A# (A Sharp) released King of Dragon Pass [$9.99], set in the same role-playing world as HeroQuest and RuneQuest, the world of Glorantha. This is a world that stretches back to 1966, when the only role-playing games were done on tabletops. Well, A# has announced that they are working on a brand new game set in the world of Glorantha, Six Ages. The plan is for this to be a spiritual successor to King of Dragon Pass, attempting to keep in the tradition of that game's blend of various elements, like role-playing, resource management, and decisions with long-ranging effects. Six Ages is very early in development, and isn't planned to release until 2016 at the earliest.

If you never played King of Dragon Pass, the game will be going on sale for 50% off its $9.99 price for $4.99 starting on October 29th. Pretty much every version of the game, not just the iOS one, will be going on sale, if you wind up preferring this on another platform. We were huge fans of the game back when it released in 2011, and since the review, it's been updated to be universal with iPad support, so if you're looking for a big, beefy experience that can be a slow burn, this is worth checking out.

King of Dragon Pass

  • Dethedrus

    Holy crap that's awesome!

    I've been playing the game on and off since getting the original PC version in the late 90s, so this is about a million kinds of awesome!

    • gmattergames

      I consider myself a veteran gamer, having played both the original as well as the mobile ports, this game still baffles me. In a good way. It's mechanics, full of dependencies, are on the surface, somewhat enigmatic, and due to the complete lack of interactive tutorial, without some commitment to research the supporting documentation, your only a few bad choices away from ensuring certain failure of your clan. Which, by the way, is why this game is so great. I'm just not that committed.

      • Dethedrus

        I'm a VERY old school gamer (got my Apple ][+ in 1981) and I agree with everything you've said. It's exceedingly deep and you're just a couple missteps from complete disaster πŸ™‚

  • http://jesse-dylan.livejournal.com Jesse_Dylan

    Been waiting for a sale. πŸ™‚

    • TimTim92

      Me too! Looks like I need to refill my account. Lol

      • http://jesse-dylan.livejournal.com Jesse_Dylan

        Just refilled mine and am ready with my finger over the purchase button. πŸ™‚ I'm looking forward to holiday sales. There's an amazing amount of stuff I want to pick up. I am proud to say I bought Banner Saga at full price, though, after they had their moan about no one wanting to pay much money on mobile. πŸ™‚ It was a good price and well worth it, even though I already had it on PC (and had FLT and have Dragon Pass!).

        Hoarders gotta be cheap πŸ˜›

      • TimTim92

        Ahh! So lucky! Banner Saga looks amazing as well. I cat wait to get some cash flowing for these sales. Best time of the year! It's tough being cheap gamers. Hahah

        Btw, what is FLT? If its anything like the two that were mentioned.. I have to have it! πŸ˜›

      • C. Stubb

        TA has a review that pretty much explains the full experience, but I'll summarize as best I can:

        FTL is a simulation game where you try to lead a single Federation ship through increasingly difficult sectors inhabited by pirates, Rebels, and numerous alien species. Most sectors have a few random scenarios where your choices can bring about helpful or hurtful outcomes, plenty of enemy ships to fight, and sometimes a hidden side quest to complete for special rewards. The game is mostly combat based, with action unfolding in real-time as your ship and a single enemy exchange fire, deploy drones, and launch boarding parties. Damage can be done to enemy hull, crew, and systems. Killing the enemy brings about small rewards that can be used to upgrade your vessel, or sometimes the enemy will offer tribute as a surrender. Sometimes they'll power up their FTL drive to escape, and sometimes they'll blow your ship to pieces. It's an engaging game with a variety of content, and it should please any strategy fan as long as they can subscribe to one very important notion: Dying is Fun.

      • TimTim92

        Awesome! What's the acronym "FTL" stand for? It sounds like something I'd be interested in as well. Also, thanks for taking your time to write that review.

      • spoosh

        FTL means Faster than Light! It's an iPad only game, and it's so much fun.

      • http://jesse-dylan.livejournal.com Jesse_Dylan

        Yep, and PC as well! And maybe Mac/Linux. Definitely check it out!

      • http://jesse-dylan.livejournal.com Jesse_Dylan

        Stands for Faster Than Light. πŸ™‚ It's a great game! It is rather hard, but as C. Stubb said, you just have to learn to enjoy dying. πŸ™‚ It has a pause too, which is really necessary to succeed. I wonder if anyone has ever tried to play it without pausing.

  • TimTim92

    I pretty much shit myself when I heard this news. This is AMAZING! I played a little on a friends iPod and now with this sale I'll be getting the game for sure! Hopefully the sale lasts a good while, too.

    This new game though.. INSTABUY! πŸ™‚

  • sivad

    No sale was ever needed for me to grab this, I gladly paid full amount and will continue to support devs with games like this. I've played through it dozens of times and love every minute of it. It is a more detailed choose your own adventure book of my time (I'm old)

  • PoloBaquerizoH

    Greaat news definitely! And good to know the discount for the ones that haven't try this gem, this is the chance

    • PoloBaquerizoH

      Is good to know that the sale is gonna be because of its 15 years anniversary

  • Louis Ace

    Best news I've heard all day

  • craig victory

    i got this two weeks ago at full price and it is worth it when its on sale its a must

  • TimTim92

    Does anybody know how long the sale will last?

    • PoloBaquerizoH

      5 days

      • TimTim92

        Really? How did you find this out?

      • PoloBaquerizoH

        Pocket Tactics

  • anabolicMike

    This is a tremendous game. First one I pretty much bought for iOS.... I haven't really went back to android even though I have an awesome note..... Ios just has better titles

  • anabolicMike

    It's worth ever penny of its 9.99 price tag. Only a fool doesn't buy it for that. The devs are giving it away!

  • hellscaretaker

    What I find very odd it's got no review ratings on iTunes and only one player review. Would of thought a game it seems popular would have a lot more reviews and rating

    • abodi

      That's more an issue with how App Store reviews work.

      • bilboad

        Yup, by default it only shows reviews left since the most recent app update. When looking at reviews, select All Versions instead of Current Version, and you'll see there are 750 or so reviews.

      • hellscaretaker

        thanks for tjat guys

  • PoloBaquerizoH

    For 5 days is just the sale

  • Game.PN


  • http://erikveland.com ErikVeland

    This is the best news I’ve ever heard!

  • Wandale

    Is there any chance this is going to be translated in German anytime soon? I really want to play this, but its to complicated for me in english πŸ™

    • Pepelutin

      The same in french! I've heard it's a hard work, so i can understand, but it would be awesome. I've tried to play in english, but i feel like if i was missing big parts of the scenario.

  • Ville Gunnarsson

    David, please don't try to streamline the game. People love KoDP because of the complexity, depth and challenge.

    • Dethedrus

      Out of curiosity which versions did you buy? I have Windows (from the 90s) and IOS.

  • TimTim92

    Can anyone else confirm how long this sale will last? I really hope it lasts past the 5th..

  • Mj1ggy

    Sweet just put this on my Watch List thinking it might be a few bucks off for Christmas, which would match previous sales. Now I can get it for its lowest price ever and I only have to wait until tomorrow? Yay instant gratification!