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GDC 2015: Toast’s ‘Guardian Stone’ Lets Cherubs and Succubi Fight Side-by-Side

NHN Entertainment’s Toast brand is releasing a new free-to-play RPG, entitled Guardian Stone. In this game, you command your hero and a team of guardians in battle, fighting enemy encounters, leveling up your guardians, collecting and crafting new loot, and trying to make your way through the world. Guardians have different rarities, and come in a variety of types: you can fight with flying cats and cherubs alongside a succubus, so to say. If they can fight, they can fight. Check out a hands-on video of the game from GDC:

What I like is that the combat allows for totally manual control of the fighters and enemy targeting. It feels like too many games have auto-battling, which is handy for inexperienced players but can be used to inconvenience experienced players as the games may use inefficient battling strategies. Guardian Stone allows you to use auto-battling, but you have a choice. Expect a soft launch in a month or so, with worldwide launch a few weeks after that.