Along with their upcoming Guardian Stone, Toast and NHN Entertainment are working on a hack-and-slash game called The Soul. Here, you control a warrior who uses souls they collect as abilities in battle. Up to four can be equipped and deployed in combat, with different effects and recharge times for each, as you fight through waves of enemies, a la Dynasty Warriors. And the comparison is apt, because the game takes place in the era of Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Check out some hands-on video below:

One of the cool things about the game is its auto-battle mode. You have full control of your character, but can turn on the auto-battle mode, and they'll run around and attack enemies and collect loot. You have to deploy your soul abilities manually, but you can take control of movement temporarily or disable it on the fly. It's a pretty neat system that can help out for people who want part of the game to be automated to have that. And with loot collection being handled as well, it seems like hardly a dumb option. There are plenty of hack-and-slash games on the App Store, but this seems like a solid entry to keep an eye on over the coming months.

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  • coolpepper43

    I now know the voice of true evil!

    • myrtle0942

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  • Based Xatu

    Just once, it would be nice to have a mobile equivalent to Diablo or torchlight. I thought it would be iesabel, but nope.

    • Amenbrother

      Dungeon Quest is close.

      • Based Xatu

        Dungeon quest is a great game, but the combat is so dull. It boils down to loot and stats on that game. I would like to see an iesabel like game but with combat and animations similar to taichi panda.

  • Anonomation


    • HippoHumper

      No no no, it's "Your soul is MINE!!!!"

  • FootSoldier

    Damn! This really looks good.

    • Kizmatti

      I thought it looked awful. NPC's stood there doing nothing while the guy mowed them down. I don't think the guy got hit even once thru that video.

      • bilboad

        It did mostly look like it was on easy mode. Only the last boss in green seemed to put up any fight.. Hopefully it was just set on Easy so the guy could demo it while talking, and the real game will be harder, because it does look very nice.

  • chaos_envoys

    Anyone know if this game requires internet or not? I hope not....