Regular readers of our site know that we're big fans of Foursaken Media, and it's almost a running joke by now just how productive the team of four brothers is at pumping out new iOS games. It seems like just after they release a new game, they're right there the next day announcing their next game, and once THAT game releases, they announced yet another new game, and so on and so forth. The funny thing is, every time they're ready to announce a new game, there's a bunch of devoted fans in our forums hoping and praying that the new game will be Heroes and Castles 2, a sequel to the beloved original. Well, good news! The "Foursaken Cycle" is continuing, and after their release of Puzzle to the Center of the Earth [Free] just yesterday, the team has finally officially announced Heroes and Castles 2 in our forums. Here are a bunch of early screen shots.


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3_zps81e63e7a 4_zps3d38f523

As you can see if you are familiar with the original Heroes and Castles, the sequel has gotten a nice bump up in the visual department, especially in terms of character detail and lighting. That's not all though, as it sounds like the entire scope of the game is getting massively improved, with even larger battles and fully-customizable heroes with hundreds of weapon and armor options. Unfortunately, Foursaken hasn't shared any details on when we'll be getting Heroes and Castles 2, but I'm giddy just knowing it's a real thing that's in the works. Foursaken promises more details are to come, so be sure you're hanging around the forum thread so you don't miss out.

  • stumme.ursel

    where is the instabuy cat when you need it...

  • RichRuzz

    Omg yesssssssssssssssssssssss!

  • iValerio1990

    oooh! finally a good news after months of silence and freemium craps in the app store

  • khann

    Looks like a huge graphical improvement

    • repapermunky

      You think it'll take advantage of Metal? I'd hope so.

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  • JCho133


    The day has come.... Holy sh*t.

    It's real.

  • chombiekay

    Most exciting game announcement in over a year.

    • ChilLama

      Other than zelda u that is.

  • Chiller ONE

    Finally! I can't believe they made Phantom Rift before this, are they afraid of money or something?


    Actually wasn't expexting an H&C 2! Great

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  • Guest

    Great news! I loved the first one and i'm still playing it, one of the few games that never got deleted.

  • entik14

    Foursaken, I love you!

  • entik14

    I love the first so much, and now I think to buy air 2 for this game

  • Fangbone

    Very excited for this!

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  • TDA

    Yep, instabuy. I just reinstalled the original, going to play back through it. What a great game, can't wait for H&C2!

  • Psac42

    My rMini needs this to feel complete.

  • Benjamin Rodriguez

    Hell yeah!

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    Oh my. One more good thing to look forward to in this life.

  • wfisher

    This is great; hopefully after this is released we'll get an announcement for Block Fortress 2 or Bug Heroes 3!