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‘Final Fantasy VII G-Bike’ Hits The Japanese App Store October 30th

With Square Enix’s planned streaming games service, Dive In, put on hold, what’s a mobile gamer to do to get their Final Fantasy 7 fix? Well, it’s not much of a consolation prize, but it looks like Final Fantasy 7 G-Bike is finally ready for release and will be hitting the Japanese App Store this Thursday, October 30th. The game is an expanded version of the motorcycle mini-game that you first play when escaping from Midgar and later can enjoy at your leisure at the Golden Saucer amusement park. Naturally, it’s been changed to an endless driving format, with Cloud now able to slide or jump his motorbike to avoid obstacles.

The game will be free to download, with premium currency IAP that can be used to unlock new materia and items. Materia can be fitted to Cloud’s bike to enable him to use various types of magic, while the items are probably going to be pretty familiar to endless runner fans. The game apparently features a variety of missions to complete, including battles against familiar bosses and characters. Before you ask, it also appears to include stamina meters and multiple currencies, and will most likely require online check-ins, but that’s just speculation until the game is in our hands.

While I haven’t had the chance to personally put my hands on G-Bike yet, I have heard good things from those that have. Of course, there’s a difference between playing a game like this in a brief show and tell session and actually sitting down to give it a proper run-through. We’ll be doing just that when the game releases this Thursday, and will give you some detailed impressions as soon as possible. There’s no official word yet on when we can expect this game to release worldwide, so keep watching for further details as they come.