swgalacticdefenseIt seems as if the Star Wars franchise is just going to touch every single gaming genre there is. With card battlers like Star Wars Assault Team [Free] and the Clash of Clans-esque Star Wars: Commander [Free], the franchise won't stop until it hits every single major mobile genre. Well, how about tower defense? Good news, then: DeNA's today announced Star Wars: Galactic Defense, an upcoming free-to-play tower defense game set in the Star Wars universe.

This appears to be a fixed-path tower defense game, where players will have to place their towers alongside paths to take out the advancing enemies. The game spans both the prequel and original trilogies, so expect all kinds of units to play as, choosing either the dark side or light side. There will be hero units that can be deployed in battle a la Kingdom Rush [Free]. There's tower defense, and then there's tower defense with Boba Fett, which is what Star Wars: Galactic Defense promises to deliver on, along with low-flying Millennium Falcons entering the combat fray.

Certainly, the idea of a Star Wars tower defense game has some intrigue to it, because it sure sounds a lot more fun than just using whatever random units games come up with. Of course, there was the fairly decent Star Wars: Battle for Hoth tower defense game a few years ago, but due to weird licensing issues it's now no longer available, so it doesn't really count. Now all we need is a Star Wars flaplike, and we'll have seen it all.

  • curtneedsaride

    Free-to-play. Surprise. Maybe they'll finally do premium again once we get a Telltale Games adventure based on the new series or movie or whatever. Or a 16-bit JRPG. Or a Star Wars Galactic Ball sports game. But probably not. 🙁

    • the_rebel14

      A Telltale Star Wars game would actually be really cool... Like, REALLY cool.

      • Charles Henson

        That is the coolest Idea I've heard in a long time. Wish TellTale would do that. That would be freaking awesome. Thoroughly enjoyed both "Walking Dead's" and :"Wolf Among Us".....Great Idea!!!

  • ovalprocess

    Loved Star Wars: Battle for Hoth on the first iPad. Looking forward to playing this new one.

  • Adams Immersive

    Protocol IV of the Geneva Conventions states: Promotional Game Videos Shall Consist of at Least 95% Gameplay Footage, Even While People are Talking.

  • RomanReigns

    If anyone noticed,Gameloft just released Asphalt Overdrive on appstore..its atleast out in UK appstore though

  • B30

    Oh my, FTP from :DeNA!

    • Stormourner

      oh my indeed. nobody is forcing you to play it

  • Dailon Huskey

    Love Star Wars so not interested as this game is nothing new in terms of gameplay and not what I was hoping it would be. Oh well copy/paste is so much easier, right.

    • curtisrshideler

      I know! They could have attempted a mobile version of Star Wars: Empire at War and instead, we get this free-to-play, money grab, version. Hope I don't have to pay more every 15 minutes when I go to see the next film!!!

  • Morgan Leecy

    I saw free to play, and I made the decision already that this will not be going anywhere near my iPad, as it will really mean, free to install

  • Septim

    I disagree. Now all we need is a Star Wars Battlefront-like and we'll have seen it all.


  • McBlink

    I wish Star Trek would get this much love.

    • the_rebel14

      Do you want Star Trek to get this kind of love though?

      • http://www.googlepants.com/ Wizard of Odyssey

        Star Wars games have always been better than Star Trek games. It doesn't have to be that way (the adventure games from Interplay with the voices of the original cast were fun), but Disney has the cash to do Star Wars right.

        I am fairly confident they will eventually do justice to X-Wing and TIE Fighter on mobile. I hope so, anyway!

  • JTP

    Star Wars Force Collection remains the best Star Wars game on mobile.

  • pinOi32

    It's free so it's... Free to try. Lol

  • toofinedog

    I'd play Flappy TIE.

    • Rawk GWJ

      Flappy minoc please!!

  • DaWookiee

    I love Star Wars, and I'm glad we're getting so many new Star Wars mobile games these days, but tower defense games are so 2010.

  • Rawk GWJ

    I'm totally ok with playing a "free to try" Star Wars TD game. But it would be amazing to play a truly great premium Star Wars game.

  • rewind

    I don't mind this whole idea of having a game for every genre. Hey, at least they aren't making Star Wars Peggle... yet.

  • rewind

    And Clash of Clans was the free-to-play solution to tower defense. I don't see how a f2p tower defense game could be any better than Star Wars: Commander. It seems like a step backwards.

  • Praymettin

    One of my friends once said: "Popular is the thing which has lost it's essence, in order to appeal to everyone." A.K.A.: Star Wars, Marvel Universe, Middle Earth, D&D, TMNT, Transformers... List is long, life is short.

  • myqpalzm147

    Free to download,
    free to play,
    free to delete,
    free to forget...

  • Mike Chandler

    looks pretty

  • Bobonze

    I got no issues with F2P games if they are good and well balanced. CoC and the new Plunder Pirates are pretty good with all that IMO