Brimstone Interactive has just announced a new turn-based tactical RPG coming soon to mobile, entitled Shadow Corps. The game is promising gameplay akin to Shadowrun, where you use action points for different attacks and abilities, navigating gridded environments, utilizing cover to take advantage of strategic advantages on enemies. While details on the gameplay are sparse beyond that – screenshots show that the game is spacebound – and just how deep the RPG elements will run, if this doesn't wind up being akin to say, XCOM rather than Shadowrun, will be revealed when the game comes out, which is planned to be soon.

Shadow Corps

The game is being made by seasoned mobile veterans, as Brimstone consists of former employees of RedLynx, Supercell, and Mountain Sheep, so there's a very interesting mobile development pedigree there. And the company says "Our mission is simple: make awesome mobile games for core gamers." Shadow Corps is planned to be free-to-play, which should be interesting as other tactical games usually come with a premium price point, so this could be an interesting entry point for a lot of folks.

  • Ubisububi

    I'd say if they are looking to make games for "core gamers," they've already failed with their free-to-play business model. Core gamers... Hah!

    • Samuli Ulmanen

      Your skepticism about this is completely understandable and it's something we've been fretting over quite a bit at the office. At Brimstone, we're all more or less old school, hardcore PC gamers at heart, so suffice to say we didn't make the decision to go F2P lightly. It probably doesn't alleviate your concerns much, but we've done all we can to design the monetization mechanics to be as fair, balanced and unobtrusive as possible, while still making financial sense to to the company.

      And yeah, we also don't like the "core gamer" moniker much, but you have to speak the same language with your customers and co-developers if you want to communicate efficiently. To us, "core gamer" means someone who actively plays games on multiple platforms, and being ones ourselves, this is the "market segment" we want to target our game to. Although it's become a pretty tired cliché these days, the "from gamers to gamers" really does apply to us. We're trying to make the best game we can for you guys!

      And as always, feel free to reply and ask away if this evokes any thoughts! And thanks for the comment!

      • Ubisububi

        I shouldn't have been so glib. I was just disappointed because I generally love these types of games and I don't like F2P. I wish the piracy rate wasn't so high for premium games but with things being what they are, I can see the draw of micro transactions. I will give it a look, especially in light of your thoughtful response.

      • Samuli Ulmanen

        No worries! On some days, I swear I've caught myself muttering very similar things and I can't honestly say I'd very pleased if, for example, Firaxis announced the next XCOM as an F2P title. We share your trepidation.

        Thanks for the reply!

  • NFCT

    Intrigued. Watch listed for future inquiry.

    • Samuli Ulmanen

      Awesome. Thanks!

  • Luciano1084


    • Samuli Ulmanen

      Yep. At Brimstone, we believe that F2P is a way of doing things that is not inherently bad. And as with any other way of doing things, F2P can be done either well or done poorly. Needless to say, we're trying to do it well.

      Thanks for the comment!

  • Dragan

    Free to pay to much i gues...

    • Samuli Ulmanen

      A years ago, I would have been right here with you, saying the exact same thing. Having spent nearly all my waking hours thinking and reading about this stuff for the past ~15 months or so, my views on the matter have evolved quite a bit.

      But to address your specific concerns: The only way spending money in Shadow Corps affects the gameplay is that you'll be able to upgrade your stuff somewhat faster, thus making the story levels a bit less challenging to you. All the levels in Shadow Corps have been designed from the ground up to be totally completable without any microtransactions. Depending on your personal skill level and tactical awareness, this might mean you'll need to grind a few more maps to level up your sniper or buy that sweet new mech armor so you can finally take down that damn pirate boss who always gets you with his rocket launcher.

      Thanks for the comment, too. All points of view are precious and valuable to us!

  • NexusInfinity

    Well color me interested. I played the firkngnggngn ghello out of shadowrun

    • Quietstorm121

      Shadowru. Was a bug ridden disaster of a game.

      • Samuli Ulmanen

        To be honest, I think Shadowrun was more an authoring tool and a level editor than a game when it was first released. It's grown to be much more than that, though. Personally, I was positively surprised about Dragonfall. Still not quite triple-A, but close!

    • Jim Shorts

      I liked Shadowrun, too.

  • baldeagle86

    I always give F2P a fair chance, so I'm excited for this!

    • Samuli Ulmanen


  • H4nd0fg0d

    Color me f'n stoked!

    • Samuli Ulmanen

      Thanks! We're pretty excited about it too! 🙂

  • tinkie277

    RedLynx also made some quality turn based games in the past. Such as Pathway to Glory and Reset Generation... It is a shame that it is free to play, but hopefully it doesn't hinder it too much.

    • Samuli Ulmanen

      We certainly hope so too!

  • Quietstorm121

    Another money hungering newb studio looking to whale a few bucks on an inferior product.

    • Samuli Ulmanen

      I'm sorry to hear you think our game is an inferior product without first trying it out. Shadow Corps will be totally free on both Android and iOS and we hope you'll give it a chance once it's released. We think you'll be positively surprised!

      • Quietstorm121

        No you're right... perhaps I was a bit hasty in dishing out an opinion without first trying the game. However, hope you'll pardon my cynicism as I've had quite unpleasant experiences with f2p in past where the games had great potential but required constant payment in order to progress or level up...and in the end the total added up to be much more than say a one-time payment of what it'd be worth. I was reluctant to quit in such scenarios because money has already been dished out and being unable to complete the game without further payments makes the experience incredibly frustrating. With that said, my initial comment was unjustified, and I do sincere hope you guys come out with a great product because the image looks great. However, it's just that there has been plenty of let downs and as all things with potential, I tend to be cynical rather than disappointed.

      • Samuli Ulmanen

        Hey, no problem. I think your position makes total sense. I think we've all been burned by games with overzealous monetization schemes and, personally speaking, I share a lot of your cynicism. Your honesty is also very much appreciated. The internet would be a better place if more people did what you just did. Thank you.

  • Jim Shorts

    I take your word for it as balanced and fair f2p... Speaking for myself, I'd gladly shell out money upfront for this type of game. I think of Antisquad Tactics... starting off f2p and then changing their tune to premium up the road, maybe too late, I'm not sure (I bought it when it went premium). F2P Rad soldiers, I downloaded and played until I decidedly removed it after about 1/2-hour play time. Dragonfall, X-COM, FF tactics (though I hate the controls) are still on my iPad currently being played through a second and third time... Regardless, good luck!! I'll give a try.

    • Samuli Ulmanen

      Thanks, Jim! There is much to be said about the - somewhat false, I think - F2P vs Premium dichotomy. Personally, I believe there are merits in both approaches. It's just that you can do different things with Premium and F2P.

      Recently, we've been toying with the idea of releasing the game for free, but having the option to basically make it Premium by purchasing a $3.99 (or whatever price it would end up) pack that removes all F2P mechanics, ads and the like. What do you think about something like that?

      • Jim Shorts

        That's perfect. Count me in! I'll probably download it, play it for about 10 minutes, realize it is exactly my type of game, and buy it.

      • Pivi

        That "3.99$ for remove f2p elements" would make me try&buy the game.

        Although I'm not sure of the psychology of f2p marketing, but I'm pretty sure an option like this will make you lose more money than if you'll stay strictly f2p, since there're weak willed and/or big walleted people out there who can't say no to f2p, thus pouring ridiculous amount of money into the game.

        Do not get me wrong, I'm totally on the side of premium games, but the world have changed, and I totally understand if a company wants to make money for a living, thus going f2p. I'm not playing f2p games, but the majority will.

      • Samuli Ulmanen

        I don't have any stats to back this up, but I i think you're probably right about potentially loosing money if we'd provide a "remove F2P elements" option. To fight this you could always just make the price higher, but that wouldn't really be fair either.

        These are the very things we're struggling with as we speak. We'd love to give the players the best gaming experience we possibly can, but many of us also have families to feed and bills to pay - bills and families that that we've totally been neglecting while putting everything we got into this project.

        Here's hoping we'll end up with the best solution in the end. For us and for you.

        Thank you for your thoughts.

      • ricogs400

        Forget what he said. You'll rake in the money with a premium "one time pay" option. haha.

        Honestly though, I will pay for a full price game and even DLC that adds something substantial like more maps (Breach and Clear) or more missions, but not to speed things up or unlock items that are already in the game to be earned reasonably.

        You sound like you're dedicated to pleasing the non-F2P gamers, so we'll see.

        Please release some gameplay videos soon. Can't wait to see them.

  • Saeedkhani

    We have 2 model of f2p :

    1- u can play free for a some time but if u want complete exprience u must pay like EA games , some gameloft games and etc...
    2- u can play free for a long time but if u want complete exprience u must play as long as u can like clash of clans , hearthstone , hayday and etc...

    Actualy i have no problem with F2p games that are in model 2 above ...

  • Brendan Charles

    Super big tactical/strategy fan! Look forward to this. Quick question for Samuli: What kind of character customizations will there be (if any) and what is the squad system like? Many thanks in advance!

    • Samuli Ulmanen

      Thanks for the question Brendan!

      Although the game will keep on evolving even after launch, the initial planned character customizations will include 3 primary stats (health, marksmanship, movement) that you can raise when you level up. At launch, we'll have 4 distinct playable character classes that all start with differently weighted stats and unique unlockable class skills. The primary stats are shared between the classes and you are free to upgrade any stat you want, making it a (semi-)classless system in that regard. The classes are designed to have different strengths and weaknesses that complement each other in various tactical situations. On top of that, each class will be proficient with different types of weapons and such. Speaking as a pen-and-paper RPG enthusiast, I would have personally loved to go even deeper, but our resources are limited and we need to get the game out sooner or later. Regardless, I think our initial release will be deeper and more tactical than pretty much anything available on iOS at the moment.

      That said, we have loads of features, improvements, content and other cool stuff up our sleeves that we'll be adding to the game as we go along. This all depends on the game's success, though. We'll keep pushing new stuff out as long as you guys keep playing.

      The squad system is pretty simple in many ways. You'll be able to freely select from 1 to 4 troopers to take part in any given mission/level. Although you can attempt to solo the levels or just pick 4 troopers of the same class, you'll quickly find that a balanced crew is the key to victory. Outside the missions, you'll be able to recruit new troopers and equip them with different weapons, armor and the like.

      I almost forgot to mention that troopers who die in the field of battle will remain dead (aka permadeath). You'll be able to take steps to lessen the impact of loosing a much loved character, but I'll not go into detail about that just yet.

      I hope that answered your questions!

      • Brendan Charles

        Sounds pretty awesome! Thanks for the answers! Really glad to hear there's elements of permadeath- that really ups the stakes on any mission.

        Are the character customizations purely stat/class/weapon based? What I mean is does each character have a different appearance? Can you change their names?

        As a fellow tabletop gamer I can tell you there's nothing more satisfying than seeing your own story play out through gameplay, instead of linear storytelling. Games like Xcom, FF Tactics, FTL, Worms, etc. are so fun to play because on top of solid game mechanics, they let you tell a story yourself through your customizations. Naming and changing the look of your characters (even just the color, etc.) goes a long way in making each play experience unique to every player.

        That's just my feedback! Can't wait to try the game out!

      • Samuli Ulmanen

        Heya! You'll definitely be able to rename your troopers.

        Cosmetic differences between characters is something we're working on (it's very art-intensive!) but I can't really say at which point we'll have it in the game. Although we have more critical systems to focus on right now, we definitely want to have full trooper customization (face, hair, gear colors, etc) at some point.

        Thanks for your two cents!