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New Studio Brimstone Interactive Announces Tactical RPG ‘Shadow Corps’

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Brimstone Interactive has just announced a new turn-based tactical RPG coming soon to mobile, entitled Shadow Corps. The game is promising gameplay akin to Shadowrun, where you use action points for different attacks and abilities, navigating gridded environments, utilizing cover to take advantage of strategic advantages on enemies. While details on the gameplay are sparse beyond that – screenshots show that the game is spacebound – and just how deep the RPG elements will run, if this doesn’t wind up being akin to say, XCOM rather than Shadowrun, will be revealed when the game comes out, which is planned to be soon.

Shadow Corps

The game is being made by seasoned mobile veterans, as Brimstone consists of former employees of RedLynx, Supercell, and Mountain Sheep, so there’s a very interesting mobile development pedigree there. And the company says “Our mission is simple: make awesome mobile games for core gamers." Shadow Corps is planned to be free-to-play, which should be interesting as other tactical games usually come with a premium price point, so this could be an interesting entry point for a lot of folks.

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