The MOBA genre is one that has been proven to work on a physical level on iOS - Fates Forever [Free (HD)] and Vainglory [Free / Free] are both tons of fun. But they both require long gameplay sessions that might not be conducive to many people's lifestyles and expectations for mobile games. That's where Spacetime Studios, creators of several mobile MMOs including their latest, Arcane Legends [Free], are coming in. They've just announced their game, Call of Champions, which is a 3-versus-3 MOBA with 5-minute game sessions.

The idea for the game is that it will try to distill down MOBA mechanics into bite-size portions. There are no item shops, no minions, nor jungles. You start off with all your powers, though you can pick up powerups. You'll fight other players online in real-time with support for cross-platform multiplayer, and Spacetime's promising around 20 characters at launch with up to 40 down the road. And there will be no pay-to-win mechanics, you'll just be able to speed up the unlocking of other characters.


While other games have tried this sort of speed MOBA strategy, notably Solstice Arena [Free], it'll be interesting to see what Spacetime does. They have a track record of success with adapting big PC genres down to mobile with their MMOs. MOBAs are such big business that one game has got to finally break through and become a smash hit on mobile. We'll be seeing this game next week at GDC and be going hands-on with it.

  • Taxt2180

    What I don't get is why HoC doesn't get more recognition for it. It's not as pretty to look at or as balanced as Vainglory, but it's the most polished, fast-paced, and established one out there. Multiple game modes, events, guilds, hero bans, seasons/leagues, a plethora of heroes, etc. My problems with Vainglory are that the mechanics are too in-depth for the average gamer and the gameplay is so very slow.

    • fearlesskk

      Thats how mobas are suposed to be. Most fast paced mobas requires no skills at all and a children can beat anyone with certain heroes

  • sivad

    If I remember correctly, arcane legends f2p model was cosmetics only right? I don't remember it being p2w? Could be a decent little moba title

    • Nekku

      I wouldnt call it p2w personally but without spending real money you are very limited ex. inventory slots, auction slots, etc.
      If you want to be amongst the best players then you'll definitely have to spend real money without a doubt.
      Some people will already consider this as p2w so yeah, it's not just vanity by far.

    • speetz

      Yeah it isn't just vanity as above poster said. I have been playing off and on since launch (but never capped my single character lol... Only mmo I haven't, though not because it's not fun, it is) and with real cash you can get platinum which you can use for a lot of things. You CAN buy gear and gold, but that's really not efficient and it's mostly just pretty armor with decent stats. I just play the AH a little and have one of the most expensive pets and the best gear for my level which use to be the cap, and the gear used to cost as much as cap lvl gear but they release certain "on sale" type things for opening rare chats to bring the market down, which is smart, though makes my items worth less XD that doesn't matter much cuz I can just get new gear for cheaper also. But yeah, it's got a good freemium balance. The only ones better/as good (arguably) are darkness reborn (iOS) or one my f favorite action mmorpgs spiral knights (PC) that I can think of off the top of my head.

  • Ultima12

    Sounds terrible. I don't like the idea of "bite sized" sessions. Long intense matches are one of my favorite things about mobas. And, no shops, minions, or jungles... It'll get old after a couple matches. Vainglory still reigns supreme for me.

    • Taxt2180

      Yeah it sounds like an inherently backwards idea. MOBAs are supposed to be long and strategic, it's half the point. Solstice arena was pretty unfulfilling.

      • Ultima12

        Yeah. I think I played a grand total of 3 matches of that.

  • speetz

    I hope the combat is like action MOBAs. There is one on steam, I can't remember the name... It's dark theme, lots of characters.... Blood something? Lol if anyone remembers let me know. But I have always like MOBAs and TD titles that gve you control of your character in a similar fashion to an action RPG. I like stuff like vainglory too (tho I haven't got to play it.... Stupid iPhone 4 🙁 .... ) but I have always gotten really into games that break the mold and give you more control and character development. Though character development alone is huge for me. I don't understand why they don't have a MObA tht you just create a character, or a slew of characters within some classes like an MMO. That would be much more fun to me... But again character development lol I dunno I am rambling srry

  • scratchohey

    How many of these iOS mobas have actually succeeded? I swear you never hear about them after release.

    • InTheAir

      VG, Fates Forever, and HoC. I only play VG but those are the only iOS MOBAs I know subconsciously.

  • natesmkdwn

    To me time is a premium. I like Vain Glory but I can only play a few matches before I have to do something. This concept might just work.

  • Primoz

    Please, don't support this company. They do nothing but clone games (and then clone those cloned games), and change the payment model so it's more and more pay to win with every game. They abandon their old games; not because there is no player base, but because they simply stop updating them (which of course leads to fewer players playing). It's apparently more profitable for them to simply make a new game with a "better" F2P model than keep working on existing games.

    Don't give money to this company, they don't care about the players and simply abandon their games

  • flashbackflip

    Spacetime abandoned too many their own games to trust them on this one. Once an active fan, i kinda despise them now.