Game Oven's Jelly Reef, the last game they're making, was demoed to us at GDC 2015. This may seem quite different from something like Fingle [$1.99 (HD)], and that's because Bojan Endrovski, the team's main programmer, took point on designing the game from the original student version that was created. This is a roguelike-inspired game, where you create currents in the ocean to move a sea of jellyfish around, keeping them from harm from the other sea creatures.

The roguelike aspect comes in with the levels and map being procedurally generated. Each level is a hexagon, and the exit you make it to will lead you along the path in the world's hex grid. Real game! You can interact with some things in the world, but mostly you're just trying to manipulate the currents to keep the jellies safe. This one is hopefully releasing by the end of March.

  • RoboWarrior

    Has the artwork change? Maybe it's only the first few levels but the artwork seems different from earlier articles posted about this game.

    • Bojan Endrovski

      Hey @toucharcade-48f9b10dd78f8326e86fc2a905d2fdd7:disqus, we've used the concept art as a guideline as much as possible, but somethings were simply not possible to generate in the game. Also, we are still hard at work with all the plant life in the game, so we should get even closer to the concept artwork.

  • bigrand1

    Just beautiful! I want this for sure!

  • rodjosselyn

    Nice look

    • rodjosselyn

      ...I also love the mechanics too. Funny part of the interview was when she dropped the "F-bomb by accident!

  • Zendorphin

    You got to play a CURRENT version? Jelly 😉 😛

  • evilabdy

    Love it. We really need more games that use the ocean as a backdrop. It's on my radar