Rubicon Development's latest entry in their Great Little War Game turn-based strategy series is still in development, and they recently posted an update on what is in the works for the title. The game has been renamed from Ultimate War Game to Best Little War Game and now to the allegedly final title Epic Little War Game. The AI for the game has been finished, though different options for each of the six factions needs to be added in. Here's a video of different AI factions fighting each other:

The factions will all boast different units and AI styles. There's a total of 47 different units in the game right now, and at least 10 more in the works. Online multiplayer is in development and mostly working, with a "Hold Ground" mode that will be about controlling flags around the maps. A tower defense variant is in the works too. This all goes along with other features like base-building, random map generation, singleplayer campaign, and more. This all sounds absurdly ambitious, but Rubicon has delivered with turn-based strategy games multiple times before, so if anyone's going to pull off the laundry list of features that Epic Little War Game is promising, it might as well be Rubicon.

Epic Little War Game

  • Zwilnik

    This one's on my automatic buy list as soon as it's out. Been enjoying all the others in the Little War Game series.

  • The kernel

    Hopefully they don't build it out like they did Combat Monsters. Thats the only Rubicon disappointment Ive ever had.

    • theundertow

      I was going to note the same...I really enjoyed what little they added - so much unfulfilled promise.

  • Ubisububi

    They had me at: "Random Map Generator."

  • JJE McManus

    I honestly freaking love this series

  • tomj315

    When will be the release date??

    • HelperMonkey

      I'm guessing that they will be releasing the date for the official release of the game's release date sometime very soon and/or within the next several months. And once they release the release date it will likely shift the anticipated date for the game's actual release either forward or back by a duration of weeks. Of course, the number of weeks between the release of the game's official release date and the date of its actual release is something I wouldn't want to speculate about.