taapplewatchFor what seemed like forever people had been speculating about Apple making some kind of smartwatch. Last September, alongside the unveiling of the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Apple also officially introduced their entry into the world of wearable tech with a watch that was simply called Apple Watch. Or Watch if you're feeling fancy. (That little  symbol is the option+shift+k keyboard command in case you were curious.) While Apple dished out what the Apple Watch looked like and some of its major features at that September event, there were still plenty of questions left, and a ton of speculation has followed in the months since. Today Apple held yet another event, covering a wide variety of topics but mainly focusing on the Apple Watch, and now we have even more answers than we did before.

However, one big question is how much gaming will play a part in the world of the Apple Watch. I mean, I think it was always a given there would be games of some sort on the platform, but the tiny size of the screen and the fact that it's strapped to your wrist left questions of how practical it actually would be to game on the Apple Watch. What we have here is a look at four games which have been announced for the Apple Watch.

BlastBall Duo

BlastBall DUO - 3 watches

Based on the same puzzle mechanic found in their newest iOS release BlastBall MAX [Free], developer Monkube has adapted the game for the smaller Apple Watch screen and dubbed it BlastBall Duo. The "duo" refers to the multiplayer nature of the game, as this is a 1v1 multiplayer game. The gameplay uses the same make-5-in-a-row with moving board pieces that the bigger BlastBall MAX uses, but condensed down to Apple Watch size. BlastBall Duo should be available sometime in Q2 of this year.

Elementary Minute

Developer Klemens Strasser is also adapting his larger iOS game Elementary Minute [$0.99] for the Apple Watch. Elementary Minute is a fast-paced quiz game that has you determining whether the statements or visuals it's showing you onscreen are correct or incorrect. You simply swipe in a direction to give your answer, making this something that should translate well to the Apple Watch. Look for Elementary Minute in time for the Apple Watch launch on April 24th.

Hatchi - A Retro Virtual Pet


Hatchi [$0.99] has been around for a few years now, and totally nails the look and feel of those old LCD virtual pets that were all the rage in the late '90s. Now with the Apple Watch, your Hatchi will live on your wrist as well as your iOS device. Developer Portable Pixels says the Apple Watch version will arrive as an update to Hatchi following the launch of the device, and will be free for all current Hatchi owners. Because apparently that's something you can do? Cool.


As we first learned back in January, Nimblebit's upcoming game Letterpad will also be available on the Apple Watch. Letterpad is a word game that's somewhat similar to Nimblebit's previous Textropolis, in that your goal is to make as many words as possible from a certain selection of letters. In the case of Letterpad, you're given a grid of 9 different letters and must make as many words as you can on the topic given. No specific release date has been given for either the iOS or Apple Watch versions of Letterpad, but we'll let you know when we hear more.

  • Chq

    The screen is too small for games.

    • homosaur

      You do know people made games for the mono Nokia phones, right? Someone will do it.

      • Guest

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    • Sven Van de Perre

      Well, we where thinking the same thing. But we re-created an Apple Watch image on our iPhones, to playtest early versions of BlastBall DUO. It has the exact real life size of an Apple Watch. And it plays very well.
      That said, most game types will not work on Apple Watch. But some will, and we're guessing there will be true classics only found on Apple Watch as well.
      The Apple Watch platform, ANY platform actually, with whatever constraints it has, can have great games. As long as game designers don't shoehorn stuff into it, but use it's restrictions to make something that's a perfect fit.

      • mindseyes

        Also the games will control and work with Bluetooth and more with our phones like bowling say flick the ball on the watch screen goes to your iPhone like that golf game shown recently on TA. So many others ways it can a controller in someway for iPhones .

      • mindseyes

        Also the watch is meant To go with iPhone ? So it will just be part of games and gaming

      • mindseyes

        So weird it's so quickly shot down to be a gaming device is weird ? Screen size isn't everything never hurt to be and inch shorter in other areas??

      • mindseyes

        Ya think we get bigger phones now smaller screens don't work lol. But what's funny is iPhone 4 seems way to small to me now lol for some games .. So I understand only small games will work on the watch .

      • http://www.deltaattack.com/ Fade to Slack

        Well, in fairness, a lot of people are down on it as a device. I'm in that category of people who loves his iPhone but thinks the Apple Watch is stupid.

        I need a phone. I can live without a watch that plays games and needs recharged everyday.

    • shakunetsu

      128x128 , 178x206 there still games on it. some do had amazing ports. there are also tiger electronics watch games before

    • curtisrshideler

      About the same size as my old Motorola V400 flip phone's screen. I played dozens of games on that phone. Don't know if I'll pay $350 for a watch that I need an expensive phone to use, but if I do, I definitely want a few games on it.

  • HarryWarden

    No interest at all in the Apple Watch.

    • unlimitedfury

      Interested enough to tell people about it?

      • PallaZ

        Interested in sharing his opinion. Problem?

      • Railgun

        Interested in helping moderate opinions between those other two?

  • rodjosselyn

    I agree with the small screen with the games, but I like the health features, the calling and of course the Mickey Mouse clock background. I laugh at the gold watch costing $10,000 dollars. If I do get the watch it will be more for the calling features and health part!

  • http://adamsimmersive.com Adams Immersive

    I'm contemplating making a trivia game. One question per hour (or whatever schedule you set)--a quick mini-break, and a running total of your score, and no lengthy awkward usage required.

  • http://AGameAWeek.com/ James Gamble

    If anyone wants to send me an AppleWatch (I also don't own an iPhone, so if it's not going to work with my iPad, I'll need an iPhone, too!) then I'll get right onto making SpikeDislike Jr for AppleWatch!!


    • http://www.Indieflashmob.com/ Trent

      Oh gosh, I would send you all the apple things... but I already have SpikeDislike Jr on my Pebble 🙂

  • dingdongfootball

    I really like playing games on my iPhone 6 screen because you know the size and graphics are great and big and I don't have to squint.

  • http://www.Indieflashmob.com/ Trent

    Make that 5. Rules! by TheCodingMonkeys (makers of the fantastic Carcassonne and Lost Cities apps) was shown on the WatchAppStore right next to to the banner for Instagram

  • Jim Shorts

    I don't wear a watch... if I wanted to know what time it is I'd check my iPhone.

  • http://mobotstudios.com/ Fletcher

    I hope hearthstone comes to Apple watch.

    • kaan


    • Bliquid

      I was hoping for Vain Glory.

    • Der-Kleine

      And after that they just have to port XCOM to it!

    • Mess


    • TheNoobOfTheCentury

      San andreas

  • jamesgecko

    Threes is probably the best fit for such a small screen. Imprecise directional swipes control the entire board.

    • Defcubusal

      Threes was the first thing that came to me.

  • MostOne

    Hearthstone that's what

  • bigred447uk

    I hope they make a tiny little MFI controller that clasps the watch and is fully functional with one hand. The watch could track your nose for joystick input whilst your right hand simply manipulated the buttons.

    Then, next gen, we get Occulus Watch!

  • Sven Van de Perre

    Now if only the TA guys would also take a look at BlastBall MAX (or maybe they are and we don't know. Either way, the uncertainty is killing us 😀 )

    • 61050

      i think ta should perhaps focus on updating the phone app first. as much as i liked ios 6, it isnt 2012 anymore.

  • Big Papa

    Coming soon, to an iWatch near you.... "Modern Combat: Zero Fun"

  • Bliquid

    Well, would be fun to see ppl playing Bitcoin Billionaire on it.

  • spokentruths772

    Lol at apple and the people who are already waiting in line for this mess....this is ridiculous

  • spokentruths772
  • worldcitizen1919

    $300 upwards for a watch that has to be charged every 24 hrs is absurdly ridiculous and a step backwards. Apple are flaunting the looks and aesthetics more than their usefulness and it's because they're quite useless. An iPhone in your pocket is a much better alternative. Are they shock proof and rainproof? It may be a little more convenient but at what expense? I don't want to be charging my watch everyday. For me a $10 watch will give me what a $300 watch can't - years of unlimited time telling without the utter nuisance of charging it everyday. Ridiculous idea.

    • Chumbake

      Have you used a smart watch? I've been using one for a couple years now (Pebble) and it's great. I don't have to charge it every night but find myself doing it regularly. As someone with experience, the battery life will not be a set back for most people.

      Also, It may sound ridiculous to you but I would hate to go back to not getting texts and notifications on my wrist. I get what you're thinking. That's stupid. It's easy to pull your phone out and look. But think of it as those who now think the iPhone 4 screen is small. It would've sounded ridiculous to say I don't want a screen that small when it first came out. But people think it now.

      • Bliquid

        I think your experiences and impressions aren't stupid at all.
        I guess having access to your infos with a quick glance at your wrist is is a subtle change to the way you fo things in your life.
        About the price, it is steep.
        But Apple watch is not for tech geeks ( i mildly count myself in the category), is a fashion accessory/watch first and foremost, and as such it is aiming to a different target than the ppl here.
        Arguably, most of the ppl buying Apple products are not doing it for the cutting edge technology.
        They are doing it because of the smooth and intangible user experience.
        Apple Watch is gonna be that, i guess, and even though i find myself silly in writing this, i do think is gonna change owners way of life sligthly.
        Also, every time i take out my phone to check the time i do every kind of things BUT checking the time...

  • Taeles

    I remember somewhere on the App Store there being a zombie survival game that gave resources based on your walking distances or jogging. A iPad iphone linked to watch app would compliment that nicely

    • Sven Van de Perre

      This is something we've been thinking about too. Having extra's in our games, that are only available when you surpass a certain threshold of activity. I'm a Nike Fuelband user myself. Giving people a free reward for being healthy seems like massive amounts of good karma.

    • isana

      I remember that. Used to have it on my iPod until I started turning into a lazy office lady. That was fun and would be perfect for the Watch.

  • Anonomation

    I can get two Samsung Galaxy Tab 4's for that much.

    • homosaur

      Maybe if you get enough that someone will produce a piece of software for them.

  • Schpank

    One small device for Games, one giant leap (backward) for Gamekind.

  • Anonomation

    No comment on ios 8.2 yet

  • falco

    Of course, its not for gaming if you don't need a watch we should just move on and ignore it. The world of gaming will not end because of apple watch!

  • Press2Play

    Can i watch movie on it or does it have a clock mode?

    • curtisrshideler

      Sounds weird, but if I could tap on a VUDU app or even MLB or MLS app and watch a movie trailer or a highlight or two while I wait in line, I might do it. BUT then again, Apple already let's me do that on my phone. So, maybe if I get the watch as a gift... But don't know if I can justify getting it otherwise. Still use my Suunto watch and Ironman watch.

  • vanguy79

    It's a matter of time before someone created an Apple Watch game equivalent of "Tag You're It" using the Haptic feedback mechanism.

  • I-Am-Boss

    I just don't see the point of this thing. Just pull out your phone - you'll need to have it with you anyway, so why not actually USE that massive screen and powerful professor? Why spend hundreds more just to devolve the phone into an even less informative and user-friendly screen?

    • Morgan01

      Maybe for the "cool" factor? So someone can say "Ooo...look what I got!" Just seems like a waste, but I'm sure people will find a reason to disagree.

  • JosephWelke

    Hodappy Bird. Killer app.

  • Stormourner

    I know the screen is tiny but I wanna play Classic Doom on Apple Watch

  • FledgeFish

    Fingers crossed for disco zoo!

  • Railgun

    I'm waiting for the GTA Vice City port.