Those sneaky Angry Birds, they almost slipped this one by us. Early yesterday morning, Rovio unleashed Angry Birds Stella POP! [Free] onto the world at large after a soft-launch period which began in late January. Angry Birds Stella POP! is a bubble shooter not totally unlike Bust-a-Move/Puzzle Bobble, but probably more closely aligned with something like King's Bubble Witch 2 Saga [Free]. It utilizes the characters and settings of the latest Angry Birds spinoff series, Angry Birds Stella [Free].

So if you ever found yourself saying "You know, I love bubble shooter games, but they totally need more Angry Birds in them" then you'll want to run–not walk–to your nearest App Store and download Angry Birds Stella POP! immediately. I am actually a long-time bubble shooter fan and could never really get into the Bubble Witch Saga games, so I'm actually interested to see how this one turned out. For more on the game, be sure to hit up the thread in our forums.

  • worldcitizen1919

    Perfectly suited for an iPhone 6+ but I can't give it any marks for an ipad. In portrait mode I found holding the ipad trying to play this awkward and heavy. I think if they could have made it in landscape for ipad it would have been ideal on my lap, also the graphics looked just like an iPhone graphics blown up on the ipad.

    • dancj

      Having to play portrait is a real negative mark against iPad games for me.

  • Jeremy Price

    I was just saying the other day that I miss Snood.

  • Bliquid

    Aren't game titles getting longer?

  • Stormourner

    once you pop, you can't stop

  • Nightxx

    Infesting AB in every game in every possible way. If they don't start innovating instead of blatantly ripping off other games I can clearly see their downfall in the mobile industry.