Italian developer Naps Team has worked on a number of titles in their twenty year history, but of their original IPs most people would probably known them from their Amiga fighting game Shadow Fighter, or their PlayStation 1 brawler Gekido: Urban Fighters. In fact, Gekido seems to have something of a cult following, and there was even a sequel released for the Game Boy Advance called Gekido Advance: Kintaro's Revenge. Today, Naps Team has announced that the Gekido series is heading to iOS devices, and they've provided the first screen of what it will look like.


According to Naps, a lot of people had been requesting a Gekido game for mobile, and they seem happy to oblige. Compared to previous games in the series–on the PS1 the game was full polygonal 3D and on the GBA it was 2D pixel art sprites–this looks like the sharpest version of the game yet. I admit I wasn't one of those who have played the older Gekido games, but I'm a huge fan of old-school beat 'em ups and I've heard a lot of people compare this series to Sega's Streets of Rage, so I'm quite excited to check out the iOS version.

Unfortunately, no further details were released aside from the single screen seen above, but we've reached out to Naps for some more info on Gekido for iOS and we'll report back once we hear from them.

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  • bnagel1976

    Screen shot looks sweet. Love a good button masher.

  • Kane

    Loved the one for GBA (Kintaro's Revenge) Hope to see this new one by NT ported over to android, not just for iOS.

  • Based Xatu

    Gekido was a good game. I've been wanting a good brawler next to OMG Pirates.

    • Jared Nelson

      You probably know these already, but just in case, my favorite brawlers are: Fist of Awesome, BAMF!, Maximus, Combo Crew, the Ninja Turtles Combo Crew, Double Dragon Trilogy, Zombieville 2

      • mattreeder

        J.N Redson Ale - I rearranged the letters in your name to create the official beer of iOS gaming. You're welcome.

      • Based Xatu

        Honestly, I think regular show: greatest park in the universe, handled better than BAMF! There were combos, upgrades, boss fights, multiple characters, no IAP , and a real story.

  • FootSoldier

    Damn! Cant wait.

  • MrVariant

    Check it out now! Funk soul brother 🙂

    • toby7ten

      Ha Ha that brings back memories! Awesome game series

  • Dailon Huskey

    Ready for a good brawler... I currently play Double Dragon Trilogy and
    Fists of Awesome although the latter wasn't quite as good as I had hoped. Anyway this one looks pretty good. I wish someone would release one of the old TMNT brawlers they were the best!

  • MrMojoRisin

    Holy crap that is great news! I hope they keep the vs mode in as that was awesome and even allowed cpu players.

  • The kernel

    This will only be cool if I can use Haggar, Cody, and Guy. Wait. Never mind. Wrong game. Still cool though.

  • t3chnoboy

    It looks awesome

  • coolpowers

    Touch controls will be an issue. I strongly believe brawlers only work with at most two buttons on touch, and Gekido had a shitload. It's a pain to play emulated.

  • coolpowers

    Oh wait, haha, I just looked at the screen. This isn't a port.

  • kowalos

    No iap please and I'm in. Please no pay to win!

  • Sebastian Gomez

    *Screams like a little girl*

    Good times at my friend's house playing on his PS1 :')

    Never cleared it, though xD

    This is definitely good news. I hope it'll be full of timers between fights 🙂

  • Jonas Johnson

    Looks great.

  • Jonas Johnson

    Can't wait to play it.

  • t3chnoboy

    Any news kn this 1?

  • boydstr

    I looked up the old PS version on the Tube because I played that game on the PS long time ago but the difference in graphic quality is huge.

  • t3chnoboy

    Nothing yet? Still waiting for 3 years now 🙁