiosGod

      Kid... This is the best in it's category of a tower defense game

  • Reydn


  • chombiekay

    I've purchase hundreds of iOS games, spent thousands of dollars and I think this is probably the only one that stayed on my phone for more than a year. My favorite.