Super_Mario_64_box_coverThe internet was on fire this morning when it was revealed that Unity developer Erik Roystan Ross posted a playable version of Super Mario 64 HD built in unity that runs inside your browser, provided you've got the Unity plugin installed, of course. It's a bit of a tech demo to showcase his Unity tool Super Character Controller which is a collection of functions that make animating characters easier. How easy? Well, easy enough to throw together the first level of Super Mario 64.

The cool part about being a Unity project is that Unity is super portable, which is why you see so many developers using it these days. The same project used to make Mario run around in your browser window with a little help from James Fietcher from Mobot who converted it into an iPhone project and added basic virtual controls resulted in Super Mario 64 HD running on my iPhone 6:

Now keep in mind this is nothing more than a fan-made tech demo with a little massaging from another developer with some spare time this afternoon, it's not any kind of sign of anything to come from Nintendo with their new partnership with DeNA... However, it does do a great job to whet your appetite of what could be possible, if Nintendo decided to go in that direction, anyway.

Fingers crossed someone from Big-N sees this and thinks, "Hey, we need to do that," but... I'm not holding my breath.

  • Anonomation


  • Jake7905

    If NBA Jam can get updated, then anything is possible.

    • Dailon Huskey

      I've been waiting for it to get pulled from the store like TWEWY.
      EA actually did something right!

  • Jay G

    If Big-N sees this, it will more likely think "Cease & Desist!"

    • Kedens

      That's the unfortunate truth... I Understand the need to keep interest in their hardware which is driven primarily with their 1st party IP.. But I don't see any risk here for old games... More people would buy them on mobile than on the virtual console and anyone that wants can already emulate.... People love these games and stuff like this and the huge emulator community prove that there is demand for such things... Certainly enough to make it viable. The first steps have been made so I'll keep my fingers crossed

      • Kedens

        Edit: I meant: "people love these (Nintendo's) games. Stuff (Projects) like this and the huge emulator community prove the demand"

  • rezn

    Cool treat. My kids are ripping around on the one level now.

  • falco

    How can I play this on my iPhone 6 ?

  • falco

    how do you make it work on iPhone 6, I would like to try the demo. Do I have to download something unity web player ?

    • Themostunclean

      It's not a demo. If you read the article you'll see that he had help from someone who converted it to an iPhone project. They're not using the browser plugin. Unless you or someone you know have experience in iOS and Unity development, you're not going to get this to run on your phone.

      • falco

        Oh k thank you

      • Themostunclean

        No problem. I'd have loved to try it out on my iPhone too.

  • C. Stubb

    How does one install the Unity plugin?

    • Bliquid

      One does not simply
      Install Unity plug- in.

      • C. Stubb

        Haha...but seriously. Anyone have a more helpful answer?

      • Fooruman

        Unfortunately, it was a good answer.

        You can't just install the Unity plugin for mobile Safari like you'd install it for a desktop web browser; mobile Safari just doesn't support extensions like that.

        Unless you have your own license for the Unity tools and have some knowledge of iOS development, you probably aren't going to get this running on your iPhone. However, I wouldn't be surprised if someone saw this and decided to take it upon themselves and release a build of this demo on Cydia or another jailbreak-only App Store, which would in theory be entirely plausible.

        Sorry it's not the answer you (or I) were likely hoping for, but it's true - one does not simply install the Unity plugin for mobile Safari.

    • jamesgecko

      On PC or Mac? Open the game's web player and click the install icon. On iOS? Can't.

      • C. Stubb

        This video would imply that installing on iOS -is- possible...

  • Devok

    Can't find it in the App Store!

    • Majojora'sMaskFan

      It's not on

  • matyou98

    Eli did you switch from a 6+ to a regular 6, or do you have both models?

  • matyou98

    Way better framerate than n64. Looks super nice.

  • Joshua

    It's sad the only way to play your old favorites videos games you have to hack it! Companies should to do like a time frame like did with BioShock after 4 or 5 years release it with multi platform.

    • Fletcher

      Not that I don't get what your saying but in this case Mario 64 is available both remastered for DS (great port) and for virtual console on wii or wii u in its pure original form. If you like the classics a wii u is a must. I think nintendo does an amazing job at keeping the classics alive.

  • SolarShane13

    Why iOS? Why not Android and just upload an APK so everyone could play it?

  • cimota

    Nice to see it ported - my 10 year old downloaded the Unity project and got it exported to Mac and Windows (to share with his friends) in minutes.

    If you don't have Unity dev experience, then get some. Then you can make this run on any hardware you have (they support 21 platforms).

    And he'd risk immense fines if he put this out to others, especially on an app store.