While we caught wind of at least one mobile game ad that was going to air during the Super Bowl, it turns out that three different games had ads planned for the Game of Much Consequence. Let's run them down!

Clash of Clans, Free The second of the ads to air last night, and easily the best. This one started off much like other CoC ads with the 3D animation, but eventually shows just who got crushed: Liam Neeson, going full Taken in proclaiming his revenge. Do not mess with AngryNeeson52.

Game of War - Fire Age, Free This was actually the first ad to air during the Super Bowl. Really, it wasn't much different from the other ads that have been running with the game, with the theme of "There's fire, golems, and that Kate Upton sure is pretty, isn't she? You should play our game because Kate Upton is an attractive woman." So, this one could wind up in regular rotation among the other similarly-themed ads for the game.

Heroes Charge, Free This was the last of the 3 ads to air during the Super Bowl, and the only 15 second one. uCool seems to be going for the tactic that Clash of Clans*' TV ads go for: use 3D animation with over-the-top representations of the gameplay. The ad aired late in the game, which is always a risky choice: the game could be a blowout, but you could get a game that's close that everyone's still watching, and that gamble paid off last night. Of course, after a memorable *Clash of Clans* ad in particular, how many people went to download this game right away, especially in the middle of a tense matchup?

Oh, and there were no console games advertised at all last night, in case you just hadn't fully realized how big free-to-play gaming actually is.

  • Opheus

    Lol that CoC ad is pure genius. I actually got goosebumps watching it. As for the Age of War ad, I only have two word: DEM PLOT!!!

    • Opheus

      Oops i mean Game of War

  • oscar123967

    Clash commercials are the best! Kate Upton is cool too. I mean Age of War. Or Game of War. Whatever the heck its called

  • Kenan2000

    I was surprised to see Liam Neeson in the CoC advertisement lol

  • Wizard_Mike

    The Neeson ad was pure gold. I do think the "Taken" thing is on the brink of being an overly used meme, but I'm happy to see it put to use in promoting mobile gaming.

    I don't play clash of clans (I did for a short while way back, but grew tired of it quickly because I wasn't a spender), but that ad was cool enough to almost make me want to give it another shot. Almost... lol.

    • Kenan2000

      You do not require $$ to be good+you get a lot of gems from random bushes,trees,you might even get the gem box with 25 gems in it.There are a lot of maxed out players who have not spend a single penny on the game.

      • Wizard_Mike

        Oh, I know you can do it all without money. I just got to the point where progression was so slow without spending money that I simply lost interest. Plus, I didn't find the game that compelling to begin with (simply personal taste). At least not compelling enough to spend cash on (beyond the initial starter pack or whatever they offer in the beginning that gives you an extra builder and some resources, which I did buy).

    • http://www.appfreakblog.com appfreak

      That's a really good cameo and really fitting meme. It's actually like a meme come true

  • Based Xatu

    Kate uptown reads her lines like a level 2 reader. They shouldn't let her talk anymore.

    • Wizard_Mike

      I didn't even notice she was talking. I heard there were warriors and fighting and stuff in the ad, too, but didn't notice any of that, either.

      • JhongJil

        Boooooo...... bs.

  • BaronKrause

    Drives me nuts that they spend more money making high res 3d models for the commercials then they use ingame, its not like the past where the devices couldn't render this stuff on the fly.

    • Baracus

      You are joking right? It still takes an uber-computer timespan of something like overnight to render anything like that 3D frame by frame. A long way of being able to do that in real time even on desktops. Sure dual SLI ninja PC will do some amazing stuff but it's far from the pre-rendered quality still. We need Quantum based processors to jump that gap πŸ™‚

      • BaronKrause

        it would be close enough, those models in normal rendered lighting instead of ray traced would still look 100 times better then the current ones.

  • EvilAbdy

    Justin Verlander is one lucky man lol

    • OrangeJews

      Not since September, I'd wager.

  • iAjent

    That AngryNeeson52 add. Brilliant. I don't usually like these type of mobile ads (they're normally intrusively shoved into other F2P games), but that one was brilliant.

  • cofunguy

    All of them sucked like most of the ads. Sure hope those mobile ad payers have another way of getting attention since none of them were even memorable or impressable, yes even Liam! Pretty sad and pathetic.

  • Railgun

    BOO. Garbage selling garbage.

    • Anova

      You clearly don't like free to play, but how can it be garbage if these companies will make back their combined 8 million in advertising? Obviously lots of people are having fun and paying to keep playing.

      • Guest

        Actually, I don't care about the payment model of a game. Just the content of it, the craftsmanship. Nice try though, champ.

      • Guest

        Also, I doubt they'll even make their money back when all is said and done. Ask Zynga how that goes.

      • Railgun

        You're mixed up between free-to-play and pay-to-play. It's okay, you're new.

  • evilelvis777

    Is the Super Bowl that weird rugby-like game with un-fathomable rules or is it the other one, y'know, the one that's like rounders? We have two similar games here in the UK, rugby and rounders.....

  • Durduhdur

    It seemed like the CoC one ended with it reading CoC 2? With the two arrows in the shield. I'm just being crazy though I think. I had too many hot wings. Also think I have a cheese hangover

  • Taeles

    the fun supercell has with their coc commercials reminds me of the burning crusade / lich king era of wow when they were doing are their celebrity commercials and toyota trucks attacking dragons and other hilarious things.

    love coc commercials πŸ™‚

  • anabolicMike

    Kate Upton is gorgeous..... She isn't rail thin like super models usually are for one. Oh before you freak on me I know she's pretty lean but did you see how some of those models look? Crack addicts with Anorexia.... Ewwww. Kate Upton has curves to go with that gorgeous face. So for a super model she's actually attractive. (Don't shoot me guys I know she's still skinny, my favourite celebrity girl was Kelly Clarkson! I say was because she's far to skinny now! I liked her at the beginning with those banging curves! Give me a girl with an appetite any day! Healthy! That's what I call um πŸ˜› yes I'm a wop). Oh I got off track again

    • Morgan01

      Prefer curves over anorexia any day.

  • D. Bida

    Free to play might be big but I wouldn't compare it to console games yet. With the exception of Game of War, Candy Crush and CoC, I wouldn't say they're making the close to trillions of dollars that the blockbuster console games are capable of making

    • unexpect3rd

      It would be nice if there are articles comparing the sales and profit of comparable (popularity-wise?) console games vs mobile f2p

      • D. Bida

        It sure would be interesting. I know some of the biggest console/PC games have made over a billion in sales. What their net profit is I'm not sure but still. I think I read CoC is making some $700,000 in net profit per day. IF it hangs around for 5 years it'll catch those big console games but like most of these F2P games they tend to slowly fall off a cliff. Let alone consider these games are all by different devs. That's where they couldn't come close to comparing to a video game franchise.
        Regardless, I'd still put my money on console/PC games any day of the week. While F2P is no doubt a big business right now, I can't help but think it's all a bubble just waiting to burst. The valuation of basically all these companies is a joke that none of them will truly be worth