diveinlogoWell, we all wondered what Square-Enix's strategy was going to be for making Final Fantasy games available to mobile gamers from Final Fantasy 7 onward, but I don't think anyone called this one. Square-Enix announced today that they will be launching a mobile streaming service called Dive In, allowing mobile gamers to stream and play select Square-Enix games over wi-fi to their devices. The service will launch in Japan on October 9th, 2014, with three titles: Final Fantasy 7, Final Fantasy 13, and The Cherry Blossom Murders.  November will see the additions of Final Fantasy 8 and The Last Remnant, and in December, Final Fantasy 13-2, Murdered: Soul Suspect, and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 will arrive.

Pricing is per game and follows a rental-style model based on how long you want access to the game. For example, Final Fantasy 13 will cost 250 yen for three days, 510 yen for ten days, 1250 yen for one month, and 1800 yen for one year.  Final Fantasy 7 will cost 200 yen, 400 yen, 1000 yen, and 1429 yen for the same respective periods. If you can plow through an RPG in a weekend, you're looking at some of the cheapest prices yet for a Square-Enix game.

I have to stress, at this point in time, the service is announced only for Japan. While it seems to make sense for this to become a worldwide service, it's hard to say for sure if and when that might happen. Nevertheless, it opens up some seriously exciting possibilities, since Square-Enix's entire catalog should be open season regardless of the original hardware it runs on. The Dive In app will be available in Japan for iOS and Android from October 9th. Keep tuned to us here at TouchArcade for further information about a possible wider release.

[Square-Enix Official Dive In Site]

  • G.R.


  • DTK

    What a crap! Thus, the goal for worse rip-off appears. As if the normal IAP Horror is not already tantalizing enough!?

    • caaalrb

      I actually think it's an okay idea. Then again, I never replay RPGs or try to get 100%, I just plow through them for the stories.

      For something like an mmo that has a longer shelf life I could see the problem with this pricing structure though.

    • imuddy

      What renting full fledged games? The price may be a put off for some but not everyone takes 200hours to finish a game and wish to replay it every new year. I'm fine with this, eventually maybe they'll add a monthly all games option like Netflix for games.

  • worldcitizen1919

    Just a huge cash grab. As if gamers haven't been stung bad enough already.

    • Brown Cow

      Yeah! How dare these companies offer customers access to successful products they've been clamoring about for years in exchange for money! I mean, WHAT THE HELL, OBAMA.

  • CDRwasabi

    Missing the days of truly owning a game. Physically.

    • ineptidude

      Even with a physical copy I don't think you can ever own a game.

      • ducksFANjason

        That's deep man

  • speedyph


  • TJF588

    I am compelled: It's "Square Enix" (or its ALL-CAPS variant); it's not hyphenated, save in its URLs and occasional outliers.

    • Shaun Musgrave

      Thanks! I'll try to remember it in the future, though I confess I forget almost every time. If only the company were named Square: 358/7 The Third Birthday 2: Lightning Returns Again, I'm sure I could inexplicably recall it.

      • TJF588

        Hrm... Needs more alt-CapS, "Re:"s, -Subtitles-, and faux-Latin. All of which we add to the title screen via IAP before we can begin playing.

      • TJF588

        (But why bother, when all that content will be in the Roman-2 HD ReMIXter? ...or am I thinking of Disgaea port-ables?)

      • Shaun Musgrave

        Sir, you have earned these 'Likes' on this day.

  • worldcitizen1919

    Worse than a taxi meter. Actually I think they got this idea while they were in a taxi. How many people are going to finish an rpg in a weekend? It's about A$12 a month so that's ok if you finish it by then but it commits you and I don't like being tied to a game in that way. I want to pick up and put down not because a meter is running but feel free to do it in my own time.

    • Shaun Musgrave

      I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that they may have been inspired by rental shops/services, which have been around for 30 or so years without too much fuss. I like the taxi thing, though! Hey, Square Enix, take me to The Original Levi's Store!

  • thetragicclown

    Well 100 yen is apparently just under a dollar. So 15$ for FF7 for a year is not ridiculous unless you're ridiculous.

    • Morgan01

      So for $15 you can rent a game, or $18 dollars to own the game which is where SE has been charging...if you are going to rent games, don't charge nearly full price. Imaging renting a $22 dollar movie for $18 bucks, just doesn't make sense. Sounds like a big cash grab.

    • Youtopia

      I got my psx copy for 20€ or less... And I still have it, after 16 years.

  • pouffie

    It also sucks because you will need a wifi connection to play them. Not only will it drain the battery faster but it will also be impossible to play on certain locations (train, plane, ship, etc.). I am not falling for that.

  • Agkelos

    I'm all for the renting options for people that go for that, but where is the buy it once and for all option for those of us that doesn't want to feel pressured to finished a game by a certain deadline? I get enough of that in uni and work, gaming is where I go to escape such thing!

  • http://www.silentrocco.com/ Silent Rocco

    Square didn't understand the "mobile" in "mobile gaming"

    • swatbot

      I can't imagine the 3G charges this would rack up after a few hours of oh you know, 'mobile' gaming.

  • Tino11

    Guess we will need to see how this will work out. I see that they are planning to do this for games that are too big to convert to an app (some article here on TA mentioned that FF7 would never come to IPAD because of file size and all). If this option means a work around to allow players to play the games still and the costs are not too high, i'd say why not. It is like renting a game in the video store. I rarely play games twice and i for certain have finished a game within a year so depending on the pricing model, stability etc i would not mind trying this out once it is available.

    • swatbot

      It's too bad because FF7 runs without batting so much as an eye on even older iPads (cough, emu, cough). and all three discs are less than 2gb compressed, easily.
      But yes, if someone doesn't have a PS3 and wants to play FFXIII at home on their ipad, this is a neat option.

  • jesse_dylan

    Yuck. Do not want.

  • mkdms14

    This seems like playstation now but for mobile devices. Didn't work too well with playstation now because of lag at least in the beta that is how it was. Will be interesting to see how it works here. Not really a big fan of this. It will probably just stay in japan and not come over here because SE is convinced that western minded people are stupid.

  • curtisrshideler

    Nope. I won't do this renting, streaming thing even if it comes to the West. Renting means I can't play it anytime at my leisure... Unless I keep paying. Makes it feel like more of a nagging feeling instead of freedom.

    So, I'll stick to my PS1 discs or any possible emulation there may or may not be around of the discs I "own."

    What I don't understand is that there are many episodic games now that require downloading new episodes that make the app HUGE! But it works. So, why haven't SE done this with the multiple disc games? FFVII might only take a couple episodes.

  • benadvanced

    This has the opportunity to be amazing. I don't play on getting a "next gen console" so hopefully the new games like FF 15 are released through this also.

  • Elphège Kolingba

    This gonna be a blow and a serious competition to native mobile games. We are now going to play triple A games on Mobile. A serious competition to TV Streaming games services...

  • CecilMcW00t

    The Last Remnant?!?! Sign me up! I'd love to play a non laggy version of that masterpiece. My laptop can't handle it.

    • Shaun Musgrave

      Yeah, this is why I'm excited. Kind of sucks that games like FF7/8 that might have made it anyway are being delivered this way (though we don't know that there won't be full purchase, offline versions at some point), but games that realistically had zero chance of meriting a remake/port like The Last Remnant? Bring em on.

  • Estgare

    I would like to point out that Bioshock has been converted to iOS. So, wight the size and graphics that it has, it is reasonable to assume that FF7 could atleast be converted. This is nothing more then a company trying to reachout onto a new venture avenue for revenue, which there is nothing wrote with, that's how companies stay afloat and make new games. It's just a little to see that my favorite game by them (FF7) will be in this category. I will gladly stay with my computer copy.

  • GreedPhantom

    Here we are : Vita TV useless now.

  • swatbot

    In the olden days gamers got frustrated by slow frame rates or difficult boss battles. Just wait till your connection has a brief hiccup 35 minutes into the final boss battle.

  • handhoney

    If they allow this app, they should green light the Onlive app.

  • Samuel Stewart

    Hang about, Final Fantasy 7 I can understand but how is XIII going to work on mobile? Are visuals going to be downgraded?
    I'm not much of a mobile gamer, mind, so I don't really know how far technology has come.

    • Shaun Musgrave

      Basically, the game won't be playing on your phone, but on Square Enix's servers.. It'll be like streaming a movie from Netflix, but the movie in this case will be Final Fantasy 13. That's a super-simplified explanation, but I hope it helps.